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Jun 19 2018 
Support Center » Knowledgebase » How do I rate a thread?
 How do I rate a thread?
Solution You may find a small menu on thread pages which allows you to 'rate this thread' with a number between 1-5.

Casting a vote for threads you view is entirely optional, but if you think that the thread is superb, you might rate it as a 5-star thread, or if you think that it's unspeakably dismal, you might choose to rate the thread with a single star.

Once enough votes have been cast for the thread rating, you may see a set of stars appear with the title of the thread in the thread listings. These stars reflect the average vote cast, and can allow you to quickly see which threads are worth reading if you are on a very busy board with a lot of threads.

Note: Please do not use this feature to "rate" someone's artwork.  Rating of threads should be limited to rating threads which add value somehow to the site.

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