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    In lockdown I am turning to ancient supplies I have never used. A set of Vitrail glass paints by Lefranc Bourgeois which went out of production in 2007. I may have had them even longer than that. Possibly 20 years.  They have not all completely dried up but are very, very thick.

    When new  it says they can be thinned in mineral spirit but that may not be the case with age. Can they be redissolved and will that need a stronger solvent and if so with what.

    Anyone have experience of these?.

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      i’ve no answer (guessing the solvent will do the job) but i have one good last resort.  i’m hoping that you have new, fresh, glass paint? – mix the new paint with the old.

      it might or might not work, depending on the ingredients it’s easy to try. the transparent variety is a good bet, but it would still affect the result.

      If the paint is air-drying at all and not purely thermal this old+new mixing will most likely lead to quite stupendous drying speeds, seriously, so it might be necessary to mix paint for the next half hour at a time.

      hoping something works so you can have fun!



      C&C welcome


      I’ve used glass paints to do a faux stained glass windows treatment but didn’t keep the small amounts of leftover paint, so can’t advise. Mixing chemicals can be tricky and dangerous.


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    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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