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Re: Post Your Chinese Brush / Sumi-e Paintings here.

Elyisus, thanks for explaining why you use sumi. So sometimes you draw with your finger, using it like finger paint? That's interesting approach. I know I could make lots of thumb people with that method.

So this latest piece, you used the wetted sumi stick to draw ? That's one way to do it indeed. Yeah, the old masters stare at the pine trees in China probably for his whole lifetime and then come up with these great pine tree renditions before they die...haha...They don't paint en plein air, so to say.

I have now switched all my doodling to Chinese brush and ink of all subjects but I won't post them all here. You could go to the link at my signature to view them. But I'll post anything that is Asian and prettier here.


A couple of tour guides playing Chinese chess while the tourists inspect a temple.

The river.

Thailand - based on a photo by Ai/Eye at March 13, WDE. I enjoy putting people in the boats more than the scenery itself.

I bought some Yasumoto sumi ink yesterday and tomorrow, I'll test if it is water resistant.
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