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Old 09-21-2007, 12:52 PM
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Arrow The New Reference Image Library- helpful information.

The RIL has had a major overhaul in recent weeks, with the creation of many new categories and sub-categories: we believe that these new categories will help the RIL be more user friendly and allow the finding of a particular photograph easier. We currently have over 70,000 images, many of which have been sorted and moved to new categories. If you do not see a category that you think should be there, please PM either pinkrybns, Charlie’s Mum, or Lady Carol.

These are some helpful hints, tips & tricks you may find useful for our library:

What is the library?
The WC! Reference Image Library is a collaborative effort by our members to create a photographic reference database, to help other members in creating their own works of art. Please donate images to the RIL that belong to you only. No personal artwork is allowed. - this includes digitally modified photographs that goes beyond a few basic modifications in Photoshop. This also includes photographs that will become finished artworks in their own right and will be published or sold as such.

Where do I find the library?
You may access the library by clicking on the drop down menu "Content Areas" at the top of any WC! page, or by following this link: Reference Image Library

How do I upload images into the library?
Once you enter the library, you will find a link on the upper right hand side that says "Upload Photos". Clicking on that link, will bring you to a screen where you can upload.

It is very important that you follow all these steps. Doing so will help ensure that our library remains organized, so that other members can find the images you are contributing.
NB. Please choose the most appropriate category for your image - "Our Contributors" should not be used.
The purpose of Our contributors is so that if anyone wishes to find all images from a single member, they can be accessed from the member's profile, from a link at the bottom of the profile page.

If there is not a suitable specific sub-category, please use the closest general category to which to upload.

How the RIL and Image Uploader work.

The Uploader allows us to choose the category and sub-category most suited to the image e.g.
Category: Animals > sub-category Birds … and then further subs for specific types of birds.

NB. The first 'Category' to show is 'Our Contributors' but this is not a category for uploading images; uploads here will then need to be moved to more suitable places! Please see note above.

The Uploader then asks for keywords.

Search works by using keywords and if an image is uploaded and no keywords are included then, by default, the title becomes the keyword. You can see the difficulty if an image is uploaded without a title or merely with an image number!
Some titles may be meaningless to searchers – I doubt anyone but the owner would look for ‘Tiddles’?! We don't recommend using pets' names as keywords but if you do want to use a pet's name, then we encourage you to include other descriptive keywords (i.e., orange tabby furry).

Hence the importance of keywords.

Keywords should be chosen to best describe the image – simple ones like the object, the colour, texture, light, season, mood etc.

You may find you need a ‘double-barrelled’ word to describe an image, like ‘spotted petals’ but search would only pick up a single word 'spotted' or 'petal'; therefore, hyphenate the words to become ‘spotted-petals’ and it makes a single unit.

You also may want to identify images for a specific event – we do this for the WDEs in the All Media Arts Events forum and there are many challenges and groupings throughout the site where this may apply. We ask you then, please, to arrange your keywords:

a) for members of WC not involved in the event
b) for the specific event (phrase hyphenated)

e.g An image of a Landscape for the WDE of April 17th 2015 may have keywords thus:
clouds mountains sunlight river rocks WDE-April-2015

NB No commas between keywords! There should be no punctuation marks, of any kind, between keywords. Spaces only, please.

The words to be identified as a unit are hyphenated; the other keywords are so other members of WC can find such a still life image irrespective of any event.

In addition:
NB Search does not recognise 3-letter words or less! If your image is of a red balloon, add the letter s to the word red, i.e. reds.
Alternatively, you can make it a hyphenated word, i.e. red-balloon.

If you need any help at all, Judy (pinkrybns) and Charlie's Mum are usually available via PM!

Further information about the RIL can be found in the Reference Image Library Requests and Support forum and in the sticky thread The New Reference Image Library- helpful information. – near the top of the forum page.

Keywords: Please fill in as many keywords as possible applicable to the photograph. Do not use commas between the words, just leave a space.
Please give a descriptive title to the photograph rather than just a numbered file.

File Sizes: The maximum file size is 3.5MB.
Minimum file size we accept is 100kb.

If you do contribute to our library, we ask that you remember the following:
1. The photograph needs to be taken by you.
2. The photograph needs to be clear. Fuzzy, out-of-focus or extremely dark photographs do not make good reference material. These photographs will not be approved. Basically any photo that isn't clear enough for someone else to use as a reference will not be approved.
3.Personal artwork in any form is not suitable for the reference image library. This library contains images to be used as reference for the creation of new artwork. Therefore personal artwork will not be approved. To avoid disappointment, please do not submit personal artwork.
4. The photograph needs to be large enough to be usable by our members. After all, these are references, we need to be able to see what we are looking at.
5. WC! reserves the right to change categories, add keywords, or delete items that are inappropriate for our library in order to continue to have a well organized database for our members to use.

Virtual Museum - what is that?
The Virtual Museum is the only place in the RIL that accepts artwork but these artworks are by bonafide International Masters. The Librarians will determine if it is acceptable into the VM or not. Please note that personal artwork is not acceptable in this category. If you are submitting images of your art into the VM, they will not be approved. To avoid disappointment, please do not submit personal artwork.

I got an email saying my image was removed from the library...why?
The number one reason for photos being deleted from the library is because a member has uploaded personal artwork into the library. Other reasons may include posting otherwise copyrighted images, images that are abusive, offensive, obscene or otherwise in violation of the WC! user agreement will be removed. Nudes are not currently accepted into the library. Images that are logos, articles, banners or other forms of advertisement are not suitable for the library, and will be removed. Out of focus, unclear, and extremely dark images will not be approved.

What if I see something inappropriate in the library? Or what if I uploaded the wrong photograph? Or what if I put it in the wrong category?
If you see something you feel is inappropriate, out of place, or just needs changed, under each photo, you will find a link that says "Report this photo". Click on that, and submit your reasons why, and the Librarians will take a look at it. These reports are private and come directly to us, and it comes complete with a direct link to the photo you are talking about.We will take a look as soon as we can, and respond as appropriate.

Do I need to ask permission before creating art from a photo in the library?
The person who uploaded the image granted that they own the copyright to the image and that the general public may use it to create new art. It is advisable to contact the member who donated the photo as to its use.

What makes a good reference to add to the library?
The following discussion, Rating Photographs in the Library, will give you a good idea of what others think makes for a good reference to add to the library. Any member may rate and comment on a picture. These options are below each full sized photo.

What other tools does the library offer?
The library offers a variety of tools to help you select just the right reference for your next project. In addition to searching by categories, and doing in depth searches of keywords, or by member's names, you can sort your results in many ways. The sort feature is found on the top right hand side, and offers a variety of ways to sort the images you've searched for. The library offers easy viewing from picture to picture. You will find buttons at the top of a picture, marked "Prev Image" "Slideshow" and "Next Image". Below each full sized picture, you will see 5 thumbnails as well. You may click on those to jump forwards or backwards within your results.

If you find a photo that you are particularly fond of, you can save it to your favorites folder. Under each photo, is a link marked "Add to Favorites". Click on that, and it will be added to your favorites. To see all of your favorites, click on the link on the top left hand side, called "My Favorites". They will remain there until you remove them, again by clicking on the link under the photo that states "Remove from Favorites".

How can I request a specific image?
Our first request is that you search the RIL and make sure that an image meeting your requirements is not already available. If you cannot find anything that meets your needs, then be as specific as possible when you make a request. Start a new thread stating that you are requesting a photo of ...?? The more information you give, the greater the likelihood, that someone will deliver an image.

What if I have any other questions about the library?
Currently, the three librarians are Judy (pinkrybns), Maureen (Charlie’s Mum), and Carol (Lady Carol). If you have any questions at all, please drop a new post in this forum, and we'll be happy to help you out.
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