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Old 05-26-2004, 10:18 PM
llis llis is offline
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Lightbulb The WC! Watercolor Handbook

Watercolor Glossary by Char (CharM)

*Watercolor Books & Videos*

Favorite Drawing Books

Watercolor Book
& Video Reviews

Watercolor Books

Watercolor Book Reviews


Color Overview by Pam Peters (Pampe)

Lightfast Mixes by annie.nz

Color Mixing by Arnold Lowrey

Color Mixing by Carol (FriendCarol)

Color Schemes by Deb Leger

Rich, Luminous Dark Colors in Watercolor by Susan
Harrison-Tustain (suhatu)

Jeanne Dobie's Octanic [High Octane] Colours by Char (CharM)

A Journey Through Color Schemes by Mike McAloon

The Final Journey — Color Contrasts by Mike McAloon

Mixing Popular Colors from Primaries by Brindle (Carole Pivarnak)

Pre-Mixed or Convenience Colors

Warm & Cool Colors

What Is Local Color?

Why Aren't My Watercolors Glowing? by Lunar Moth


Getting a Range of Tonal Values & Harmonious Colors

Natural Values of Watercolor Paints by Virgil Carter

Values by Sylvia (painterbear)

*Color Charts*

Chart Your Paints by Sylvia (painterbear)

Find That Color Deluxe Chart by Valda (Surfinia)

Sorting & Charting Paints by Maggie Lathem

Using a Color Chart

*Setting Up a Palette*

Alternatives to Cad Red & Yellow

Another Approach for Paints on Your Palette by Virgil Carter

Color Choices for Your Palette

Colors & Paints for Beginners

Differences Between Pan & Tube Paints

Favorite Brands of WC Paint

Full Spectrum 12-Hue Color Palette

Lightfast Palette Mixes by annie.nz

Limited Range of Colors Palette

Painting With a Limited Palette by Ellen Fountain

Split Primary Color Mixing System

Transparent Watercolor Choices

Watercolor Equipment & Tools by Christie Zwick

Watercolor Tips for Beginners by Marilyn Brown

*Blues & Violets/Purples*

Choosing a Blue

Different Blues

Holbein Blues & Others

Manganese Blue Nova or Cerulean Blue?

Manganese Blue — Warm or Cool?

Phthalo Blue Shades

Those Pthalos — Blue and Green

Cobalt Violet & Other Violets

Favorite Purple — Mixed or Premixed?

Ultramarine Violet or Other Violet?

*Blacks, Grays, & Darks*

Blacks — Mixing

Darks — Favorite Combos or Paints

Darks — Mixing Colorful Ones

Extreme Darks Without Mud

Go Black or Not?

Making Greys by Rebecca (EchoK)

Neutral Tint

Recipes for Grays

Sepia — Muddy Paintings Discussion

Tsk! Tsk! I Used Black by Uschi

Tube vs Mixed Blacks by Conni (wtrclrgrl)

What Is the Darkest Color on Your Palette?

What Is Your Favorite Gray Mix?

Which Is the Deepest Tube Black?

*Earth Tones*

Favorite Earth Colors

Favorite Earth Tones

Raw Umber

Raw Umber & Burnt Umber


Favorite Greens

Fun Greens

Greens by Lynda Coles

Green Scene — KIUAN Class

Mixing Greens by Sue (sueturnersmith)

Jeanne Dobie's Mixing Greens & Darks by Char (CharM)

Mixed Greens vs Tube Greens

Premixing Greens by Lynda Coles

Sap Greens

Veridian Green Is Good For...


Jean Dobie's Mouse Colours by Char (CharM)


Quinacridone Burnt Orange


Alizarin Crimson

Favorite True Reds

Looking for a Middle Red

Warm & Cool Reds

Mixing Burgundy Red

Opaque Reds

Reds by JJ (laudesan)

Reds, Reds, Reds


Warm & Cool Yellows

Keeping Yellows Bright

Lemon Yellow Doesn't Play Well With Others…

Lemon Yellow — Which One?

Quinacridone Gold & Substitutes

Shadow Colors for Yellow Flowers


Resurrecting White Areas by Brian Barnes

Using White Paint

Color Schemes by Deb Leger

Color Mixing by Carol (FriendCarol)

Favorite Colors Mixer

Materials & Preparation

Starting to Paint — Materials Lists for Beginners by Char (CharM)

Studying Materials: what style are you & what materials do you use?


Best Brush for a Travel Kit

Kolinsky Sable Brushes

Make a Brush from a Sponge by Rod Webb

Taking Care of Brushes

Taklon vs Toray Synthetic Brushes

Types of Brushes for Large Paintings

*Cameras & Lights*

Still Life Set Ups


Watercolor Easels

*Transfer/Tracing Paper*

Graphite Paper for Tracing

Make Graphite Tracing Paper by June (juneto)

Removing Graphite Transfer Lines

Gum Arabic with Watercolor Paints

*Light Boxes*

Make A Light Box by Mrs. Gee

Making a Light Box by Laurie1

*Masking Fluid / Frisket*

Using Frisket / Masking Fluid Over Paint

Make Masking Fluid's Hard Edges Disappear

Masking Fluid / Frisket Brands Comparison

Masking Fluid / Frisket Do's & Don'ts by Rod Webb

Masking Fluid / Frisket Use

Masking Tips by Dale Ziegler

Using Masking Fluid by June (Juneto)


Palette Preferences


Pens for Sketching w/ Watercolors


Clayboard: Blue Waterlily WIP by Sylvia (painterbear)

Ampersand Aquaboard

*Gallery Wrapped Paper*

Gallery Wrap Process by Char (CharM)

Gallery Wrapped Watercolour by Ona

Gallery Wrapped Watercolors Conservation by Jan (Janinco)

Staples for Finishing Gallery Wraps

Watercolor Canvas

Watercolour Painting on Wood by Steve (Lavernockman)

Painting on YUPO

*Blocks of Watercolor Paper*

Buckling & Warping Paper Help

Make A Watercolor Block by Bob Rooney

Removing Paper from a WC Block

Using Paper in Blocks

*Dividing Paper Into Pieces*

Cutting / Tearing Watercolor Paper

Cutting WC Paper from a Roll by NodakerDeb

Dividing Full Sheets of 300 lb/638 gm Paper

Dividing Full Sheets of Paper

*Sketchbooks and Journals*

Art Journaling by Char (CharM)

Make A Watercolor Sketchbook by Rosemarie Lutken

Making a Coptic-Stitched Sewn Sketchbook by Marialena (Ydatografia)

Making a No-Sew Hardbound WC Sketchbook by Cyntada

Storing WC Paper Safely

A Watercolor Journal by Cyntada

WC Paper Coated w/ Gesso & Tissue Paper by Billie (Fozbot)

WC Paper — How It's Made & Sold by Char (CharM)

WC Paper Types & Brands

WC Paper Brands & Preferences

WC Paper Terms for Different Sizes

*Paper Tests*

Paper Tests—Different Kinds & Weights: by artinwc
140lb & 200 lb Cold Pressed 300 lb Cold Pressed
Rough Surfaced 1 & 2 Hot Pressed & Soft Pressed

Cold Press vs Rough Paper

Hot Press Paper Questions

Hot Press Paper Techniques by Susan Tustain

Testing 9 Different Kinds of Paper by Ellen in Ont

Paper Experiments Summary by Janine (janinep7)

Watercolor Paper Preferences Poll

Rice Paper for Texture by John Lovett

*Stretching Paper*

Types of Plastics for Stretching Watercolor Paper by Brandy (Kittengale)

DIY Paper Stretching Device Version II by dpcoffin

DIY Paper Stretcher; Alternative to Bromley/Leahey by dpcoffin

Paper Stretching Made Easy by RogerPf

Stretching & Preparing Paper by Brandy (kittengale)

Stretching & Working with a Full Sheet of Paper

Stretching Paper on Frames by Briantmeyer

Stretching Paper on a Wood Frame by Marvin Chew (mchew)

Stretching Paper on a Canvas Stretcher Bar or Wood Frame

Stretching Watercolor Paper Using Gummed Tape

Stretching Watercolor Paper with Gummed Tape by Rod Webb

Handmade Wooden Paper Stretcher by Zen (Zenica)

Using Gummed Tape for Stretching Paper



Gouache Techniques

Oh My Gouache! by Salmon

Gouache Combined with Watercolor

Why Are Opaque Watercolors Not Gouache?

Watercolor Crayons by Jen (rue d'oak)

*Watercolor Paints*

Fungal Growth on Paints Fungus on Paints Solutions

Lightfastness & Permanency by David Lex Rollins

Lightfastness Tests Updated by Annie (annie.nz)

Lightfastness Tests — Various Brands by Rebecca J. Fleming

Paints — Choosing Brands, Names, Transparent, Opaque by JJ (laudesan)

Paints — Different Brands

Paints — Making Hand-Made Watercolors by Roger (rcollege)

Paints — What Do PV, PR, Pvk, etc. Mean? by Judi Patotti

Paint Toxicity by Laura (Laura D)

Painting w/ Historic Pigments by Valda Robison (Surfinia)

Plein Air Kit by Marcio C

Plein Air Field Kits: by Neeman
• Part 1 • Part 2 • Part 3

PrimaTek Watercolor Daniel Smith Paints by Linda (HarvestMoon)

Toxicity of Cadmiums

Watercolor Paints in Tubes vs Pans

*Watercolor Crayons and Pencils*

Watercolor Crayons by rue d'oak

Watercolor Pencils

Watercolor Pencil Brands Comparisons

Derwent Graphitint Watercolor Pencils by artbyboon

Studio Lighting by Phyllis Franklin (llis) and Neeman

Hanging Paintings; Making Prints &
Selling Your Works

The Art to Hanging Pictures by Brian (Seedy)

Copyright & Ethics Discussion

Copyrighting Your Work

Getting Color Slides of Your Paintings Made

Making & Selling Prints by Artistdbs

Numbering Prints of Your Paintings for Sale

Organizing & Exhibiting Your Work by Lyn Cherry (artmom)

Photographing Art by Art Review

Pricing Your Paintings

Selling Your Art at Art Shows by Bob Estrin

Shrink Wrap Systems to Protect & Show Your Work

Storing Finished Paintings

Tips & Tricks for Selling Your Work...Tim Oat

Unframed Works — Presented for Selling by Wilf (UNK)

Writing an Artist's Statement

Matting & Framing Paintings

Caring for Watercolor Paintings / Certificates of Authenticity

*Flattening Watercolor Paper*

Flattening Paper Before Matting & Framing

Flattening Buckled Paper

Flattening a Full Sheet Watercolor Painting

Float Mounting with a Deckle Edge — External Link

Framing & Certificates of Authenticity

*Matting Your Artwork*

Matting & Framing by Daniel Smith

Matting WIPs, Improving a Painting

Online Matting Site • Online Matting & Framing Site

Oval Frames — Buying & Cutting

Proper Matting & Framing Makes a Difference by Arlene

**Fixatives, Varnished, & Waxed Paintings**

Dorland Wax as a Sealer by Ellen (Ellen in Ont)

Fixatives & Varnishes — Framing without Glass by seedy

Framing Without Glass

Merits of Sealed Watercolors

Sealing Paintings for Framing Without Glass by Rich Williams

Spraying Watercolors with a Fixative

Varnishing Watercolors: No Longer Watercolor by GMBurns2000

Painting Techniques: Basic & Beyond

Alternative & Mixed Mediums by Lynn (MLQ)

Another Approach for Paints on One's Palette by Virgil Carter

Batik Watercolor Technique by Sandi (Sandra39) & Sandy Maudlin

Watercolor Batik on Rice Paper by Sharla (sketchNpaint)

Beginner Exercises

Beginners' Questions & Answers from Experienced Painters

The Control of Water in Watercolour by Arnold Lowrey

Contrast: Thinking About & Using It Effectively by Virgil Carter

Granulation Tests by treeshark

Blow Drying w/ Hair Dryer V. Air Drying

Lifting Colors by Dale Ziegler

Painting Loosely & Colorfully by Virgil Carter

Pen & Ink w/ Watercolor

Pen, Ink & Watercolor by Anne (ams)

Planning — How to Do It

Transferring Drawing to WC Paper

Transferring Pencil Drawings to WC Paper

Ultra Portable Plein Air Painting Method by Erik135

Using Photographs as Source Materials


How to Paint Backgrounds

Dark Backgrounds

Using "Spider Webbing" for Background Texture by McKeeJane


Critiques — Am I Being Too Sensitive?

Critiques — What Kind Do You Want?

Critique Question

**Frequently Asked Questions**

Basic Questions About Watercolor Painting

How Much Water to Use W/ Paints

Top 20 Most Frequently Asked Watercolor Questions


Blending Edges When Shading

Edges — Hard, Soft, Lost & Found by Char (CharM)

Edges — Hard, Lost, & Soft by Celeste McCall

The Power of Edges in Painting by Virgil Carter

Preventing Hard Edges in Washes

Controlling Water in Watercolours by Arnold Lowrey

Adding Water to Paint on the Palette

Watch for the Sheen on Your Paper by Jackie Simmonds

Drybrush by Johnnie

**Glazing / Layering Colors and Washes**

Glazes — Understanding Them

Glazing — Blue Waterlilies by Heidi (hidy)

Glazing —Layering Color w/ Watercolors
by Ellen Fountain

Glazing — Lotus Study by Heidi (hidy)

Is There a Trick to Layering / Glazing?

Washes – a Newbie's Questions About Them

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Old 05-16-2010, 02:18 PM
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Re: The WC! Watercolor Handbook


Creating a Book of Your Art by Doug (Yorky)

Creating a Signature Banner Tutorial

Getting the Muse Flowing Again by Roger Pf

Getting This Effect — Salt or Something Else?

Gift Ideas Made from Watercolors

How to Progress as a Painter

Members Photo Collections

Mixed Media Paintings — What Constitutes One? Discussion

Online Art Instruction Library by Daniel Smith Teachers

Ontario Meet 2008

Superb Resource for Watercolor

Painting Folds in Cloth & Fabric

Pours & Motherwashes

Salt for Special Effects

Snowflakes— Painting Them

Spatters by Kev (Roun2it)

Texturing Effects by Ellen Fountain

Underpainting a Watercolor

Easy Wash Techniques by Maggie Lathem

Washes and / or Glazes by Rich

Watercolor Facts and Techniques by Greg Conley

Wax Resist

Experimenting with a Chalk Resist by Ydatografia (Marialena)

Workshop Experiences and Expectations

** Preserving or Restoring Whites **

Brushes for Lifting Paints
by Sylvia (painterbear)

Keeping the White of Your Paper
by Rich Williams

Restoring the White of Your Paper
by Brian Barnes & Christie Zwick

Ink Eraser & Other Means to Restore the White

**Teaching Methods**

Advice for Taking on Students

Future Artist? Teaching Children About Mixing Colors by grainne

Sample Curriculum for a Beginning Watercolor Class by Virgil Carter

Teaching Children to Paint with Watercolors

Teaching Children's Classes

Teaching Watercolor Basics to a Beginners' Class



Beautiful Pathways for the Eye

Center of Interest / Focal Point by Sylvia (painterbear)

Center of Interest — Should Every Painting Have one?

Color and Light: Light Direction, Color Temperature, and Intensity
by Virgil Carter

Composition by Johannes Vloothuis

A Composition Checklist by Dudley (dudley d)

Composition Class Tutorial for February–March 2011 by Tom (MtLookout)

Composition Class Homework Thread for February–March 2011 led by Tom (MtLookout)

Creating an Abstract Questions by Cherlin

Light — Direction of Light in a Painting by Vigil Carter

Design and Composition Workshop with Kathleen Conover by Darla (olliewood0702)

Simplifying Your Scene & Leaving White Spaces by Gill (Afriqueen)

Using Computers to Compose Paintings by Norm Lanier (laniers)

*Negative Painting*

Developing a Painting with Lost, Loose, & Splash Details by June (juneto)

Let's Think About Negative Painting in a Positive Way KIUAN Exercise

Negative Painting by Sylvia (painterbear)

Negatively Painted Spring Flowers by Kay (KreativeK)

Fruit Vendor with Negative Painting by Dale Zeigler

Perspective by Doug (Yorky)

Basics 101 Class: Perspective

Positioning Objects on Water by Brian Barnes

2 Point Perspective Video by John Salminen

Photo Editing — A GIMP Primer by Mike (mmcaloon)

Using GIMP to resize pictures and add a Grid

The Importance of Pre-Studies by Ron Morrison

Proper Lighting for Photographing Your Artwork

Scanning Large Paintings by Diana Lee

Setting Up and Painting a Still Life by Char (CharM)

Signing Your Artwork

Sketching Links

Underpainting Technique in Watercolors

Ways to Make Your Paintings "POP" by Celeste McCall

Subject Matter


Animals & Wildlife by Marquisina Lampi

Painting Cat's (and Other Animal's) Whiskers


Painting Buildings and Windows


Landscapes by Lyn Cherry (artmom)

Placing Figures in Landscapes


WIP - painting hair by Lulu

How to Paint Hair by RogerPf

Painting People in Watercolor by Liron (LironYanconsky)

Painting Realistic Blond Hair by Susan Harrison-Tustain (suhatu)

Painting People of Color by Linda (keysgram)

Painting a Portrait of Denis by Ona

Painting Realistic Eyes and Skin Tones by Ellen in Ont

Putting People in Your Paintings by Doug (Yorky)


Help with My Shadows, Please

How to Paint Shadows Discussion by Val (Read946) and Others


Shadow Techniques by Arnold Lowrey

Shadows by Jackie Simmonds

Painting Light and Shadows by Jack (Steeleman)


Painting Skies Discussion and Demos

Still lifes by Char (CharM)

Flower of Mystery

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Re: The WC! Watercolor Handbook


How Do You Paint Moving Water?

Painting Reflections in Water

Positioning Objects on Water by Brian Barnes


Learning Demos A large collection of teaching threads.

*Art Supply Resources by Country*

Canada: Calling All Canadians!

Watercolor Societies Worldwide List

*Watercolor Artists*

Watercolor Masters Past and Present

Best Living Watercolor Artist?

Online Database of Watercolor Masterworks

Favorite Watercolor Artists

*Cameras and Photographs*

Taking Photos for Future Paintings

Why Use a Photo to Paint From?

*Computers and Scanners for Painting*

Favorite Photo Manipulation Software

The GIMP Primer: a Photo Editing Program by Mike McAloon

How to Scan and Edit Large Watercolor Paintings on GIMP by MarialenaS

Resizing Images for Wet Canvas on a Mac Computer

Using A Computer to Compose Your Painting

*PhotoShop and PhotoShop Elements*

Free Photoshop-like program

Correcting Scene Distortion by Jan (Janinco)

Creating an Outline for Tracing an Image

Creating An Outline for Copying an Image

Enlarging an Image for Oversize Printing by Brian Barnes

The Making of...(Compositing a Reference Image) by Scott (jscottb)


Make Images Load Faster by Roger PF

Scanning Paintings and Resolution Questions

Flower of Mystery

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Oakwood, Ohio, near Dayton.
Join Date: Jun 2002
Posts: 43,090
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Re: The WC! Watercolor Handbook

Painting Skies Discussion and Demos

Still lifes by Char (CharM)


Foliage Tutorial by Shelley (Shelley P)

Painting Trees and Foliage in Watercolors by Marvin Chew (mchew)

Painting Trees My Way by Rod Webb

Trees, Roots, and Rock Fence — Poured by Kev (Roun2it)

Royalty-Free Photography Sites

The Wetcanvas Reference Image Library
Art Tutor PD Sites List
Using the Reference Image Library
PD Photos
Fontplay - FreePhotos
Free Photos to Paint at Photos4artists


Concerning Copyright Discussion

Copyright Infringement

Image Rights After a Sale

Info on photographers' legal rights which might be useful:
Flower of Mystery

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