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The following is a complete index of all the feature articles published here at WetCanvas!. Please note that this list includes many older articles that were written prior to our proprietary publishing system. The formatting of these articles will not be consistent with the rest of the site.

Abstract/Contemporary Art

2008 - How To Think Like A Surrealist: A look at some of the ideas behind surrealism, and some methods of creating and thinking surrealistically.

2002 - Commissioned Artwork - from Concept to Completion: Artist Eric Lundeen shares his approach to working with a client to complete a large, commissioned, abstract acrylic painting. See the painting progress from concept to final product.


2007 - 2006 Acrylic Forum Art Show: The 2006 acrylic forum art show showcases some of the outstanding art contributed by some members in the forum during the past year.

2005 - Paint-Skin Collage and Mosaic: Paint-Skins: What are they? How are they made? And why would someone make them? Al Razza shares his twenty years of experience in creating paintings using paint-skins in a tutorial that will intrigue and amaze you.

2004 - A Guide To Starting Acrylics: Thinking of starting with acrylics? Follow this in-depth guide to acrylic painting, covering everything you need to start painting today!

2003 - 2003 WC! Acrylic Forum Art Show: Welcome to the 2003 WC! Acrylic Forum Art Show! Join us as we celebrate the artists who contribute so generously to our Acrylic Forum here at WetCanvas!

2003 - KES: Learn to draw realistic fur with Leslie Pz. Leslie's step by step portrait of Joe Majury's dog Kess will show the process from start to finish.

Airbrush Art

2004 - Create Portraits With The Airbrush!: The airbrush is the ideal tool for creating portraits. Tim Simmons gives you a look at how he creates a realistic looking portrait by utilizing the unique characteristics of this often-overlooked and under appreciated tool.

2004 - How To Choose the Right Airbrush!: Choosing an airbrush is a major headache! The right airbrush, and accompanying equipment, for the right application is what you ultimately want to achieve! Join artist Sam Houchin as he presents an article that, hopefully, will bring you slightly closer to making the correct choice!

Animal & Wildlife Art

2007 - An Introduction to Mammals in Scratchboard black: Learn the basics of scratchboarding furry critters including what scratchboard is, tools to use, choosing photo references and how to create a variety of textures to get the results you want.

2007 - Creating wildlife art with impact!: In this article I be taking you through the process of creating a wildlife artwork with feeling. From gathering reference material to the finished work join me as I walk you through my working methods

2007 - Snow Leopard - Painting a LARGE canvas: Ever wanted to paint a really LARGE detailed painting, but didn't know where to start? In this article I'll show you the basics of the methods I use.

2004 - Border Collie In Mixed Media: Follow this step-by-step demonstration by Toni-Marie Hudson painting a highly detailed and realistic dog in mixed media including an intensive how-to on eyes, nose and fur.

2004 - Great Dane Portrait in Acrylics: Acrylic artist, James Bitzel (Candienjames), takes you through his approach to acrylic painting with step-by-step details as he tackles a Great Dane portrait.

2004 - Drawing a Dog in Graphite: Cathy Sheeter shares her process used for drawing a dog in graphite, based on a photograph. Follow her steps from a line drawing to the completed drawing to create your own work of art!

2003 - Killing Time - Painting A Lioness In Evening Sun: Follow the detailed step-by-step demo of wildlife artist and WC! member, "onlineart", as he paints a lioness in evening sun, hence the title, "Killing Time".

2003 - Cat's Eye Tutorial: Rendering an animal's eyes can be a challenge, but WetCanvas! member "hlee", makes it look easy with a step-by-step demonstration of a cat's eye in colored pencil. Don't miss this technique of layering colours to create intensity and depth in your cat eyes!

Art Business

2006 - Eureka Springs An Art Lovers Paradise: Eureka Springs, Arkansas has been voted a TOP 25 Art Destinations by the readers of American Style Magazine! To learn more about this community of artists.....

2004 - Writing The Artist Statement: Face your fear of writing a personal artist statement by joining artist, Carly Clements, as she walks you thru the process using questions and sharing keys to take away the stress.

2004 - Introduction to the smARTviewer: Join WC! founder, Scott Burkett, for a detailed look at the new virtual gallery manager and smARTviewer! Learn how to take advantage of these new (free) tools to better promote your artwork online!

2004 - REPORT: How Goes the Art Market 2004?: L. Diane Johnson shares her art market outlook for 2004, including tips on how to approach your art business and take the necessary steps to advance your sales and career this year and in the future!

2003 - A Believer (Interview with an Art Collector ): WC! member Julia Merritt shares a re-print of Canadian Art Magazine article "Believer" originally written by journalist, Barbara Steinman after conducting an interview with Father Daniel Donavan. Donavan owns an impressive collection of contemporary Canadian art and offers collection insights.

2002 - Market Your Work on Ebay With An Edge: Market yourself on Ebay with an edge! Join artist, Laura Brito, as she shares how to approach Ebay as a viable market for your work. Her years of working with Ebay have honed the skills needed to sell better and to sell more. Whether you are just thinking about selling on Ebay or are already a seasoned veteran, Laura's tips will be an invaluable resource.

2002 - Bigger isn't always Better!: Market report: smaller pieces sell! Working on larger surfaces isn't the only ticket in town. Join the Editor for a look at several WC! artists who are successfully marketing and selling their smaller pieces.

2002 - Selling What You Do By Being Who You Are: Selling is much more than product marketing. Contributor David Marshall challenges each of us to explore ourselves a little deeper and learn the importance of first selling ourselves successfully!

2002 - CONNECT How To Manage The Creative Process: What if someone told you they could help you develop a creative process that would ensure consistent highly creative results in everything you do? Contributor, David Marshall, shares his ideas along with a workbook and invites discussion.

2002 - Blue Skies 1: Thinking and planning for your art career and personal artistic growth? Be sure to read "Blue Sky" the first in a series of articles by L. Diane Johnson that will give you that much needed starting point.

2001 - Becoming a Pro - The Very First Steps: Over the past 3 years that I have been doing commissioned portraiture, lots of people have asked me how to get started as a professional artist. In this article, I share my tips for the very first steps of becoming an artist who actually sells artwork!

2001 - Publishing Limited Edition Prints: Join Diane Johnson for a discussion of the pros & cons of publishing limited edition prints. Should you do it yourself or through a publisher? Come get the facts!

Art History

2003 - An Introduction to Anders Zorn: Take a walk on the colorful road that leads to the heart and mind of Swedish painter, Anders Zorn (1860-1920). Read this introduction to his art and life, written exclusively for WetCanvas!

2001 - Jules Alexandre Gr??n: A Biography: Who in the world is Jules Alexandre Gr??n? Read the Internet's first and only biography of this 18th century painter and illustrator.

Artwork from Life

2006 - The Traveling Oil Painter: Having Just returned from a month's painting trip to France, plein air painter, Annie Howell-Adams shares ideas on traveling with oil paints. Ideas on what to use, and how to pack them home.

2006 - Lake Como, Italy: A Paradise For Plein Air Artists: American painters have flocked to Tuscany for decades. But the undiscovered painters paradise lies to the north. It is called Lago di Como.

2005 - Cigar Box Pastel Pochade: Wouldn't it be nice to always have your pastels close at hand? With this little cigar box pochade, they can always be at your side. Whether you want to keep them in your desk drawer at work or in the trunk of your car, Cori Nicholls shows you how to create a fast, cheap and easy pastel pochade from a few simple materials!

2005 - Cold Weather Paintin' alla the Northwoods River: Come along into the northwoods of NE Wisconsin with WC staffer Larry Seiler. This demo will discuss how to dress for the cold of winter; preparation of paints; the carry in of the portable outdoor studio, and a the step-by-step of an on location plein air.

2004 - St. Simons Island, Georgia Plein Air Adventure: Read about an island plein air adventure that inspired a group of ladies to challenge one another to achieve higher levels of artisitic goals and encourage others to do the same.

2003 - Plein Aire Trip Report: Moab, Utah: Moab's not just for mountain biking anymore! Get the scoop on painting in some of the most stunning red rock desert in North America. Join Nancy Rynes as she paints the deserts and canyons near Moab, Utah.

2003 - Featherweight Plein Air Oil Painting: Have you always wanted to oil paint en plein air, but didn't want to lug so much equipment along? See how WC member and Plein Air Forum Guide JamieWG totes her stuff in featherweight style for those hard-to-get-to locations off the beaten path.

2003 - How To Create a Mini Plein Air Box: Painting plein air can be challenging and using a lightweight, easily transported paint box can really be helpful on location. See how WC! member, Lorelou, designed and constructed her very own!

2003 - Make your own Painting Box: Need an inexpensive yet durable plein air painting box? Then join WC! member Ruth Vines as she shows you step by step how you can make your own for less than $30USD.

2003 - The Canvas Road Show: Take your canvas with you! Learn how to prepare and store canvas' in large quantities for painting en plein air. Join WC! member L. Diane Johnson as she demonstrates this convenient, space-saving technique.

2002 - Plein Aire Report: Lake Keowee, SC: Join Scott Burkett and Tom Flaim as they explore the wilderness around Lake Keowee, South Carolina. Watch over their shoulders as they paint several breathtaking vistas, including the legendary Isaqueena Falls!

2002 - Plein Aire Packing for Beginners: Painting in the great outdoors can be a wonderfully rewarding experience. Just don't get caught in the wilderness without the essential gear! Join WC! founder, Scott Burkett, for a discussion on packing for your next plein aire excursion.

2002 - Basement Plein Aire Training: Learn how to pass the time when it's raining outside - plein aire in your basement! Join the Editor for a quick indoor/outdoor oil study of a red poppy field, done within the comfy confines of a basement studio.

2002 - Exploring Pochade Boxes: Pochades: Are they valuable or just a waste of time, canvas, and paint? Join Wayne Gaudon as he explores these nifty devices, and various ways to make the most of them!

2002 - The Living Desert-En Plein Air: Look over the shoulder of California painter Lei Iverson as she overcomes difficulties painting plein air at The Living Desert Wildlife and Botanical Park in Indian Wells, California.

2002 - Plein Air Painting Overseas: What are the issues you will face when planning your first overseas painting trip? Noted aritst and workshop organizer, Phil Levine shares his thoughts for traveling wise.

Cafe Guerbois

2003 - In Memory of Rosanna Sin Kwan: Sadly, our community has lost one of its most respected members. Many of you know her from her watercolors of peonies, roses and iris blooms she proudly displayed for her friends here on the WetCanvas! forums. Join us for this tribute to Rosanna Sin Kwan, AKA rsmak.

2002 - December 2002 Second WC! Cafe Guerbois Art Show: Stand up and give a cheer for the Second WC! Caf? Guerbois Art Show. Enjoy art work by members and read a bit about their WetCanvas! experience.

2002 - The WC! Reference Image Library: Need more inspiration? Have great reference photographs you'd like to share with your fellow WC! Members? Join your tour guide, Ivyleaf, for a look at how to make the most of the Wet Canvas Reference Image Library!

2002 - September 2002 WC! Caf? Guerbois Art Show: Stroll thru the first virtual Caf? Guerbois Art Show presented by WC! Mom and fellow WC! artist, Phyllis Franklin. Enjoy

2001 - Camaraderie and Community: Witness the strength of the virtual community. Join Cilla Larkin for a reality of the virtual kind: The story of Joe Majury's road to recovery, as seen through the eyes of WetCanvas! community members.

Classical Art

2006 - Composition in One Easy Lesson: There are unlimited possibilities for what one can do with a composition; the combinations are countless. Composition is essentially the arrangement of objects/forms within the border of the canvas or paper. The aim of this tutorial is to illustrate that there is one essential ingredient to superb composition.

2005 - Classical Oil Painting Mediums: Mediums have been used by the classical oil painter for centuries. There are a number of different recipes that can be made and used by anyone, from the beginning oil painter to the more advanced and professional. Learn how to make these recipes. Also I will discuss how and where to use them to get the results you want in your classical oil paintings.

2004 - PORTRAIT SKETCHING IN CHARCOAL (BRUSH TECHNIQUES): This article explores the use of a bristle brush to sketch portraits in charcoal. Videos are included to walk you through the process from start to finish.

Color Theory & Mixing

2008 - 16 Lessons in Color Theory: The History of Color: 4th Lesson: Earliest Use of Color Color in Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the Far East Color in Ancient Crete Color in Ancient Greece Color in Ancient Rome Color in Early Christianity Color in the Renaissance Color in the 17th and 18th Centuries Color in the Classic Revival Period Color in Impressionism Color in Post-Impressionism

2008 - 16 Lessons in Color Theory: Colors with Pastels: 3rd Lesson: MOVING TO A PASTEL WORLD

2008 - 16 Lessons in Color Theory: Introduction: Why Color? Learning about Color Putting Color on the Brain

2008 - 16 Lessons in Color Theory: A Wheel of Color: o A Wheel of Color o Ugly Corner in a Cityscape o Let's Expand a Bit o Moving on to a Pastel World

2003 - Real Crystal-Pigment Color Wheel for Artists: Don Jusko shares his Element-Crystal-Pigment Color Wheel in this article with an "in a nutshell history of color". Compare notes with Don's color concept and your own!

Colored Pencil

2003 - The First WCCPA Exhibition: The first WetCanvas! Colored Pencil Artists (WCCPA) Exhibition showcases the work of several WetCanvas! artists. Come explore their works and read the insights of these artists who are working in an exciting new medium!

2001 - A Color Pencil Portrait - Start to Finish: Pencils ready? Join artist Karen Cardinal as she shares her 9 steps for creating a portrait with colored pencils!

Composition & Design

2004 - 10 Step Guide to Designing Awesome Business Cards: Ever wanted to know the secret of designing a business card that is sure to attract attention and is so unique that no one will want to get rid of it? April Smith shares 10 secrets with examples of each to get you started!

2001 - Landscape Composition Rules: Join award-winning painter, Johannes Vloothuis, for a lengthy 23 page look at landscape composition. Everything you need to know about landscape composition, but were afraid to ask!


2002 - Introduction to the Internet: Don't let the vastness of the Internet overwhelm you! Join WC! founder, Scott Burkett, for a discussion on the history of the Internet, and what makes it tick.

2001 - Digital Abracadabra: Posting Your Art on the Web: Posting your art on the web can involve a few challenges. Pick up some tips from the WetCanvas! Editor in a Digital Abracadabra: Posting Your Art on the Web!. The article covers setting up for the photo shoot, using your computer to clean up dark or blurry images, and more!


2007 - Myth#1: This is the first of several Myths about art and artists discussed in the artist's book: '7-STEPS TO A SUCCESSFUL PAINTING"

2005 - Gain Confidence Thru Your Creative Self: Gain confidence in your ability to solve problems creatively as you experience the power of a few simple techniques shared by watercolorist, Friend Carol.

2003 - Aim High - Dig Deep: A Commentary: How can you make the most of your artistic ability and reach for the best you can be? Artist and Art Educator L. Diane Johnson shares a few thoughts on making it happen.

Critique Center

2003 - 6 Techniques For Handling Criticism: Are you afraid to display your work because you can't handle criticism? This article walks you through six ways to avoid bad criticism and learn how to use it to your advantage!

2002 - Giving Critique - a Check List for Critiquers: Not quite sure how to give a critique? Try using this check list as a good basic starting point for any critique.

Debates, Art & Society, etc.

2002 - Using Artistic Talents to Tackle Social Issues: Join artist/teacher Larry Seiler, sharing from his experiences of keynote addressing high school students with one very special program. You'll feel challenged and perhaps inspired to consider ways that your own talents might touch others.

Decorative Arts/Murals/Faux

2003 - Decorate Your Own Mailbox!: Acrylic artist, Leslie Pease, shares her easy to follow steps to decorating a mailbox with her own design of veggies and peas! Create your own unique design and let the neighbors wonder how you did it!

2001 - A Painted Poppy Cupboard: Have you always admired painted furniture? WetCanvas! husband and wife team, DuncanBerenice, share their experience painting a home-made cupboard using a decorative design.

2001 - Decorative Leaf Pins!: Take a walk with nature; bring back some leaves and start creating! Creative member, sajemak shares her spectacular Fall Harvest pins that rival real leaves.

Digital Art

2003 - Digital Weaving 2: Advanced Shapes: Go beyond the basics introduced in Mark Newmayer's first Digital Weaving article by focusing on creating more complex shapes using Adobe Illustrator's Divide command, the Punk & Bloat filter, and even some stars. If you thought the patterns you made the first time around were addictive, watch out, and kiss your free time goodbye.

2003 - Digital Weaving: Want to learn more about creating interwoven geometric patterns using Adobe Illustrator? WC! member Mark Neumayer shares a few basic concepts to get you started even if you are using a different illustration program.

2002 - Photoshop6 - Art History Brush Demo: Learn how to use the art history brush from Photoshop6 in this demonstration of painted peonies by artist, Crystal Russell. Amazing results are just a click away!

Drawing & Sketching

2009 - Fur Texturing in Graphite Pencil: Detailed walk-through and descriptions about how to draw detailed, realistic fur in graphite pencil on a small scale. The subject is a wolf, final size only 5"x7". Pencils used are B, 3B, 5B, and 6B Staedler Mars.

2007 - Get That Sketchbook Out and USE it!!: What are you doing with your sketchbook? Try some new ways to spice up your sketches, keep an illustrated journal or flesh out ideas for new paintings.

2005 - Drawing Value: To draw realistically, the concept of value - the relationship between light, dark and grey - is important. This article discusses the basics of value, including how to find the light source, looking for value in reference photos, drawing a value chart, and using value contrasts.

2005 - Afternoon's Pencil Study After William Turner: An afternoon's pencil study based on the watercolour painting, "The Great Falls of the Reichenbach" by William Turner. Step-by-step instructions demonstrating the rapid build up of composition, and use of hatching to create texture.

2004 - Using Photoshop to Evaluate Preliminary Sketches: Ever looked at your preliminary sketch and know that something isn't quite right but you are not sure what is off in your drawing? Cathy Sheeter's tutorial will show one technique using Adobe Photoshop to check your sketch against your reference photo.

2004 - Types of Drawing Papers/Surfaces: Not sure which drawing paper is right for your next project? Murray Cholowsky will explain the use of various types of papers for drawing with different types of mediums - graphite, ink, pastel etc. - and hopefully help you to make that decision.

2004 - Creating A Misty Moonrise In Graphite And Charcoal: In this step-by-step demonstration, Mark Reep uses graphite pencils and powdered charcoal to add a misty moonrise to a pen and ink landscape. Join Mark for an in-depth discussion of composition, 'underpainting' with charcoal, developing and finishing graphite passages, refining inked passages with graphite, more...

2004 - Silverpoint Drawing Methods: A multi-hundred years old method of drawing, metalpoint, used by one famous Renaissance master draughtsman, Albrecht Du'rer, is coming back into vogue! Join Marilyn Schlueter as she demonstrates several drawing methods that you can try using copper wire, sterling silver, and even 24K gold!

2003 - The Nude Figure in Charcoal: Charcoal (especially vine charcoal) can be a tricky medium to manipulate successfully. This article follows a step-by-step example in drawing the human figure using a different approach that will hopefully yield more satisfying results.

2003 - Basic Drawing: A compilation of short articles on basic drawing skills, culled from the small, rural California monthly newspaper where Todd Cooper, aka coyote, serves as Art Editor...in exchange for a free ad. Artists just starting out in drawing may find direction, while more experienced scribblers are just liable to pick up a useful tip they hadn't heard before.

2001 - Coloured Pencils On Black Paper: Join our top-poster, TeAnne, for a demo on doing self portraits on black paper using coloured pencils!

2001 - Drawing Portraits with Charcoal: Join artist Ruth Cox as she explores a method of doing charcoal portraits without using lines.

Fantasy/Sci-Fi Art

2004 - Getting Started in Fantasy Art: Have some drawing experience and want to get started with fantasy art? Michelle Parker explains a few of the steps and pitfalls you might encounter while trying to begin creating art in a fantasy genre.

Figure, The

2006 - Pastels for Life: A demonstration showing how Pastels are ideal for creating the subtle translucent effects of human skin.

2006 - Why do WetCanvas! artists study the human figure?: Why is it important for an artist to study the human figure? The Figure Forum staff proposed that question in a more personal way to twenty of the long time regular artists in the forum by asking them... "Why do you study/draw/paint the figure?" Here is what they had to say...

2006 - 'Body Soul & Line': Figure artists, professional and beginners, come together for a successful Life Drawing Group exhibition at Noosa Regional gallery.

2006 - Capturing Organic Form in Oil Paint: An article on realist figure painting with oil paint, emphasizing (1) principles of organic form; (2) the shape and structure of light on curved organic forms; and (3) how to capture realistic human form in oil paint. Based on the teachings of Ted Seth Jacobs.

2006 - Pastel on Dark Paper - Just Add Light: Pastel and dark paper is a great combo to create light effects. Follow Michael Newberry has he takes you through a step by step 3-hour pastel session with a life model.

2002 - Thus Spoke Bruin70.....: Ever wonder what happened when popular WC! artist Debra Jones, aka djstar, attended her workshop with fellow WC! member and noted artist, Milt Kobayashi, aka bruin70, at the Scottsdale Artist's School November 2001? To find out, read on!

Glass Art

2006 - Fuse Your Glass Rod Shorts!: Wondering what to do with those short pieces of glass rods? In this tutorial, Cindy Gimbrone shows you how to make glass pendants from your left over bits of glass rod.

2004 - Digital Imaging For Glass Beads: Are you tired of dull, dark, unfocused digital images of your glass beads? Here is an easy tutorial by Lori Greenberg that will show you how to set up your images and refine them with Photoshop Elements.

2004 - Encasing Lampwork Beads with Glass Stringers: Encasing is regarded as one of the most difficult lampworking skills to do well. Many different techniques have been developed in an effort to make the process easier and more fool proof. This article is about the method I use, an adaptation of the 'Around the World' technique using stringers.

2003 - How to Make a Ren? Marble: Join WC! member Jim Boles as he shares his techniques for making a unique marble, inspired by glass artist Ren? Roberts.

2003 - Greg Chase of CD Lampwork Interview: Greg Chase of CD Lampwork has been working in the arts a good portion of his life. He began with stained glass, but now works in lampworking and wood. Greg has graciously agreed to be interviewed by the Glass Masters Contributing Editor, Katie Green. Sit back, grab your favorite snack and get to know Greg and his art!

2002 - Enamels and How to Use Them: Enamels, very fine colored glass dust, are fun things to add to your glass palette, but can also be hazardous to your health. Join Laura Brito, glass enthusiast, as she shares both tips on safety and proper handling of enamels.

2002 - The Origins of Glass in the Near East: Uncover the ancient origins of glass with artist and researcher, Mag Alef. Explore how glass was made, what tools and techniques were used, and learn which amazing discovery forever changed the glass industry.

2002 - Featured Glass Artist Interview: Dave Bross: In this exclusive interview with glass artist Dave Bross, we take a wonderfully reminiscent journey from childhood curiosity to present day glass mastery. This is a glass artist that gives new meaning to the word diversity as his background crosses many glass categories, from sculpture to off-hand. Join Dave as he generously offers his photo-enhanced, step-by-step process of creating a round bead the easy way.

2002 - Glass Alchemy Colors: Hey glass artists! Join Christopher Rice for a discussion on how to get the proper results when working with colors by Glass Alchemy. Learn how to break down the colors into groups as well as proper flame settings.

2002 - Hot Glass Studio Part 2: Join noted glass artist Laura Brito as she discusses the various tools available for working with hot glass. Subjects include ventilation, safety, hand tools, torches, and more!

2002 - Featured Glass Artist Interview: Jennifer Geldard: In this exclusive interview with glass artist Jennifer Geldard, she reveals and illustrates how she makes her signature bead, the twisted glass heart. You will see photos of her studio set up, some of her favorite works, and learn all about how this self-taught artist got to where she is todayǪand where shes headed.

2002 - Watercolor Effects with Enamel and Glass: Is that wonderful enamel sampler just gathering dust on your bench? Get needed inspiration from hot Glass Artist Carolyn Driver as she demonstrates a watercolor "painting" technique using just glass and enamels.

2002 - An Introduction to the Lampworkers Studio: Thinking of setting up a glass art studio? Artist, Laura Brito, shares how to choose the tools you need and how to avoid costly set up mistakes.

2002 - Journey of a Thousand Beads: Dale Lynn, master of many trades, shares his journey into the world of Hot Glass Bead making in a delightful, humorous discovery journal.

2002 - Zebra Print Bicone Beads: Animal print beads are always ǣhot and seem to sell well year-around. Join Artist Beth Boal as she directs our focus on one method of creating a zebra design bicone bead, using gravity as the primary "tool" and based loosely on Jim Smircich's Wavy Bead design.

2002 - The Unknown Health Hazard: Hot Glass Workers: Are you subjecting your skin to intense heat and IR/UV rays on a constant often daily basis? If so, this article written by Artist Laura Brito is a must read for you.


2004 - Step-by-Step Landscape: In this article, Mike Callahan demonstrates his underpainting technique in the creation of a landscape painting in oil. By utilizing this technique, an artist is able to paint complex areas accurately and quickly. Follow along as Mike paints "Gold Lake" a High Sierra Lake that he hiked to last summer.

2001 - Plein Air Painting - In or Out?: Can you paint en plein air indoors as well as out? Join international artist, Diane Johnson as she explores painting From My Window...

2001 - Plein Air Oil on the Shores of Lake Superior: Enjoy a summer's day on the inviting beaches of Marquette, Michigan's Presque Isle with master painter, Larry Seiler. Another indepth step by step demo of the plein air oil method.

2001 - Painting a Fast Running Waterfalls On Location!: What can be harder than painting fast action water over falls? Larry Seiler, breaks it down for you with his plein air of the Popple River's Big Bull Falls.

2001 - Painting a Landscape on Commission - PART 2: Painting a Landscape on Commission - PART 2, View the development and finish of the customized landscape Diane Johnson began for her client in Part 1 of this project.

2001 - Painting a Landscape on Commission: Join noted artist Diane Johnson for the first part of an in-depth demonstration on how she paints an actual landscape on commission. This first installment addresses the research, planning, and initial drawing for client approval. Painters doing commissioned work of any kind will benefit from this demonstration.

Marine Art

2004 - Painting the Breaking Wave: If you love the sea, join Byron Pickering as he demonstrates ways of achieving transparency, breakover, patterns, and foamburst in the basic breaking wave. Surf away with them. Change the composition, alter the color and mood - use your own style, and please, post the results for all of us to see!

Miniature Art

2007 - Display Board for Miniature Art: How to make a display board for miniature artwork from an inexpensive bulletin board.

Mixed Media/Alt. Materials/Other

2007 - Paint Skin Part III, The Re-Animation: You've read part I & II on Paint skin. Now read the philosophy that made it happen. Part III, to Re-Animate or bring back the dead works which have nothing left to give, or do they?

2006 - Making Encaustic Medium: My method of making encaustic Medium

2006 - The Ink Resist Technique: Ink Resist (or "Wash-off", as it is sometimes called) relies on the use of gouache paint, which is soluble and Indian ink, which is waterproof. Despite the planning involved at the outset, the final results can surprise! This step-by-step article aims to de-mystify the process.

2005 - Paint Skin Part 2 - Mixed Media: In Al's first article Paint-Skin Collage and Mosaic, you learned how to make paint skin. Now see how it can be used to make mixed media artwork as well as defy some common rules and misconceptions.

2004 - Pyrography, the Art of Woodburning: Join Matthew DeGelleke for an introduction to the process of woodburning techniques on a piece called "The Accountant".

2004 - Introduction To Silk Painting: Join silk artist, Li Newton, in a beginner's course in the ancient art of silk painting. From choosing your materials, stretching the silk, and creating designs, to steam setting your finished painting, Li will guide you step by step.

2004 - Making Marbled Paper: Shari Kalb shows a step-by-step demonstration of how to make marbled paper using acrylic paints. She includes what tools you need and how to make them, where to get supplies, a great book list, and ideas for using your marbled paper. Marbling is MAGIC!! Each piece of paper is a beautiful creation. WARNING: MARBLING IS ADDICTIVE!!

2004 - Painterly Encaustic Techniques: Due to popular demand, Ed Zawadzki (LazarusCMII) shares a quick explanation of his encaustic technique! He takes a more "painterly" approach to encaustics, using brushes to paint with melted, pigmented wax and a heat gun to fuse.

2003 - Soft Lights and Music: What do you do with all those old CD's from Computer Magazines and ISP's offering you their services? Watch as Joe Majury turns "useless" items into a beautiful 3-D sculpture as once again, we're amazed by his creativity!

2003 - From T-Shirt to Garden Sculpture: Follow Joe Majury as he makes a garden statue from an old t-shirt and a few other items easily obtained around the home or in craft shops.

2003 - Create A Twisty Bracelet: Join Jeannette Randall as she ruins her nails and creates a nifty twisted wire and wire-wrapped marble bracelet. With her techniques, you'll be able to create a new ensemble of jewelry for yourself!

2003 - Trumpet Vine - Fabric Collage: Diane McDonnell combines her expertise in design, painting and fiber arts, to demonstrate how she creates her beautiful "collaged fabric paintings". She gives instruction in both sewn and unsewn techniques...so join the fun and create your own fabric masterpiece!

2003 - The New Arrival - Simulated Stained Glass: Have you ever wanted to try working in stained glass, but thought it would be too difficult? Join artist Joe Majury as he shares his straight-forward method of creating a wonderful piece of art that simulates stained glass using materials that are easily bought and used.

2003 - Papier Mache' Firdemu: Join Virginia artist Leaflin as she creates a wonderful whimiscal creature using just about everything but the kitchen sink.

2003 - Joe's Introduction to Encaustic Art: Artist Joe Majury gives an introduction to Encaustic Art, an art form believed to be at least 2,500 years old. Follow the step-by-step examples using hot irons to melt and manipulate coloured wax and create your own very versatile, durable and exciting encaustic art.

2002 - Papier Mache' Rainmaker: Want to learn how to make rain? Let Virginia Artist "Leaflin" show you how to construct a Papier Mache' Rainmaker. It's fun, easy and guaranteed to work!

2001 - Papier Mache' Van Gogh: Come join Virginia Artist Leaflin in a step by step demonstration on creating your own Papier Mache' Van Gogh.

2001 - Murals on Canvas - A How-To!: Join Ilia Anossov as he shares his tips on successful installation of murals on canvas.

2001 - Fresco Painting: Fresco Painting - almost forgotten. Join Ilia Anossov (fresco painter) and Ian Hardwick in their online demonstration of the tachnique of the Buon Fresco!

New User Channel

2007 - Beginner's Guide to WetCanvas!: Welcome to the best place on the web for artists! We know this is a huge site, so weve put together this guide to give you an idea of what is here.

2006 - How to Search the Site - For Product Reviews!: It's a big site with a lot of information to look through, so how do you find what you need successfully? This article will show you the way when looking for Product Reviews. We'll learn how to use the regular site's search function, as well as the Product Review's special search function.

2006 - How to Search the Site - Searching the Forums!: It's a big site with a lot of information to look through, so how do you find what you need successfully? This article will show how to search the site forums. We'll show you how to narrow down your search criteria so you receive the most accurate information possible. We'll also show you how to keep track of those informative threads once you've found them.

2006 - How to Search the Site - Looking for Users!: It's a big site with a lot of information to look through, so how do you find what you need successfully? In this article we are going to find out how to search the user directory for members. Also, we will search for posts by members, and will show you how to find your own posts and images on this site.

2005 - Creating a Signature Banner: Have you ever wondered how people made those colourful image strips attached to every comment they post? Maria Khurram and Marty C have come forward, with some help from hlee on the mysteries of GIMP, to show how everyone can make a signature banner from popular imaging programs, including Photoshop, Irfanview and GIMP. In a few easy steps, you'll have one up in no time!

2005 - Personalizing WetCanvas!: Perhaps one of the most daunting things about using a new forum is learning how to change your settings so you will be able to use it YOUR WAY. In this artice, Cori Nicholls attempts to demystify the MyWC! area to make it easier for you to enjoy the Wet Canvas experience.

2005 - Making an Animated Avatar: Making an avatar that moves is actually very easy with a little bit of know-how. WC! member hlee shows you step-by-step how to create a simple animated avatar from some boring still snapshots using Adobe Imageready.

2005 - Using the WetCanvas! Article Publisher: Have you found the Article Publisher to be confusing? Cori Nicholls untangles the confusion with an Article aimed at helping members to take advantage of the opportunity to share their knowledge with the rest of us through published articles.

2005 - Making Avatars for Use on WC!: The mystery of Avatars, also known as "tinyheads", is unveiled by Artie's guest writer (hlee) showing how easy it is make and upload your own with the freeware programs readily available on the web!

2004 - Where Should I Post My Art? -- Guide to the Forums: Confused about where you should post questions or your art? Here's where you can learn about the various forums on offer, learn how to get a critique, cross-posting, and the three-strikes rule.

2004 - Using the Private Message System: Wondering how to make contact with other WetCanvas! members? Check out Artie's step-by-step instructions to the Private Message System, and soon you'll be in touch, too!

2004 - 6 Steps to Registering Your Account!: Been lurking long enough? Want to join WetCanvas! and get in on all the neat benefits of membership? Well, it's easy and it's free, so just check out this 'how-to' article and you're on your way!

2004 - The WetCanvas! Award System: Not sure how or why you received an award? Artie will tell you everything you need to know about the WC! Award System, about how to earn your own awards, and how you can vote for others in attaining merit and mentor awards.

2004 - How To Rate Threads: Artie is at it again with helpful hints for New Users in this Article on How To Rate Threads! Ever wonder how some threads get those little stars? Step-by-step, you'll find out how!

2004 - How to Chat at WetCanvas!: Want to chat with other WetCanvas! members? Here's a step-by-step introduction to the Chat System, affectionately known as the Cafe Guerbois Chat!

2004 - Uploading Images to WetCanvas: Having trouble trying to figure out how to put images in your posts? Uploading files and attaching images will be a cinch after you check out this step-by-step article showing how to use the Image Uploader and Image/File Attachment Manager!

2003 - How to JOIN a Project, CHAT & UPLOAD Your Work!: Bobby Aquitania, resident chat nut and cartoonist, asks Leo, Remy, and Vinnie how to join a project, upload work and enter the WC! chat room where members discuss their work.

Oil Painting

2006 - Painting Is A Miracle: The virtue of painting has more to do with what happens to us when we make the painting than the painting itself.

2006 - Painting The Luminous Skin: Achieving convincing skin tones is one of the most challenging tasks the artist must confront. This brief article shows the work of three artists, with tips in their own words for achieving the luminous skin. Although the examples and tips are for oil painters, the principals are the same for any of the color media.

2005 - Make Your Own Damar Varnish: Making your own damar picture varnish and retouch varnish is both cost-effective and easy. This step-by-step tutorial by Robert Roberts removes the mysteries of oil painting's most frequently used varnish.

2005 - Canvas Production, A Low Cost, Good Quality Way: Chris Spangler demonstrates a way of creating your own stretched canvases with excellent step-by-step photos and tips on cutting costs - not quality!

2004 - Glazing With Oils: Have you been wanting to try your hand at glazing but just didn't know where to start? Join Bill Martin as he shares his glazing techniques in this step-by-step process.

2004 - CANVAS STRETCHING MADE EASY: Like to stretch your own canvas, but don't have a clue how to start? Use this step-by-step lesson and images to guide you along your way.

2004 - Knife Painting Oil Landscape Demonstration: Challenge yourself to paint more loosely with oils....join Jack Schuller as he shares his knife painting techniques in this demonstration of Old Baldy, a mountain landscape.

2003 - Painting in the 21st Century: In this day of the pixel, the artist's tool box has become bigger. Mike Callahan shows how he deals with the creation of a painting using real oil paint on real canvas, but in the twenty-first century - utilizing digital tools to make the task less arduous, allowing for more enjoyment in the doing of the painting. Using the camera and the computer as a layout tool, Mike shows why he believes the end result is better for it.

2003 - How to Make a Wet Canvas Carrier: Oil painters are always seeking new ways to transport wet paintings from the field or workshops. Watch as Wetcanvas! member, Lorelou, provides a unique at home construction lesson for a wet-canvas carrier!

2003 - How to Varnish an Oil Painting: Learn how to varnish your oil paintings with a traditional Damar varnish in this article by WetCanvas! member, JamieWG.

2003 - Underpainting - A primer for the new painter: This article discusses underpainting as a tool to learn value and how to represent a realistic 3d impression on a 2d surface. Specifically, the article covers the verdaccio underpainting method. It is geared to painters who want to paint in a realist manner.

2002 - Melvin the Hound: For those wishing to consider an alternative approach to oil painting that is very forgiving of the time and steps required, step inside the world of Dave (Iconoclast) Dowbyhuz, as he shows you his step by step creation of a portrait of his Basset Hound, Melvin.

2002 - New Gamblin Oil Painting Medium: Gamblin introduces Neo-Megilp, a new oil painting medium based on Turner's 18th century secret. Come get the scoop!

2001 - Painting An Oil Plein Air Scene- Armstrong Creek: Catch the excitement. Take on the sun! Shed winter's cabin fever in an early spring oil plein air session with Larry Seiler. Covering- your scene options; the set up; and getting it done!

2001 - Oil Painting Demonstration - Book Club: Scott Burdick extends a special invitation for you to view a still life oil painting demonstration by his wife Susan Lyon.

2001 - Oil Painting Demonstration - The Letter: Join noted artist, Scott Burdick, as he demonstrates a new oil painting: The Letter, a scene from China!

2001 - Free Gamblin Paint for Artists in April: Gamblin Artist Colors Offers New Paint Color - Torrit Grey 2001 - for free in April.


2006 - Light and shadows: The article features oil pastels technique applied to outdoor plein-air painting and shows a step-by-step demo of a winter landscape on a sunny day.

2006 - Pastel Hummingbird on Gold Painted Wallis Paper: Hummingbirds are such exquisite little gems in flight that painting them on a dazzling gold background is perfect. Instead of investing in gold leaf, try creating sparkling gold painted Wallis sandpaper as a ground for a pastel painting of one of these small jewels.

2006 - Making Panels with Wallis Museum Paper: This is a demonstration of how to back Wallis Museum Paper with masonite panels.

2005 - Travelling Studio Pastel Box: This large studio pastel box is a wonderful addition to any pastellist's studio. This particular box also gives an option for taking your pastels with you to a workshop. Watch as Cori Nicholls shows you how to go about building your own travelling studio pastel box easilly and inexpensively.

2005 - Creating Your Own Marble Dust Boards: Pastellist, Cori Nicholls, shares how to create your own marble dust boards for use with dry or oil pastels.

2005 - Creative Pastel Storage Solutions: Anyone can run right out and buy a pricey pastel storage box from any of a number of retailers, but there are so many different solutions just waiting to be adopted. With a little time, a drop of patience and considerably less money - you might just find your perfect pastel box in a most unlikely place!

2004 - Florals in Oil Pastel: Join artist, Carly Clements, in the studio as she shares techniques for creating luscious florals in a step-by-step demonstration which will inspire you to try oil pastels!

2004 - Making Your Own Portable Pastel Box: Pastellist, Cori Nicholls, shares a way to save money and create your own portable pastel box at the same time. Using a recycled art box, she illustrates how you can design a box to fit your needs for plein air or workshops.

2004 - Clear Glass in Soft Pastel: Clear glass seems to be thought of as a difficult thing to capture in pastel; hopefully, some of these tips and tricks will help.

2004 - Soft Pastels With Alcohol Underpainting: Underpaintings can be accomplished with several methods. Carly Clements shares her experimental step-by-step process using alcohol to dissolve the pastels into the support surface creating a soft, richly colored underpainting for her springtime dogwood blossoms.

2004 - Pastel Demo from a Plein Air Oil Sketch: Follow Marc R. Hanson as he demonstrates his technique for enlarging a plein air oil sketch in his studio using soft pastels. Pick up tips for underpainting and blending as you watch his step by step progress of capturing the light and atmosphere from plein air to the studio.

2004 - Landscape Painting With Pastels: Follow pastel artist, Tom Christopher, as he takes you from a simple idea to a finished pastel landscape painting full of color and drama. His step-by-step work in progress will give insight into the thoughts and challenges presented thru each stage of the painting.

2004 - How To See Underlying Shapes In A Painting: Deborah Christensen Secor shares suggestions to help you see and understand the basic shapes of your painting and how they interlock like puzzle pieces, defined by value. If you want to strengthen your composition, take a peek at her ideas for using thumbnails, blurring a photograph, making a value map, doing an underdrawing and more!

2003 - Egg Tempera Using PASTELS!: If you haven't tried egg tempera before, this is a great way to get started, and if you're a veteran dust-kicker (pastelist), then you owe it to your sticks to, at least once, treat them like the powdered pigment they are and give this a shot. Join Craig Houghton as he demonstrates this interesting combo of mediums!

2003 - Photorealism Swallows Demonstration: Watch as Wildlife Artist, Bruce Lynch, creates his pastel photorealism Swallows. His painstaking day-by-day progress will not only amaze, but inspire you! and the question/answer format will simplify the process and find you reaching for those pastels!

2003 - Pastel Showcase 2003: A pastel showcase of the best work of many contributing WC Pastel forum artists...see pastels in a whole new light!

2003 - Producing a Pastel Painting - One Approach: Award winning artist, Jackie Simmonds offers a sequence of steps as one possible approach to producing a pastel painting for the beginner as well as the seasoned pastel artist.

2003 - ASPECTS OF COMPOSITION: Artist Jackie Simmonds, author of Pastels Workshop, shares composition pointers useful for the beginner and intermediate artist working in all mediums.

2003 - Making Handmade Pastels: Can't find that exact color pastel you need for that special painting? Never fear, you can make your own handmade pastels and develop your own recipe for that special color. Phyllis Franklin, Carly Clements and Deb Carroll invite you to explore making handmade pastels.

2002 - Photorealism.....How Bruce (Gaka) Gets His Detail: Join pastel artist and WC! member, Gaka, as he shares his insights on achieving photorealistic effects in pastels! Watch step by step as he develops his "Hyacinth Macaws" painting!

2002 - Painting Shadows: Add sparkle and drama to your paintings! Artist Jackie Simmonds demonstrates the importance of understanding shadows, and how to translate that knowledge into your finished work.

2002 - Demonstration: Swan and cygnets in vibrant colours: Artist Sandra Fletcher shows how a WetCanvas! Reference Library Image can be used as the basis for exploring strong colour combinations in pastel.

2002 - Zara - Watercolor Washes Under Pastel: Artist Debra Jones shows how splashes of watercolor washes on watercolor paper make an excellent surface for rich, jewel-toned pastel portraits. Enjoy her techniques offered in "Zara - Watercolor Washes Under Pastel"

2001 - Sunset Demonstration in Soft Pastel: By request, working from a member photograph, WetCanvas! member, L. Diane Johnson demonstrates a sunset landscape using Soft Pastels. Don't miss the video clips!

2001 - Soft Pastel Still Life Demonstration: Join noted artist Diane Johnson for a demo on the process of painting a simple still life in soft pastel. The subject: a single white dogwood blossom on fabric!

Pen & Ink/Calligraphy

2008 - A Method of Drawing Celtic Knotwork - Weaves: There are many ways to approach designing original, unique, Celtic knotwork. This article walks you through the creation of a freeform knotwork design, explaining in detail my logic, design principles and the thought process involved at every stage. Detailed Work-In-Progress images and comparative images help elaborate and illustrate the process.

2003 - Celtic Knotwork, Part One of Six: Celtic knotwork employs beautiful lines and angles that keep the eye attracted to your work providing a beautiful frame or an exquisite piece of artwork all on its' own. Award winning artist, Caroline Tigeress, shares a tutorial that will last through six articles and lead you on a step-by-step process through this wonderful maze of lines.

2003 - Stone Wall - Watercolour Over Pen and Ink: Join WC! artist Kitaye for the third and final article in her "Stone Wall in Pen & Ink" series. This article will guide you through the steps of applying transparent watercolours over your inked stone wall. Watch over Kitaye's shoulder as she chooses her palette and applies her chosen colours block by block until the wall is completed.

2003 - Stone Wall in Pen and Ink: Ever wanted to create a beautiful Gothic arch or stone masonry? Join WC! artist Kitaye in the second installment of her three-part tutorial. In this installment, Kitaye demonstrates the process for creating and inking a stone wall. The third and final installment will demonstrate how to bring the wall to life with watercolor washes.

2003 - Drawing a Gothic Arch: This is the first in a series of tutorials geared to taking you through the step-by-step process of drawing and shading a stone wall in pen and ink. Artist and WC! member, kitaye, takes you through the steps needed to draw a gothic arch, then usable in any number of drawing styles and mediums.

2002 - Experiment with Fur: How do you do that? was heard so often by WetCanvas! member, Chris Lockwood (Jakeally), that she has created a demonstration to explore some of the techniques used in drawing natural looking fur in pen and ink. Join Chris with your own creations and soon others will be asking you, How do you do that?

2002 - Pen & Ink - Shading/Techniques/Lesson: If you are a beginner with pen and ink, catch the excitement as Artist Murray Cholowsky aka Artdude introduces beginners to techniques used in the art of pen and ink drawing. Don't miss the step-by-step walk through.

2002 - Basics In Ink Drawings: Stipple, Splatter, Thatch ... what do these terms have in common? Join Artist, Bendaini for a discussion on basic pen and ink techniques.


2005 - The Lightning Hunter: The Hunter becomes the hunted in this real life adventure about an artist and his inspiration!

2004 - Wetcanvas, A Day In The Life 2004: WC! is a global community with an eclectic mix of artists who have gathered a great collection of images from around the globe, all taken on the same day. We hope that you will enjoy spending the day with each artist as you view moments that have special meaning to them!

2003 - Wetcanvas! A Day In The Life February 23rd 2003: What would happen if you asked WC! members to all take a photograph on the same day to show what was going on in their life on that particular day? Take a look and see what our members were doing on February 23rd, 2003!

2003 - Photoshop 7: Beginners Guide: You finally have it...and now, you have nightmares about it. Which button does what? What are all those boxes for? Where do you start to learn such a massive program? Join me as I help end the confusion and get you started on your own journey to the wonderful world of Photoshop 7!

2002 - Improve your Glass, Bead & Jewelry Photographs: Photographing small works of art presents many challenges. Artist, Dale Lynn shares how to build an effective $75.00 photo studio.

2002 - Photoshop Pen Tool Selections / Effects: Struggling to use your reference photographs creatively? "Use the pen tool in Adobe's Photoshop as one of the most effective means of making and saving selections within your photographs. Once you have built your paths you have a lot of scope for creativity", says photographer Zarathusra. Got your attention?

2001 - Converting Your Color Image to Black and White: Do you have a color photo that you would enjoy as a Black and White Portrait? Michael Richardson, Artist Photographer (aka Drapier), shares one method using Photoshop software to create that special B&W.

2001 - How to Photograph Flat Art: Join professional photographer and artist Rick Lee as he describes how to photograph flat art as well as addressing the problem of shooting art work already behind glass.


2005 - Demonstration on Painting Hands: Leslie Pz both challenges and inspires with this article and demonstration of how to paint \"hands\" using her medium of choice, acrylics.

2003 - Pastel Portrait: Join L. Diane Johnson as she demonstrates how to overcome a weak photographic image to turn out a simple, yet dynamic, portrait of a young child in soft pastels.

2003 - Joseph - A WIP Scratch Portrait: Always wondered how it's done?? Watch Joseph's face emerge from the darkness as Lorna Hannett scratches the surface of clayboard to produce a different kind of portrait!

2001 - Portrait of Joseph in Oil: Look over the shoulder of WetCanvas! favorite, djstar as she reveals a successful three hour oil portrait of Joseph, a Native American.

2001 - Portrait Demonstration: Ruth in Pastels: Want to join the portrait painting project but just don't know where to begin? Join celebrated artist Sandra Fletcher as she gives a step by step portrait demonstration of Ruth Cox in pastels.


2004 - Sharpening and Repair of Lino/Woodcut Tools: Follow along with Andrew Gott as he gives tips on how to properly sharpen, maintain, and repair linoleum and woodcut tools.

2003 - Collagraph Printmaking: Don't toss out pieces of mat board! scraps of leftover fabrics! or that torn-to-bits watercolor disaster! Follow Sarah Wittmer (talkingbanana) as she explains collograph printmaking and turn that art trash into treasure!


2008 - Woodcarving for Artists: A tutorial for artists who have experience in other media....

2006 - The Making of Independence: Join Steve Miller as he demonstrates his process of clay modeling, making polyurethane molds and resin casting, to create one of his life-like sculptures of hands.

2005 - Make And Cast Your Own Latex Molds: Tamara (Lady Rando) shows you a step by step on on how she sculpts one of her gargoyles, then makes a latex mold and casts her sculpture in hydrostone.

2003 - Introduction to Leather Sculpture: Looking for something new to challenge your creative nature? Teresa Turner has an exciting idea for you; try your hand at leather sculpture a technique that dates back to the Middle Ages!

2002 - Porcelain Flowers: Join Gina Atkinson in creating your own sculptural florals. Step-by-step instructions and images make it easy to follow along with Gina as she reveals her techniques for Porcelain Roses!

2002 - Working With Magic Sculp: Magic Sculp!!! What is it? How do you use it? What is it good for? Where can you get it? Find the answers to all of these questions and more in this article about working with this wonderfully versatile sculpting compound.

2002 - Build Your Own Sculpture Stand Easily!: Want a sculpting stand but don't want to spend a hundred dollars or more? Artist Diane Mcdonnell shares her method of constructing an incredibly easy to make, inexpensive stand using a few basic tools.

2002 - Making Your Own Proportional Caliper: Need to take a few key measurements on a live model and transfer to your smaller scale sculpture? Artist, Frank Moran, shares how to make a low cost alternative to high priced calipers.

2001 - Sculpture Armatures: Join noted sculptor Frank Moran for an overview of techniques used in making a variety of sculpture armatures.

Still Life, The

2001 - Outdoor Still Life: Do you only have to paint still-life inside the studio? No, of course not. Lei Iverson, award winning plein-air veteran, demonstrates a plein-air painter's approach to still life painting.

2001 - Stage Your Still Life Painting: Having trouble getting just the right light or background for your still life paintings? Let Ruth Cox, professional artist and muralist, show you how to build an inexpensive staging table.

Studio Tips & Framing

2004 - Easel Clamp For Reference Photos: Join Jim Robertson on a quick trip to the hardware store for parts to create a handy easel clamp for those pesky fly-a-way reference photos!

2004 - Modifications to My French Easel: Get ideas for modifying your own french easel from Jack Schuller as he shares a photo gallery of tips and information on changes and additions to his own 'Italian-made' French easel!

2004 - HOW TO BUILD A PALETTE TABLE: Consider building your own Palette Table after viewing the step-by-step instructions of WetCanvas Member, Lorelou. Use this indoors in any room...it's a studio on wheels!

2004 - Construct A Brush Rest: Want a way to store your brushes safely while in use, and while drying? Construct your own brush rest in an hour or so, out of cardboard, following step by step diagrams. Your Brushes won't roll, and the ferrules will not be damaged, and best of all, it can be made for any sized brushes. Why not use one for your pencils and tools also?

2003 - Making an Eggshell Finish Gallery Wrap Canvas: Follow Marty Clarke's instructions to achieve a smooth "eggshell finish" to your gallery wrapped canvas. From building a stretcher frame to the finished painting, Marty will inspire you to create your own!

2002 - Build your own light table: Do you need a light table? But you don't have the money to buy a new one? Have you considered building your own? Join Sami Matilainen for a look at how to convert your existing desk or table into a light table!

2002 - Make Your Own Sketchbook: Making your own sketchbook for painting or drawing can be very rewarding. Artist, Rosemarie L??tken, shares her step-by-step instructions the fun, fast, easy way.

2001 - A simple picture frame jig: Make a simple picture frame jig and frame your own paintings, follow along with Rod Webb as he describes the construction and use.

2001 - Making a Canvas Board !: Go step-by-step with Larry Seiler, as he shows you his simple method of preparing canvas boards for painting with acrylics or oils.

Teacher's Toolbox

2001 - Quick and Fun, Easy to Make-Paper Stained Glass: Enjoy a fun exploration into color that will delight every child, as well as the child within presented by artist/art instructor, Larry Seiler.

2001 - Scribble Story: Freeing The Creative Spirit: Join artist Phyllis Franklin as she shows you how freeing the creative spirit of a child can be as simple as sitting down with a pencil and a sketchbook.


2008 - 2007 Watercolors Art Show: Our Watercolor Forum members have submitted their favourite paintings on 2007 for your enjoyment. Many more outstanding paintings can be seen in the Watercolor Gallery.

2007 - GIMP Primer: An introductory article on GIMP designed for artists. GIMP is a full feature photo/image editing software package with the exception it is free.

2007 - 2006 Watercolors Art Show: A collection of favourite paintings done in 2006 by members of the Watercolor Forum

2006 - Image Software, Free and Not So Free: An introduction to the types of image software of interest to visual artists. Briefly discusses price versus features of Photoshop CS, Photoshop Elements, and Corel PaintShop Pro. It also discusses several freeware programs.

2006 - Making a very cheap 'porcelain' pallette: Looking around the net I have seen a lot of nice porcelain pallettes, yet the price for someone on limited means is anything but cheap. Like most of you, I am constantly on the search for alternatives and often I find things which are better than the original. Here are instructions for making a useful porcelain pallette alternative using a cheaply avaiable microwave browning or bacon tray. Not all trays are truly white, but if you look around I think you'll find a suitable one. You may even have one in your pantry right now. Hopefully, the instructions, and the photographs will communicate how easy this is to make. The total project will cost about $4.00. Because of the design of these trays, they lend themselves very well to being covered with cling wrap, for keeping your paints moist. They are excellent for watercolor, and I have found that on my slightly off white tray my colors tend to come out a little more vibrant due to my over compensating, so a white one is best.

2005 - Watercolor Batik: Be inspired as Nicholas Simmons shares his "batik" watercolor technique in this step-by-step demonstration of a Koi Fish.

2005 - A dog painting using only 4 pigments: A light and a deep blue, a yellow and a red will allow you to paint all the colors of the rainbow and all the shades from white to black. Painted during a workshop as a demo, a step by step dog portrait.

2005 - The Control of Water in Watercolour: Join Arnold Lowrey as he addresses the single most important technique associated with watercolour - how to control the water! Join Arnold as he illustrates the effects of using little water to wet-in-wet techniques.

2004 - Watercolor Life-Sized - Tarantella: Nicholas Simmons again dramatically demonstrates unusual large-scale watercolor techniques and shares his thought processes in this article adapted from a Work In Progress thread originally posted in the Watercolor Gallery.

2004 - Painting Large In Watercolor: Faded Glory: Nicholas Simmons presents a bold way to paint watercolor on a large scale. Edited from the most popular Work In Progress thread ever posted in the Watercolor Forum!

2004 - Design Your Own Christmas Cards: Join watercolorist, Marilyn Speck Ballard, as she shares a lesson on how to design and paint your very own original Christmas Cards.

2004 - Paint a Dandelion Clock Seed Head: Ever wondered how you could paint something fluffy and ethereal, like a dandelion seed head? Ruth Harris demonstrates a foolproof method using watercolors and a few simple tools. Try it out on soft kitten fur or other fluffy subjects!

2003 - Waterside Balcony Demonstration: Australian watercolor artist, John Lovett, shows us how to get a little more atmosphere into our subject by combining ink, gesso and Japanese rice paper with transparent watercolor.

2003 - Abstract Watercolor With a Twist: Follow Charissa step-by-step as she creates an abstract painting using watercolor and gel pens with a twist of sass in the mix.

2003 - Fun With Watercolours - Workshop & Demos: Award winning artist, Alan Mark Cross, presents a series of work in progress demos which include photos and step by step instructions. Follow along as Alan shares some of his watercolour tricks and techniques in this workshop experience!

2003 - Study of Whites: The Pack of Hounds: Cyrille Jubert takes you step by step in a demonstration of using a unicolor painting technique that adds great effects with a minimum of means.

2003 - Painting Trees and Foliage in Watercolour: Marvin Chew (mchew) has been asked numerous times to demonstrate how he paints trees and foliage using watercolours. So, here it is, an article about painting all the greens, nature's gift to mankind.

2002 - Demonstration of Sunflowers on Yupo Paper: Watercolorists! You asked for it and you got it! A demonstration of painting on yupo paper using traditional and experimental watercolor techniques. Carly Clements shares her expertise, creating a vibrant, bold, sunflower painting from start to finish. Paint along with her and create your own yupo masterpiece!

2002 - Abstract Watercolor on Yupo Paper: "It's a great way to break out of a creative block or to loosen up your style!" says Carly Clements as she reveals her techniques in using yupo paper and watercolor to create an abstract painting. Follow step-by-step photos and use her critique tips to create your own "masterpiece".

2001 - Avon River Sunset: Painting a sunset can be fun and challenging. Watercolour along with Rod Webb as he paints a setting sun by the Avon River, Christchurch, New Zealand.

2001 - Mountainscape: Rod Webb, Watercolour Master, shares his latest watercolour landscape lesson giving a step-by-step guide using his reference photograph of Lake Te Anau and the mountains.

2001 - Water Reflections: Join in with a step by step demonstration by Rod Webb of how to paint water reflections in Watercolours.

2001 - Fun Fantasy Bubbles: Want to have some fun with watercolours? Try you hand at painting fantasy bubbles. Rod Webb shows you how, come and join in.

2001 - A Lovely Cat called Pudney James: Join in with a step by step demonstration by Rod Webb and paint a portrait of your family cat in watercolours.

2001 - Painting an Onion in Watercolours.: Follow along with artist Rod Webb as he demonstrates a watercolor painting of an onion that will not make your eyes water.

2001 - Painting A Watercolor's Farewell to Winter!: Take a look over the shoulder of artist, Larry Seiler, and enjoy a step-by-step watercolor demo of a small Wisconsin winter river scene.

2001 - Avon River , Christchurch, NZ: Follow along with artist Rod Webb as he demonstrates a watercolor painting of the Avon River in Christchurch, New Zealand.

2001 - Fun Painting using a plastic sheet for texture: Join artist Rob Webb as he explores painting a vase of flowers the fun way using a plastic sheet to produce texture.

2001 - A Tropical Beach Scene: Join artist Rod Webb as he paints a beach scene in watercolours using wet into wet techniques and paint scraping.

WC! Events

2001 - The WetCanvas! Amelia Island Getaway: If you didn't get to go to the Amelia Island Getaway, you really missed a treat. Read all about it, see the photos and be inspired.

2001 - Pleine Aire painting with your art group: Join Rod Webb for a great pictorial of a recent plein aire session in New Zealand!

Wearable Art

2006 - The color wheel for jewelry designers: Color is a powerful design element, especially in smaller pieces of art such as jewelry. In this article, learn how to use colors from the color wheel to create harmonious jewelry designs!

2006 - Beginner's Crochet: A beginner's how-to for crochet, plus my simple hat pattern.

2006 - Applying To Galleries 101 - For Jewellery Artists: It might be easier than you think to start applying to galleries. Get your work in the marketplace with these simple ideas!