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Old 01-29-2020, 06:11 PM
LCPainterCat LCPainterCat is offline
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Hails from United States
Re: Daily Wash Wednesday 29th January 2020

Good Afternoon, from Lynn/LC -- The Wash's mostly silent but VERY devoted long-time member. (No, I never think of myself as a "Lurker!" : )

Uschi wrote,“People hear what they want to hear so the question is did they hear what Schiff said so brilliantly or were they busy playing with toys, chatting or snoozing to distract them from hearing??”

Uschi, Adam Schiff's presentation of the case for impeachment and removal will go down in history. If the nation (and the world) endures, our great, great grandchildren will study this impeachment, and admire his carefully presented case. Our contemporaries, on the other hand, will hear only what they already believe (and yes, that probably includes me. . . .)

Ellen and Anita: Thank you for sharing your concerns and planning re:the potentially lethal virus epidemic. After realizing that the only times I EVER caught a cold followed airplane trips and visits to a hospital for routine lab tests, I started wearing disposable masks whenever I had to be in either space. No colds since! But I had to laugh when the surgeon, seeing my mask during his pre-op stop-by while I was being readied for my parathyroid surgery, asked, "Should I be worried?'" because he thought *I* was contagious!

June— SO sorry abut your flooded floor. I hope it has been successfully taken care of, not as expensive as you thought, and that Ann didn't have the flu.

Marshall, on my last trip to England we stayed in a moderately priced hotel directly across the road from Hyde park and within walking distance of Kensington Palace. It was part of a Scottish chain, and featured a "Full Scottish Breakfast” complete with haggis and black pudding (along with splendid sausages : ) I'm sorry I don't remember its name.

We were in England—traveling mainly the southern coast—in April and May. April was weirdly blazing HOT (and no airconditioning anywhere we went) and May was freezing cold! But I’d definitely recommend May if you like English gardens -- lovely flowers blooming in every cottage garden, castle grounds or public spaces.

You asked, “I would like to know how Pelosi got so rich on a congressional salary.”

Nancy Pelosi and her husband, Paul (who have been married for 57 years) own numerous commercial real estate and rental properties, as well as a variety of tech stocks, and began accumulating their variously estimated millions of net worth long before she went into politics. All that property is counted as assets, even though it may be mortgaged. Nevertheless, she and her husband may actually be more successful in the real estate business than you-know-who!

Lynn, Your tiny crocheted bunny is utterly hugable!

Les, how fortunate you are that your Sylvia cares enough to throw out the chocolate syrup that has too much sugar for your diet. There are reduced or artificially sweetened chocolate syrups, both big name-brand and grocery store propriety brands that are pretty good. You took such good care of Sylvia during her long and horrifyingly painful illness, and now she's watching out for you : )

KiwiKate—I’m doing exactly what you’re doing! Avoiding sinking into weeping depression from constant watching of the daily news by watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix instead. (There are 6 seasons of 13 episodes, so lots of viewing time.) In addition to the principals, many talented older actors—some of whom haven’t been seen for years—often appear as guests. I think the producers have made a point of hiring them, and they’re still terrific. Jane Fonda’s plastic surgeon must be the absolute best, and her wardrobe is nifty. Lily Tomlin’s wardrobe is wonderfully kooky-- but often strangely attractive : ) The writing is simply wonderful--and yes, I, too, have often laughed out loud! (Warning: You do have to be tolerant of “language” and sexual situations that might bother some viewers.)

(Your Meekie is regal and gorgeous! And it’s a beautiful photo set up.)

Bill posted a lovely photo of Ms. Feral a few years ago, which I have on my hard drive. (I’ve been meaning to ask Bill if he’d do one of his marvelously intricate pen and ink sketches from it.)

Sharon, your flower photos are always lovely! Yay for your mostly happy news from the dermatologist and fingers crossed that what needs to be done won't be too horrid.

JJ, you find (and post) the most gorgeous flower and cake pictures for Wash birthdays and anniversaries. Wonderful that you’re well enough to thoroughly enjoy your happy trip.

(((Steve and Lisa))))

Uschi, I’ll be interested in what you think of Louise Penny’s latest. I love her books, and all the characters we’ve come to know and love in the tiny fictitious Quebec village she’s created, but reader-reviews of this new book have been disappointingly critical.

Nancy—Hooray : ) You’ve been such a trooper dealing with the aftermath of your back surgery, you are more than entitled to a break on the thyroid node

Lulu –your upcoming move is so well planned and prepared for – the absolute polar opposite of mine! I hope that despite your distrust of social media you will share pictures of some interior and non-identifying views of your new digs with us here —it has been such fun following your de-cluttering, minimalizing, packing, planning, and the seeking and finding of your personal Shangri La.

Char, I love, love, love your angry raven! It sold so fast I didn’t have time to suggest that you make a set of prints. I think they’d sell like hotcakes.
It’s wonderful that Ted is well enough today to venture out on his own to get the new tires and his blood work!
I’ve been surprised that Ted can eat carrots, tomatoes, peaches, and any other red, orange or yellow fruits and veggies --especially potatoes -- (despite your tedious leaching out of some of the potassium). I was on a no-potassium diet until recently (because of the restrictions of a medication) and together with the additional restrictions necessitated by long-term Coumadin therapy, there were virtually no fruits or vegetables that I was allowed, except peeled zucchini and cauliflower, which are relatively low in vitamin K. Have you tried dipping cauliflower fleurets in a very thin batter and air-frying them (tempura style) until crispy? If you don’t want to use cornflour, tapioca flour is very good for this. Add a soupcon of baking soda to the batter to encourage browning. The result isn’t French fries, but very satisfying in its own way.

I’m concerned that Bliss hasn’t posted for several days . . . .

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Old 01-29-2020, 06:20 PM
laudesan's Avatar
laudesan laudesan is offline
A WC! Legend
Join Date: May 2003
Posts: 61,067
Re: Daily Wash Wednesday 29th January 2020

Yes a long drive lulu, especially when I get car sick. In the front seat I get queasy, but last night it was worse. Nice to see family that I haven't seen in over 40 years. They are my first husbands family, and it was like I saw them a week previously. I love that.

Roslyn is having her spa looked at, the control panel is on the blink. It's only 12 months old and under warranty.

Check out this feijoa blossom.

Char, I am glad Ted was feeling well today xx

Oh just been called, we are walking to a waterfall.

Much love to everyone xx
~ JJ ~
Let go of past mistakes and hurts. Forgive and empower yourself. Live the life you were meant to live. And, be at peace with yourself.
Blog ~ Location Sketches ~ Website
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Old 01-29-2020, 11:58 PM
laudesan's Avatar
laudesan laudesan is offline
A WC! Legend
Join Date: May 2003
Posts: 61,067
Re: Daily Wash Wednesday 29th January 2020

Bags packed all ready for trip to Auckland airport tomorrow morning. Flight is 9.40pm takes 2.5 hours to get there, and we need to be there 3 hours prior.
We will leave early and have lunch in Auckland.
~ JJ ~
Let go of past mistakes and hurts. Forgive and empower yourself. Live the life you were meant to live. And, be at peace with yourself.
Blog ~ Location Sketches ~ Website
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