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Old 07-18-2008, 12:01 PM
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Welcome to the Watercolor Forum!

Newbies! Click HERE link for more detailed information on Wet Canvas site features!

Posting Guidelines
As you've discovered, there are several sub-forums where you can post your work, and it may be a little confusing. We're glad that you have decided to share your artwork with us, but before you do please consider the following guidelines:


Since Wet Canvas is an international forum with members from all around the globe, in the interests of readability, we ask that members use English or include an English translation of their message in their posts. For the same reason, abbreviations that are used for texting messages are not recommended in posts as they could be confusing, especially to non-English readers.

There are several online translation sites, and whilst not perfect they do allow members to understand your post much better. Here are a few:


Thank you for your co-operation.

The Watercolor Gallery

Watercolor Gallery (63 Viewing)
FINISHED paintings created with watercolor paints, watercolor pencils, or gouache go here. They may be painted on any surface compatible with watercolor such as paper, gesso, YUPO, clay board, and illustration board. Small enhancements using other media to add highlights, draw lines, create resists, or make corrections may be acceptable. Because of the large number of new paintings in the Gallery daily members may only start one new painting thread each day, but it may contain several paintings. Using offsite links to show your images is not acceptable or in keeping with the intent or spirit of this site — please post images of your work with the Uploader or Attach them. All works posted here will be open to critiques and comments unless you indicate otherwise.
Watercolor Gallery Archives

The Watercolor Studio

Show us your works in progress (WIPS), join in the Challenges and fun group activities such as the Invitations to Paint, Paint-alongs, and WIP-alongs here! If you are stuck and don't know where to go with a painting, ask for help from your friends in the Studio. Using offsite links to show your images is not acceptable or in keeping with the intent or spirit of this site — please post images of your work with the Uploader or Attach them.

NOTE: It’s a big help for those who are looking at your painting if you include the following info when you post it:

Type of Watercolor Paint, including any additions
(e.g., Watercolor Artists Paints, Daniel Smith and Da Vinci, small highlight of Gesso on rim of vase etc.).
Type of Paper (Manufacturer and weight, e.g. Arches Cold Pressed 300 lb Paper)
The Size (in Inches or Centimeters, but please state which)
The Reference Source (e.g., Your own Photo or Sketch, Plein Aire, Imagination, Photo from Reference Image Library—please give credit to the Photographer if you are not using your own photo.)
Any Other Comments (e.g., colors used, how you feel about it, etc.)

NOTE: When you submit paintings to the Gallery or the Studio, we assume that you are inviting comments unless you state otherwise in your introductory paragraph. If you're not ready for critiques, just tell us to go easy with our comments!

Watercolr Studio Archives

The Learning Zone

Learning Demos, technical questions about any of the materials used to paint watercolors, and painting tips go here. Participate in our Monthly Classrooms, KIUAN Exercises, and other teaching threads. Access the Wet Canvas Watercolor Handbook and a vast Library of Articles and Teaching threads. Using offsite links to show your images is not acceptable or in keeping with the intent or spirit of this site — please post images of your work with the Uploader or Attach them; however, links to useful resources continue to be welcome.

Learning Zone Archives

Palette Talk

Get to know your fellow artists. Share information and photos about your activities especially those related to art. Join in our off-topic and chat threads such as the popular Daily Wash.

NOTE: Artwork generally is not posted here, other than occasionally in reference to an announcement or recognition of a member's achievement. We love to share your success! Members should post only their own works of art here, except when other artists' works are part of a discussion of a special event they participated in such as an Art Show.

Palette Talk Archives

Using the Uploader & Attachment Features

When inserting images, please use the uploader if possible. Uploaded images also are preferred because they can be seen when replying to a thread by scrolling down, whereas attached images cannot be seen when replying. The file attachment feature shows a thumbnail on many screens that must be clicked on to see a larger image. Many people just don't bother to do this because their time here is limited. So, if you want more viewers and comments about your work, make it easy for them—use the UPLOADER!

Please refrain from linking to pictures off site as well because if your website goes down or the images are removed from the site for any reason, they no longer show up in the thread here at Wet Canvas, rendering the thread (or post) and its comments useless.

The size limit is now 800x800 pixels and you must resize your image before uploading

Here's a video showing the uploader in use.

Here is also a video showing how to resize your pictures online.

Though the limit is 800 by 800 pixels, images posted that are larger than the 600 pixels high make viewing difficult, as many members will only be able see part of it and will have to scroll the screen. Please consider using a maximum height of 600 pixels, in order to keep Wet Canvas user-friendly.


One Painting Thread Per 24 hrs

Due to the popularity of the Watercolor Gallery there is a high volume of posters each day; therefore, we must limit the number of new threads in the Gallery to ONE per 24-hour period for each member, however, more than one painting may be included in that thread. This ensures fairness for all and prevents forum flooding which pushes other threads off the first page.

Watercolor Challenges

In the Watercolor Forum a Challenge is a call to engage in a competition with another Member or Members to test their abilities in a demanding but stimulating undertaking.

A Challenge will be a finite event which is structured by any or all of the following:
  • The number of finished paintings to be submitted. (agreed upon by the competitors)
  • The specificity of subject matter. (agreed upon by the competitors)
  • The regularity of posting finished works. (once a week, once a month, etc.)
  • A predefined time line with a specific starting and ending date. (i.e. one month, one year, etc.)
  • Optionally, the Challenge will have a finite number of competitors, i.e. between two Members or groups of Members.
More simply stated, a Challenge will have defined time frame (start and end), a focus or theme, and be completed works (not WIPs or getting/needing instruction).

Each Challenge's *Rules* must be worked out in advance among the competitors and then posted with the initial Challenge Thread (so that all Members understand the rules of engagement). Typically, the participants negotiate their rules among the group by using the Private Messaging system.

A Challenge will be considered "Established" when the structure has been defined. Established Challenges will be posted in the Gallery because they contain finished works submitted for “comments and critiques”.

Threads that do not meet any of the above criteria will be considered "Open-Ended". Any open-ended threads containing the word Challenge in their titles will not be considered true Watercolor Challenges in keeping with our definition. In order to avoid confusion, open-ended threads should not include the word challenge in their titles. We recognize that although there may be challenging elements included in the opening post of such threads, they cannot be considered Challenges as defined above and the title wording will need to be changed. These threads will continue to be posted in the Studio in accordance with our Posting Guidelines; however, when a work is finished, it then could also be posted as a stand-alone thread in the Gallery.

Paint-Alongs, WIP- Alongs, Invitations to Paint, etc., are not considered Challenges as defined above and should always be posted in the Studio.

These Guidelines apply to our Subforums and they are intended to run alongside the WetCanvas! User Agreement.

WetCanvas! is a wonderful resource, which breaks down barriers — but like a national park or a beautiful work of art, it is necessary to have rules to preserve it. You will find these rules are committed to keeping Wet Canvas! a place of mutual respect and friendship where people love to be.WetCanvas Rules of Conduct, 2005

Useful Information & Links

Posting Videos
Embedding YouTube Videos in posts

The Washionary is a list of words, terms, acronyms, abbreviations common to both the internet and Wet Canvas.

Signature Rules
Here are the guidelines for customizing signature lines and creating signature banners.

Problem Posts
If you see a post that needs Moderator attention, be it simply a double post, a post in the wrong forum etc, or something offensive or pornographic, then click the red triangle at the top right of the post , and state what the problem is. This has the effect of notifying all the mods and giving a direct link to the offending post so that it can be dealt with expeditiously.

The Watercolor community has been getting together on a regular basis in England and Ontario, and smaller gatherings have occurred in Seattle and San Francisco. Here is a list of past and upcoming events.

When it comes to photography, the watercolor community is talented and prolific. Whether it is to get a better sense of the travels and lives of members, or to seek reference images, here is an index of member photography. If you have a thread that needs to be added to this list, please let one of the moderators know!

Some favourite painting locations from Street View.


Introduce yourself at the ongoing Just Who Are You thread.


Show us your home town in this thread.

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