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    Welcome to WetCanvas!

    Note: as the site is still being worked on and updated, these instructions may change.

    Update January 2020: We’ve been told by the liaison between the volunteer staff and the owner that due to the pandemic, funds are tight and no further updates are planned at this time.


    Please remember that WetCanvas cannot guarantee that your images and posts will be saved. It the last move, many threads and images disappeared.

    If you want to keep a copy of your threads and images, please be sure to save them on your own devices. Thank you.


    After reading these instructions, if you are still not sure how something works, please let us know!

    Too bright? There is a Dark Mode Toggle option. It can be found in the drop down menu of the “Profile” button that is beside the “Log off” button.


    Welcome to the forums!

    To find the forums that interest you, take a look at the Forum Index. There is a description of each forum on the index that will help you find the areas that you are interested in. Simply click on the forum of your choice and you are ready to go.

    Once you are in the forum of your choice..

    To start a new thread: Scroll to the bottom of the forum. You will see the following..

    In the title text box, type your title.

    In the text box, type your text. There are several useful formatting icons that you can use as described in the image below.

    You can also emoticons from the list right below the text box.

    When you are done, press the submit button in the lower right.

    To insert a link: see image below or do the following..

    Highlight the text where you would like the link. Click on the insert link icon.

    Fill the box with the desired URL, then press the blue arrow to finish.

    You can also insert a link without text simply by pressing the insert link icon.



    There are two ways you can upload an image, you can use the image uploader icon which adds your image inline with the text or you can use the attachment uploader which adds your image at the bottom of your post.

    Attachments show as a clickable thumbnail. When the thumbnail is clicked, your image will show at it’s proper size up to 5MB. Attachments are great for situations where you would like to demonstrate a technique or ask for advice. It can also be used for documents or other reference materials that you may wish to show the other members. You may add up to four attachments in each post.

    The image icon lets you place your image inline with text above or below which is great for discussions, sharing snapshots, monthly challenges and for WIP’s (works in progress). It is also great for showing close up’s of your work. You can also use the inline images for C&C (comments & critiques).

    You can add as many images in a thread as you’d like. Images can be up to 100MB (which is huge and may change) but if you use a size that is larger than the width of the text, your post will go to a pending approval file making it appear as if it’s disappeared. If that happens please contact a moderator or administrator. Please use a size that suits the forum, see below (#4) for resizing instructions or you can resize on your computer before uploading.

    To insert an image, click the image icon (the square with the mountain in it)

    A box will come up (see image below)

    1. Click on the files icon, find the photos on your computer and phone.
    2. Find the photo on your computer or phone and click on it (your software may differ, check your owner’s manual if not aware of how to get to your photos)
    3. It isn’t necessary to add a description but you can if you’d like
    4. You can set the size of the image that will appear in your post. Usually for forums 500 or 600 is a good size for people to see. You only have to put it on one side and it will resize the other side automatically. You could also leave this empty and change the size manually using the corner arrows on the image in the text box after hitting “ok”.
    5. Press “Ok”

    Note: I’ve noticed that many people seem to be accidentally erasing their images. Be sure once you are done to click off of the image in the text box before hitting enter or trying to type. Just click anywhere in the white. Once the little sizing arrows are gone, you’re good to type the rest of your post.

    To attach an image:  First please note that attachments must be smaller than 512 KB. They also only show up at the bottom of your post.

    Scroll to underneath the text post to where it says “Upload Attachments”, click browse, select your file or image from your computer, then click submit,

    Upload Attachments>Browse>Add image from your computer>Submit



    To reply on a thread (posting)

    Either scroll down to the bottom of the page and use the text box there to reply or press the reply icon top right of any post.

    To quote a post, simply click quote in the top right menu of any post.

    To report a post, simply click report in the top right menu of any post. If you can please pm one of the Admins or the mods about why you’re reporting the post. Thank you.

    To Edit, simply click edit, edit your text then click on submit. You cannot edit the first post of a topic (thread)



    Nudes or NSFW (not safe for work).

    This is an art site and it is expected that there will be nudes. Some members view this site at work and really who can blame them but they could get in trouble if their bosses software picks up on the nudes.

    Since our “butt icon” which used to be used to show members that a thread contained nudes has gone missing. Please add the acronym NSFW or add the word Nude or (Nude) to the title of the thread.  If you’re adding a nude mid thread, please message the mod or an admin and ask them to add the acronym or the word “nude” to the title.

    Thank you!


    For technical issues such as error messages or the inability to use functions or if you are unable to sign in or post, please contact the WetCanvas support techs by either clicking on the “Give us your feedback” button at the bottom of this page or in the drop down menu of the Info Center and filling in the form or by emailing [email protected]

    For issues such as having posted in the wrong forum, duplicates or other moderating needs, please contact the forum mod or if there is none, one of the admins.

    For all personal issues with another member or offensive posts, please contact the mod or if there is not one for that forum, contact one of the admins. Please note, all member complaints/conversations to the staff are private and only shared between the staff and that member.



    To find all your past threads click your avatar and then Forums. It can take a while to populate, so wait a little.  It will then show all the recent threads you have created.


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    To find your topics and replies : to find your topics (called threads on the old site) and replies you need to access your profile.

    This is also the way to find your engagements, subscriptions and favorites.

    Note: This can be slow and glitchy.

    Your profile can be found in the top black bar. When you hover over your name or your photo where it says “welcome {your name)” a drop down menu will appear. (see image below)

    Quick version:

    Profile>Forums>Topics started

    Profile>Forums>Replies Created


    Profile>Forums>Favorite topics

    Profile>Forums>Subscribed topics

    Long Version:

    From your profile drop down menu, go to the forums, depending on your device there may be the menu there to see already or you may need to click the arrow to see the drop down menu. See image below.

    1. Topics started: click to find the topics that you have started.
    2. Replies created: click to find the replies that you have made.
    3. Engagements: click to find any topic that you have posted in
    4. Favorite topics: when you read a topic that you find interesting, you can click on the “Favorite” button at the top left above the first post.
    5. Subscribed topics: click to find the topics you have subscribed to. Note: this function is glitchy at the moment and is being worked on.



    More Help with Inserting Pictures in a Post

    For my A59 Project Revived thread I included 51 pictures and text in a single post. This is how:

    I was lucky to have all the picture files and text on my PC from my original post on the old site. All the pictures had previously been resized to 800 pixels wide for the old site and were quite small ranging from 30k to 70k apart from a few complicated ones which were up to 256K. It is strictly unnecessary to resize pictures but small files upload and open quicker.

    I would typically input a block of text, go to a new line and insert a picture as follows:

    Click the Mountain Icon to bring up the uploader box, click the camera icon top right and search for the picture file then Open it and when the filename appears in the box the picture appears on screen. You are not there yet however, you have to fix the picture and get the cursor back by clicking to the right of the picture to fix it then press Enter to go to a new line to input more text or another picture.  In that fashion, I inputted the whole thread.

    I hope that helps.


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    I think we all do but we are stuck with it. It was either this or nothing.

    I rewrote the uploading help:

    If you use the Insert picture (mountain) icon you can upload jpg pictures of any size. When it appears in your post, click on the white area outside the picture and then Enter to get a new line. That should fix your picture in place. Inserted pictures can be right-clicked and opened full size in another window or tab. You can mix pictures and text and there is no limit to the number of inserted images in a post. Always start a new line before inserting a picture to separate it from the text.

    Alternatively, scroll down and use the Attach facility, they then appear at the bottom of your post and can be double-clicked to enlarge them to full size.  You are allowed a maximum of four attached pictures.



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    We must leave our mark on this world

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