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Dec 11 2019 
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 How do I save a mixture for later reference?
 How do I update a previously saved mixture?
 I added equal portions of pthalo green to titanium white, and I can barely notice a difference! What gives?
 The formulas don't look right, what's wrong?
 I selected several different paints/colors, but when I click "Process Mixture", nothing happens!
 I've created a really nifty color! How can I use this color in my web pages, or a paint program?
 I don't like my color, how do I start over?
 No matter how much Van Dyck Brown I add, it never really gets "browner"?
 The mixtures don't look right! Red and green make grey!
 The value charts that are generated look horrible. The swatches are dithered, and don't look very realistic!
 What is the virtual palette, and what can I do with it?
 What makes it so special? Aren't there hundreds of these types of things on the net?
 You don't seem to have my favorite blue! How do I create custom colors for my palette?

 I can't find an answer to my question.
  Our knowledgebase has lots of great information but, if you have gone through it all and you still have a questions, submit them here:
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