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Oct 18 2018 
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 The WetCanvas! Art Glossary: A - B
 AA - The standard degree of color permanence. Also AA, B, C.AA – The highest degree of color permanenceA.P. or AP - Artist's Proof or Approved
 The WetCanvas! Art Glossary: C - D
  CC – Indicates a fugitive color when seen on a paint tube. A fugitive color is a short-lived color, made from inferior pigments and usually found in student grade paints.
 The WetCanvas! Art Glossary: E - G
 Eearth colors – pigments obtained from mining such as ochres and umbers.easel - A support for an artist’s canvas or panel. Usually made of wood or metal,
 The WetCanvas! Art Glossary: H - K
 Hhardboard - A manufactured board made from wood fibres bonded together using heat and pressure, usually without the addition of an adhesive. Highly variable depending on the woods used a
 The WetCanvas! Art Glossary: L - O
 The WetCanvas! Art Glossary: P - R
 Ppalette - Any surface upon which paint is mixed, in oil painting traditionally made of wood. Today plastic, glass and glazed ceramics are often used. Palette also refers to the selection
 The WetCanvas! Art Glossary: S - Z
 Ssable - An animal of the mink family whose hairs are used to make soft brushes. See also Kolinsky.sanguine - A type of red chalk used in drawing. See also conté.
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