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Dec 11 2019 
Support Center » Knowledgebase » The mixtures don't look right! Red and green make grey!
 The mixtures don't look right! Red and green make grey!
Solution In theory, yes. But what red are you mixing in? Alizarin crimson? Cadmium red? Which green? Sap? Thalo? Prussian? Remember, each paint has its own unique set of properties, including tinting strength. A little alizarin crimson goes a long way. :) You will get a more pure gray color *only* if the colors you are mixing are true complements. If they are not exactly 180 degrees apart on the color wheel, you'll end up with a gray-ish color. Depending upon the paints you mix, the result may lean toward brown, green, blue, or even red, but they will have a significant gray component.

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