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Old 04-27-2005, 02:30 PM
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Lightbulb Colored Pencil Library INDEX

The members and contributors of the WC! Colored Pencil Forum are proud to provide this quick access index to key threads posted throughout the history of the forum. This index is an on going work in progress, highlighting helpful, inspiring threads of demonstations, WIP’s, materials and more. Enjoy!


Tips, Tricks & Techniques by BKWYRM / March 2005
Comparing brands of coloured pencils by TFB / March 2005

Books, videos and kits
Which Colored Pencil books should I buy? by Mist / March 2005
Color collaboration: The Book Club by Katherine T / March 2005

Links to the websites of Colored Pencil Artists
Links to Websites of CP Artists (Alphabetical Listing) by BKWYRM / April 2005


Colored Pencils - Product Reviews, Color Charts, Colorwheels
About colored pencils (and pastel pencils) - explanation from manufacturer of how they are made. by SelinaK / September 2008

Colored Pencils (Product Reviews)
Watercolor Pencils (Product Reviews)

Coloursoft Value Chart by Herb / December 2008
Help with Prismacolor conversion to Coloursoft ? by macCALICOmac / November 2008
Colored Pencil Color Charts (all brands) by Harvest Moon / September 2008
New Caran D'Ache Luminance Pencils- Pics & Review and Color Charts by HarvestMoon / August 2008
Derwent InkTense color chart by HarvestMoon /
Faber-Castell Polychromos Color Chart by reverie / Nov. 2002
Prismacolor Art Stix Color Chart by JamieWG / Oct. 2002
Prismacolor (old) Color Charts by Ivyleaf / August 2001 (very old charts; contain discontinued colors)
Prismacolor Color Wheel by couturej / July 2006

Pastel Pencils - What do you think? by Elainepsq / January 2007 *link fixed*
New to colored pencils, help! (discussion of different cp brands) by TFB / March 2005

How long does colour last? by chocolatyclaire / April 2005
The MOST important CP issue - lightfastness (Prismacolor rating list on page 2, post # 20) by RobinZ / august 2005
Colorfastness - Tests with Prismacolors, Polychromos & Pablos by Lucio / February 2007

Manufacturers, Suppliers, Regional Issues
Art Supplies in Canada by Meisie / December 2003
Australia/New Zealand artists - Supply info thread by Elankat / July 2003
UK and other European artists - pencil, paper, supply info by Elankat / July 2003 (info updated Feb. 2010)

SUPPORT MEDIA (papers, boards, etc.)

Light Fasteness Issues with Canson Papers by ourcassidy! / December 2008
Your favorite paper and why you like it? by Flame Lily / April 2005

Colored Paper / Black Paper
Sure as Little Green Apples 2 - black paper demo by catchlight / December 2005
White fur on black paper tutorial by wet / April 2005
Rainy Day RIL on Tan art spectrum colorfix paper by CAULFIELD / February 2005
Bird Dragon on Strathmore Artagain colored paper by pawtraitart / December 2004
Two wolves-wip / by sekhmet2002 / October 2004
Yellow Lilies on Black Stonehenge by bmac / July 2004
Black Baccara Rose on toned Canson Mi Teintes by vltz / July 2004
Lion inspired by Stalks on black by wet / May 2004
If I settle on the far side of the sea on Orange Canson paper by Anita Orsini / March 2004
Skin tones on black paper by Karen Cardinal / January 2004

Abrasive Surfaces
Merlin Falcon on Ampersand sanded clayboard by sdtillt1966 / December 2008
Whistling Duck - green Colourfix sanded paper by Chisaii / July 2006
Monet in Venice - and me! (After Claude Monet) by Katherine T / March 2005
Akita on sanded paper WIP by RobinZ / September 2004
Experimenting on Belgium mist Wallis sanded paper by raye51 / January 2004

Unusual surfaces
CP on Wood Tutorial (with attached pdf.file "how to") by rollow / November 2010
Introduction follow up - CP Demo on Gessoed Board by malcolmuk / September 2008
Dahlia on drafting film by ams / September 2007
Portrait Demo on Drafting Film by catchlight / February 2007
Drafting Film - Q&A by TessDB / October 2006
Pencil on Wood technique by rollow / April 2005
CP on wood, with wood burning by Cbrooks / February 2005
Rose CP on birch-faced Plywood by DashTwo / August 2004


Old Style ' Typing Eraser' by timeshadowed / April 2009
Electric & cordless erasers by judithj / December 2004

Fixatives (used to seal a drawing/painting or to prevent Wax Bloom)
Help!! SERIOUS wax bloom issue!! by RobinZ / January 2008
Liquid fixative for wax bloom? by brynmr / March 2005
How do you deal with glare? by CAULFIELD / March 2005

CP desk lighting by Luc / November 2004

Panasonic Pencil Sharpeners (discussion of what electric sharpeners to use instead of Panasonics) by AnnGarlough / February 2010
Aagh, My Sharpener Died (pencil sharpener recommendations) by Peanut Butter / April 2009
Pencil Sharpeners (electric and battery operated) by brynmr / April 2008
My first electric sharpener, British brands and cleaning by Katherine T / November 2004
Sharpener reviews/recommendations - June 2015 MOST RECENT

by ocmd123 / June 2015

Pencil Storage
Part 1 - Can We See Your Pencils by Shirl / August 2001
Part 2 - Can We See Your Pencils by dhara / January 2008
Part 3 - Can We See Your Pencils by JustToBeMe2 / January 2011

Other Accessories
Col-erase and Verithin by Judi1957 / October 2004
Clear, tacky masking film? (Frisket) by raye51 / October 2004
Lightbox? by swamplilli / August 2004


Backgrounds in General - discussion on doing backgrounds by Jolinda / February 2008
Using drawing aids for prep work - discussion on grids, projectors, etc. by Rita2479 / April 2006
Preparatory drawings by brynmr / April 2005
Transfer without using graphite? by Weezy / March 2005
Composition "tricks" by Luc / December 2004
Planning your painting by RobinZ / November 2004
Aspects of Composition Article by jackiesimmonds
A composition check list by dudley_d / Composition & Design forum / April 2004
Body and Head Proportions - simplified explanation of the "sight-size method" by arlene / August, 2002

Underpainting / Grisaille
Rainy Afternoon WIP by CAULFIELD / October 2004
When Time Stopped by arlene / February 2004
5-colour portrait WIP by frida / December 2003
Heron Grisaille Underpainting by Sue Irish / December 2003
Horse, Complementary Colors Underpainting by CarrieLLewis / October 2003

Burnishing, Blending and Solvents
New Blending Techniques (Dry Brush discussion including pictures) by ocmd123 / June 2008
Help with using solvents and blending by gordoiye / April 2005
Orange Tulip, tips for burnishing and blending by ams / March 2005
Cherries WIP using Zest-it Pencil Blend solvent by BKWYRM / March 2005

Erasing, removing & scratching colored pencil and Troubleshooting!
Fixing a tear by IslanderNL / May 2008
Getting the CP off your paper! by brynmr / April 2005
X-Acto Knives by piper2 / April 2005
Scratchboard and colored pencil by Diana Lee / November 2004

Building Color Layers
Pressure - How much, How little, How to? by bobcat79 / November 2005
Flower garden WIP by gbritnell / January 2005
CP whites over darks - test and WIP by Luc / September 2004
Chris and the Giant Zucchini - Using 2 basic colors by larsnip / August 2004
African Grey Feather, creating grey without grey pencils by kimo / September 2003

Color Theory, Value Scales, Color projects, Values projects
Developing color awareness, a trip around the color wheel by FlameLily / May 2008
Colour theory work by bearded bob / August 2004
Color Theory 101 by arlene / April 2004
Prismacolor Color Wheel by couturej / July 2006
Color Collaboration 1: It's Up to Hue! by BKWYRM / March 2005
Color Collaboration 2: A Valuable Discussion by BKWYRM / March 2005
Color Collaboration 3: How Dull! by BKWYRM / April 2005
Hot Peppers - red, yellow,blue & white pencils only by pinkrybns / June 2005
Apple R,Y,B (Using only Red, Yellow, Blue + White) by pinkrybns / October 2003
Red, Yellow and Blue Project by arlene / October 2003
Learning Values by arlene / April 2003

Archiving your work
Scanning and Photographing Your Work by Elankat / December 2002

Presenting your work
Proper Framing and Matting make a difference by Arlene / October 2002

Other discussions regarding general CP techniques
Faster CP's? (discussion of different techniques) by DrBrad / November 2005
Tips and Tricks by Delofasht / July 2015


Guide/Index to CP Forum Projects, Articles, Exhibitions and Events
This thread is an Index thread where you will find links to, among other things,
the "Monthly CP Challenge" threads for beginners and "Projects" for more advanced.

Updated by CP Forum Moderators


Mixed Media
Big Ol' Tomater - Neocolor II's & Inktense (watersoluble products) for underpainting by chatfieldstudios / February 2008
Peach Rose - Pastel & CP's, step by step demo by Paapu / October 2006
German Shepherd Dog using Derwent Graphitints by Glenspey / June 2005
WIP - CP over lots of Watercolor by Luc / November 2004
Rose WIP, CP and Ink / by frida / September 2004
Wearable art, a new way to display your drawings by Lorrainejoy / September 2004
Pears Redone With Acrylic, Circulism by chatfieldstudios / April 2004
German Shepherd - graphite under drawing by Glenspey / April 2004
Ink and CP by bearded bob / December 2003

Unusual Techniques
Sky using Prismacolor Art Stix by Jean270 / March 2007
Dog WIP - blocking in with Prismacolor Art Stix by RobinZ / April 2005
Scratchboard & Colored Pencil Native American Portrait by Diana Lee / December 2004
Japanese Koi - Experiment using pencil shavings by Flame Lily / December 2004
Umm...Ice Cream (Circulism) by vltz / September 2004
Pears, Circle Stroke (Circulism) by chatfieldstudios / July 2003


Animals and Wildlife
Animal Whiskers? (thread contains several "how to" suggestions/tips) by Ann Garlough / December 2008
Untitled Ladybug by ChrisRik / July 2008
Tabby Cat WIP and fur direction demo by catchlight / December 2006
The Future of Tomorrow (good water demo) by Chisaii / September 2006
Small Horse Portrait - WIP & Demo by piper2 / July 2006
Fur Demo - Mouse by aart / July 2006
Peregrine Falcon WIP and feather demo by aart / May 2006
Cat by wet / April 2005
How To Make a Dog Laugh WIP / piper2 / April 2005
I See III - Wip, Cat Tutorial by Lucio / February 2005
Eye Spy II - including fur tutorial by Glenspey / November 2004
Cat Eye Tutorial by Glenspey / November 2004
Amish Pony WIP by sherrielee / November 2004
Macaw WIP by Meisie / July 2004
Elephant - WIP by larsnip / July 2004
English Bulldog - WIP by gemmag / July 2004
The Owl WIP by Beverly_A / February 2004

Figures and Portraiture
Kyoto Geisha by plt8769 / June 2006
Help with hair!! by desktopflame / November 2005
Three gents by Katherine T and CAULFIELD / January 2005
African Woman - WIP by JenCorwin1 / July 2004
Portrait of Damien WIP by vltz / April 2004
Verdigris underpainting for Skin by Shirl / February 2004
Portrait of Her Husband by Lahree / January 2004
5-colour portrait WIP by frida / December 2003
CP Project – Portrait copy a Master by Sue Irish / December 2003
Prismacolor Skin Tone Palette by harmony / May 2003
Skin Tones Are Too Orange by JulieBoyles / May 2003
Labor of Love Pt 1 and Labor of Love Pt 2 by Elankat / February 2003
Double Portrait by stalksthedawn / July 2002

Dahlia on drafting film by ams / September 2007
Flower Power 4 - Iris by graphicdiva / February 2006
A rose for Valentine's Day by Clasje / February 2005
Rose with water drops by Sanne / February 2005
Dark Red Rose WIP by chatfieldstudios / September 2004
Basket of purple Hydragias with shadows by Rosa Weitzel / September 2004
Wreath Christmas Card WIP by Meldy / November 2004
Macro Hibiscus by Katherine T / November 2004
More poppies! by frida / May 2003

Glass, Water, Metals and other shiny surfaces
Classy Glass Class by Weezy / May 2005
Chrome and shiny paintwork tips by catchlight / April 2005
Some Tips for Creating Glass by Karen Cardinal / April 2005
55 Chevy WIP by gbritnell / March 2005
Bottled Reflections WIP by arlene / November 2002

Illustration and Fantasy
Something Cold and Slippery by az4ever / December 2005
Bear & Bunnies WIP by brynmr / March 2005
Creative Castle by bearded bob / August 2004

Garden Still-Life by frida / August 2006
Hot Peppers - red, yellow,blue & white pencils only by pinkrybns / June 2005
Grapes in a crystal bowl by pencils4me / July 2004
Dichotomy WIP Pt 1 - Dichotomy WIP Pt 2 - Dichotomy WIP Pt 3 by arlene / February 2003

The Great Outdoors - Landscapes
Bass Lake Trail by home4art / July 2008
After the Rain (landscape including water - using a grid technique) by Herb / March 2007
Sky using Prismacolor Art Stix by Jean270 / March 2007
Warehouse Block (architecture) by gordoiye / August 2006
Landscape with a barn WIP by CAULFIELD / April 2005
Just the grass (Grass and ground tutorial) by Lucio / March 2005
Packard grass demo by gbritnell / February 2005
Rocks in water WIP by graphicdiva / January 2005
Ghost town by prospector / August 2004
Winter barn WIP by Bcoulter / December 2004
Highbury Fields - WIP by Katherine T / November 2004
North Arrochar Alps mixed media: watercolor, colored pencils, markers by ripvanblair / June 2002


Getting the CP off your carpet! by Weezy / April 2005
How to deal with hand and wrist pain? (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) by stalksthedawn / March 2005

Art show/awards/competitions by catchlight / March 2005

Do CP artist make money? discussion started by Lexycat / December 2009
Printing artwork by graphicdiva / December 2005
5 Things that help to market and sell CP artwork by Katherine T / April 2005
Portrait Commission WIP-Including Angst by Elankat / November 2003
I Have a Question About Prints by Alyona / November 2002

Computer-Related How-To's
How to Make a Signature Banner by Katherine T / December 2004
Desaturate vs. Graysale Mode by CAULFIELD / May 2004

New Frit blends March 2018

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