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Welcome to WetCanvas, the largest community for visual artists on the Internet!

WetCanvas (or as some people affectionately call it, WC), was founded in 1998 in an effort to better leverage technology to assist visual artists in sharing information and making new contacts and friends. From its humble grass-roots beginnings, the site has grown into a valuable resource - a veritable gold mine of information, serving painters, sculptors, illustrators, and other artists. We currently deliver over 3 million web pages each month, to over 500,000 unique visitors!

Our online community is comprised of artists of all levels, ranging from Sunday painters to artists who exhibit in some of the finest galleries in the world. Whether your interests lie in learning new techniques, experimenting with alternative or cross-over mediums, gaining critiques from fellow artists, or getting the scoop on exciting new industry products, WC has something for you.

What are some of things you will find here?

Not an inclusive list, but for starters:

Content channels [ Go Now! ]

Just like a television, WetCanvas has arranged its content into logical "channels". Each channel provides you with a wealth of articles, lessons, discussions, product reviews, and other such items. We have "medium-specific" channels such as Oil Painting, Watercolors, and Sculpture, as well as subject-specific channels, such as Landscapes, Portraiture, and Wildlife/Animal Art.  In addition, there are a few special channels designed to keep you informed, including our New User Channel, Site Discussions Channel, and the ever-popular Cafe Guerbois, our general interest channel.

To navigate this site, simply look for the content channel selector pulldown (as seen at the top of this page).  Select a channel, and you're off!

Art Critiques [ Go Now! ]

Have you ever wanted to show your work to fellow artists to solicit their feedback? Well, look no further! Under the Community pulldown, you'll see an option for the Critique Center. From there, you can browse our Learning Gallery, a collection of submitted works "digitally" critiqued by noted artist, Johannes Vloothuis.  In addition, you can submit your own works for public critique by fellow artists.

Reference Image Library [ Go Now! ]

We have a full online library of reference images, available to you 24 hours a day! If you need some quick inspiration for a project, or need a few images to help with a tough subject, look no further. You can also upload your own images to the library - a great way to help other artists who can find value in those old photos in your dresser. :)

Virtual Palette [ Go Now! ]

Using our innovative "subtractive" mixing application, you can experiment with color mixing online! This isn't another simple color selector - you can really mix colors the way it is done with paint. You can even save your mixtures for later reference. :)

Art Projects [ Go Now! ]

Using our innovative project system, you can participate in a variety of art projects, all sponsored by community members.  You can then post your studio progression photos, as well as photos of your finished works. You can also start your own projects for others to enjoy! You can select the allowed mediums, subjects, and other such criteria. You can even upload your own reference images for others to use during the project. The project system can be accessed from the Community pulldown bar.

Build your own web site, and sell your work online! [ Go Now! ]

You can build your own web site, and sell your artwork online. Please note that this is a premium service, and not included in free community memberships.

A Bit about the WetCanvas Community

The community here at WetCanvas is large, diverse, and very active. While you don't need to create an account to browse message posts, read articles, etc., your membership allows you to do other things as well, such as post your own articles and lessons, participate in art projects, contribute to the reference image library, and participate in our real-time, interactive chats. Creating an account is free of charge, so there's no excuse! :-)

One of the neat things about being a member in our community is that you control "how" you are presented to others within the community.  We do this through the use of custom icons we call "tinyheads" (don't ask, there is a history behind the name) <blush>. Essentially, you can create a 60x60 pixel icon that is used whenever you post a message in the community forums, publish an article, etc.

A Bit about the Rules

When signing up, pay careful attention to the membership agreement.  Our rules here are pretty simple, but they are enforced. Just use common sense when posting, and be respectful of others, and you'll soon find yourself among many new friends.

Also, please keep in mind that we strive to operate a spam-free environment. What does that mean? That means posts which are solicitory in nature, or "spaminous" will be automatically removed, and will most likely lead to an immediate removal of the account doing the posting. If you would like to get the word out on your products or services for artists, please visit our media kit page for more information.

Giving back to the Community

We *all* have a lot to learn, and a *lot* to share.  One of things that we encourage community members to do is to contribute back to the community. Such participation might include publishing a few articles on a topic that you feel comfortable with, participating in chats, providing new workshop or competition listings, or helping new users out in the forums when they post questions. If you have an area of expertise, jump right in!

Supporting this Site!

WetCanvas offers access to its content and tools at no charge to its members. We believe that freely available information is the essential core of online learning communities. However, if you find this site useful, we encourage you to participate in our NYOS program (Name Your Own Subscription). Your voluntary subscription fees may be tax-deductable as well. For more information, please visit the NYOS page. In addition, you may support our community by choosing to host your custom domains, and art gallery web sites. Click here for more info on Web Hosting Services


WetCanvas is a wonderful place to come and meet new friends, share information, and learn and grow. The strength of this community lies in the resilience and spirit of its members.  Together, over the past few years, we've experienced life together (including the birth of children, and the passing of loved-ones). We will continue to grow together; learning, exploring, and sharing.  On behalf of the moderators, contributing editors, and members here, I welcome you, and invite you to join our community.  See you in the Cafe!

To create your free WetCanvas community account, click here! And don't forget to sign up for your free WetCanvas Newsletter (and get a FREE gift!) here.


Sarah Allspaw
WetCanvas Community Manager

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