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Old 04-29-2005, 02:51 PM
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Exclamation Index of Monthly Classes and KIUAN Exercises

Click on the links below for each Monthly Classroom Topic. Our Class Leaders are to be commended for their dedication... It takes a great deal of research, time, and effort to lead a Class, and they've definitely improved our skills with their guidance. They are truly Mentors...

If you would like to step out of the box and stretch yourself as an artist, then... Kick It Up a Notch! or KIUAN! Have you ever felt that your painting skills have reached a plateau? Or, you just need to try something different to reawaken your muse? Check out the KIUAN Exercises in the list. These are begun on a fairly regular basis but do not adhere to a structured timetable.

If you have questions or suggestions about the classes or exercises, please send one of the Forum monitors a private message. New classes and exercises will be added here as we continue with these projects ... Thank you to everyone who gets involved!

Feel free to reopen any of the items on this list and try them out. It will bring the topic up to the top in the Forum and more people may want to join you in exploring it.

Note: Scroll down for the 2011 — 2016 Monthly Classes and KIUAN Exercises!

SEPTEMBER 2010 KIUAN Exercise 11 — Watercolor Splash Fun
Exercise Leader Conni (wtrclrgrl)

AUGUST 2010 KIUAN Exercise 10 — Splash Park!
Exercise Leader Ona

OCTOBER 2009 KIUAN Exercise 9 — Exploring Autumn Beauty!
Exercise Leader Conni (wtrclrgrl)

SEPTEMBER 2009 CLASS — Exploring Harmonious Triads
Class Leader Sylvia (painterbear)

Exploring Harmonious Triads — Tutorial
Exploring Harmonious Triad — Homework

AUGUST 2009 CLASS — Wash, Dot, and Scribble! — Class Leader Ona

Wash, Dot, and Scribble!— Tutorial
Wash, Dot, and Scribble! — Homework

JULY 2009 KIUAN Exercise 8 — Jeanne Dobie's "Making Color Sing" Study Exercise — Exercise Leader Mary (atelier m)

JUNE 2009 KIUAN Exercise 7— Let's Think About Negativity
in a Positive Way!
— Exercise Leader Sylvia (painterbear)

MARCH – MAY 2009 KIUAN Exercise 6 — Pour It On!
Exercise Leader Sylvia (painterbear)

FEBRUARY 2009 CLASS — Are You Ready for Spring Florals?
Class Leader Kay (KreativeK)

Are You Ready for Spring Florals? — Tutorial
Are You Ready for Spring Florals? — Homework I
Are You Ready for Spring Florals? — Homework II

JANUARY 2009 CLASS — Let's Get Creative with Textures
Class Leader Ona

Let's Get Creative with Textures — Tutorial
Let's Get Creative with Textures — Homework

SEPTEMBER 2008 KIUAN Exercise 13 — The Green Scene

Exercise Leader Char (CharM)

The Green Scene — Tutorial and Homework Combined

AUGUST 2008 CLASS — Painting Chrome — Class Leader Tim Goss

Painting Chrome — Tutorial
Painting Chrome — Homework

JULY 2008 CLASS — Painting House Portraits
Class Leader Doug (Yorky)

House Portraits — Tutorial
House Portraits — Homework

JULY 2008 Tutorial - Realistic Eyes and Skin Tones
Class leader Ellen in Ont.

APRIL 2008 CLASS — Let's Get Wet
Class Leader Joanne Thomas (artbyboon)

Let's Get Wet — Tutorial
Let's Get Wet — Video
Let's Get Wet — Homework

FEBRUARY 2008 CLASS — Easy Wash Techniques in Watercolor Class Leader Maggie Latham

Easy Wash Techniques in Watercolor — Tutorial
Easy Wash Techniques In Watercolor — Homework

JULY 2007 CLASS — Painting from Photos…Creatively
Class Leader Jennifer Landau (rue d'oak)

Painting From Photos…Creatively! — Tutorial and Homework Combined

JANUARY 2007 KIUAN Exercise 5 — Posterizing People!
Exercise Leader Char (CharM)

Posterizing People! — Homework

OCTOBER 2006 KIUAN Exercise 4 — Ho!Ho!Ho! What a Card
Exercise Leader Char (CharM)

SEPTEMBER 2006 CLASS — When White Isn't White

Class Leader Char (CharM)

When White Isn't White — Tutorial
When White Isn't White — Homework

AUGUST 2006 CLASS — Portraits Around the World
Class Leader Jean (Aquarelle10)

Portraits Around the World — Tutorial
Portraits Around the World — Homework

JULY 2006 CLASS — Step-by Step-Portrait
Class Leader Jean (Aquarelle10)

Step by Step Portrait — Tutorial
Step by Step Portrait — Homework

JUNE 2006 KIUAN Exercise 3 — Draw...You're It!
Exercise Leader Char (CharM)

MAY 2006 KIUAN Exercise 2 — Get a Life!
Exercise Leader Char (CharM)

APRIL 2006 KIUAN Exercise 1 — Put it in REVERSE!
Exercise Leader Char (CharM)

MARCH 2006 CLASS — Loose Step-by-Step Cat Portrait
Class Leader Jean (Aquarelle10)

Step-by-Step Cat Portrait — Tutorial
Step-by-Step Cat Portrait — Homework

FEBRUARY 2006 CLASS — Watercolor Collage
Class Leader Grunge

Watercolor Collage — Tutorial
Watercolor Collage — Homework

JANUARY 2006 CLASS — Loose Lazy Daisies
Class Leader Jean (Aquarelle10)

Loose Lazy Daisies — Tutorial
Loose Lazy Daisies — Homework

DECEMBER 2005 CLASS — Loose Step-by-Step Roses
Class Leader Jean (Aquarelle10)

Step-by-Step Roses — Tutorial
Step-by-Step Roses — Homework

NOVEMBER 2005 CLASS — Tree Creature — Class Leader T.Christensen

Tree Creature — Tutorial
Tree Creature — Homework

OCTOBER 2005 CLASS — Macro Floral — Class Leader Char (CharM)

Macro Floral — Tutorial
Macro Floral — Homework I
Macro Floral — Homework Revisited

AUGUST 2005 CLASS — Realism Through Techniques
Class Leader Kev (Roun2it)

Realism Through Techniques — Tutorial
Realism Through Techniques — Homework

JULY 2005 CLASS — Foliage — Class Leader Shelley (Shelley P)

Foliage — Tutorial
Foliage — Homework

JUNE 2005 CLASS — Skies — Class Leader Char (CharM)

Skies — Tutorial
Skies — Homework

MAY 2005 CLASS — Landscapes — Class Leader Gail (Strawberry Wine)

Landscapes — Tutorial
Landscapes — Homework

APRIL 2005 CLASS — Perspective and Streetscapes
Class Leader Doug (Yorky)

Street Scenes — Tutorial
Street Scenes — Homework

MARCH 2005 CLASS — Portraits with Purple Underpainting
Class Leader Genna

Portraits with Purple Underpainting — Tutorial
Portraits with Purple Underpainting — Homework

FEBRUARY 2005 CLASS — Values — Class Leader Sylvia (painterbear)

Values — Tutorial
Values — Homework

************************************************** ************

Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art. Leonardo DaVinci
Handbook Index ... Help for Newbies

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Old 04-30-2011, 05:01 PM
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Re: 2010 – 2011 Monthly Classes + KIUAN Exercises

NOVEMBER – DECEMBER 2011 CLASS — Painting Buildings in the Landscape Loosely and Colorfully — Class Leader Virgil Carter

Painting Buildings in the Landscape… — Tutorial
Painting Buildings in the Landscape… — Homework
Pre-Class Discussion Thread

NOVEMBER 2011 KIUAN Exercise 12 — When White Isn't White and Gray Isn't Drab and Black Is Full of Color!
Exercise Leader Sylvia (painterbear)

JULY 2011 CLASS — Painting Loosely and Colorfully in Watercolor Landscapes —
Class Leader Virgil Carter

Painting Loosely and Colorfully — Tutorial
Painting Loosely and Colorfully — Homework

MAY 2011 CLASS — Photoshop Layering Methods for Value, Color, and Composition Studies —
Class Leader Brian Barnes (Brian Barnes)

Photoshop Layering — Tutorial
Photoshop Layering — Homework

APRIL 2011 CLASS — Indirect Painting: Painting a Streetscaper Without Using a Brush —
Class Leader Stιfanie Vallιe (SVallee)

Indirect Painting — Tutorial
Indirect Painting — Homework

FEBRUARY–MARCH 2011 CLASS — Composition —
Class Leader Tom (MtLookout)

Composition — Tutorial
Composition — Homework

FEBRUARY 2011 KIUAN Exercise 8a — Jeanne Dobie's Mouse Colors
Exercise Leader Char (CharM)

JANUARY 2011 CLASS — Painting with Color and Natural Light —
Class Leader Virgil Carter

Painting with Color and Natural Light — Tutorials 1 —3
Painting with Color and Natural Light — Homework

OCTOBER and NOVEMBER 2010 CLASS — Pouring Your Paints — Class Leader Bryan (zingeli)

Pouring Your Paints — Lesson 1 Tutorial
Pouring Your Paints — Lesson 2 Tutorial
Pouring Alternative to Paints — Homework

APRIL 2010 CLASS — Four Mini-Classes —
Week 1: Tube Blacks vs Mixed Blacks Class Leader Conni (wtrclrgrl)
Week 2: Negatively Painted Spring Flowers Class Leader Kay (KreativeK)
Week 3: Painting Light and Shadow Class Leader Jack (Steeleman)
Week 4: Putting People in Your Paintings Class Leader Doug (Yorky)
Mini-Classes — Homework
Flower of Mystery

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Old 04-05-2012, 06:46 AM
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Oakwood, Ohio, near Dayton.
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Posts: 43,090
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Re: 2012 Monthly Classes + KIUAN Exercises

FEBRUARY 2015 Exercise 22 — It's Time to Triple Your Fun!
Exercise Leader Sylvia (painterbear)

DECEMBER — JANUARY 2014 KIUAN Exercise 21 — The Old Masters Challenge
Exercise Leader Kate (Kate252)

JUNE 2014 CLASS — Notan for Painters
Class Leader Claude (claude j greengrass)

Notan — Tutorial
Notan — Homework Thread

APRIL 2014 CLASS — Beauty of Small Things
Class Leader Tracy (gemineye)

Small Things — Tutorial
Small Things — Homework Thread

MARCH 2014 CLASS — Painting Metal in Watercolours –
Class Leader John (Watercolour Lover)

Painting Metal — Tutorial
Painting Metal — Homework Thread

FEBRUARY 2014 CLASS — Topsy Turvy Fun with Drawing and Painting — Class Leader Sylvia (painterbear)

Topsy-Turvy — Tutorial
Topsy-Turvy — Homework Thread

OCTOBER 2013 KIUAN Exercise 20 — Moving Water in Streams, Waterfalls, Rivers –
Exercise Leader Sylvia (Painterbear)

MARCH 2013 KIUAN Exercise 19 — Take a Walk on the Wild Side!
—Exercise Leader Margarete (M.L.Schaefer)

NOVEMBER – DECEMBER 2012 Class — Exploring Masa Paper
with Watercolor
— Class Leader Sue (Daisygirl)

Masa Paper — Tutorial
Masa Paper — Homework Thread

OCTOBER 2012 Class — Sunsets — Class Leader Doug (Yorky)

Sunsets — Tutorial

Sunset — Homework Thread

SEPTEMBER 2012 KIUAN Exercise 18 — Learn to Paint
with Gouache! — Exercise Leader Annie (doppler)

AUGUST 2012 KIUAN Exercise 17 — Draw! Wash! and Ink! — revisited — Exercise Leader Sylvia (painterbear)

JUNE–JULY 2012 Class — Skies and Clouds — revisited
Class Leader Sylvia (painterbear)

Skies and Clouds — Tutorial by Char (CharM)
Skies and Clouds — Homework

MAY 2012 CLASS — A White Petunia — Class leader Jan (pjartwc)

A White Petunia — Tutorial
A White Petunia — Homework

APRIL 2012 CLASS —Fur: Cats, Dogs, and Maybe More!
Class Leader Robert (skappy)

Fur – Cats, Dogs, and Maybe More! — Tutorial
Fur – Cats, Dogs, and Maybe More! — Homework

MARCH 2012 KIUAN Exercise 16 — Thinking About Negativity
in a Positive Way! + Harmonious Triads! Revisited
Exercise Leader Sylvia (painterbear)

FEBRUARY 2012 KIUAN Exercise 15 — Breaking Out of Your
Comfort Zones — Exercise Leader Gill (Afriqueen)

JANUARY 2012 KIUAN Exercise 14 — Pouring Colorful
Backgrounds and Paintings —
Exercise Leader Sylvia (painterbear)
Flower of Mystery

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Old 01-23-2016, 05:59 AM
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painterbear painterbear is offline
Oakwood, Ohio, near Dayton.
Join Date: Jun 2002
Posts: 43,090
Hails from United States
Re: Index of Monthly Classes and KIUAN Exercises

JANUARY – FEBRUARY 2016 CLASS — Watercolor Basic Techniques
Class Leader Sylvia (Painterbear)

Week 1 —Washes Tutorial + Homework Thread
Week 2 — Glazes Tutorial + Homework Thread
Week 3 — Color Studies Tutorial + Homework Thread
Week 4 — Values Tutorial; Edges Tutorial + Homework Thread
Week 5 — Shadows & Reflections Tutorial + Homework Thread
Week 6 — Negative Painting Tutorial + Homework Thread
Week 7 — Special Effects Tutorial + Homework Thread
Flower of Mystery

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