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Support Your Sponsors!
Be sure to support the contest sponsors, who have kindly donated prizes for the Design Contest winners!

Welcome to the WetCanvas Design Shop

Get Your Own WetCanvas T-Shirt!

And here are the winners of the Fall 2009 WetCanvas Design contest, as voted on by the community.

Congratulations to all the winners -- we hope you're enjoying your prizes!

Just click on the t-shirt(s) that you want to order below, and you'll be taken to Zazzle to complete your order.

NOTE: You can easily change your shirt type & style on the order page at Zazzle. They have over 60 different types of ladies, kids & men's shirts to choose from. Just click the "See all..." link next to "Choose your style and color" on the product page to see the full range of options. They also ship just about anywhere, and often run specials (just check the top of page, just above the t-shirt to see if there is a current special with a discount promo code).

And since this is the WC Shop, if you're looking for art instruction books, DVD art workshops, ebooks, magazines & more, then you can find whatever you'd like over at

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