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Old 10-10-2017, 02:35 PM
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Re: Long straight lines method

Originally Posted by tiago.dagostini
As an adult, it will depend on how much you were used to using large muscular groups with precision. If you are an office worker , you probably have near zero practice. Ifyou are a surgeon or a cousine chef or a martial artist you probably already learned to fine control your larger joints.
Oooh! Lightbulb. I didn't find it difficult at all to use my shoulder instead of my wrist, but that's because I've been playing guitar for years. You get used to using different joints for different effects!
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Old 10-10-2017, 11:22 PM
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Re: Long straight lines method

Originally Posted by tiago.dagostini
Until today, I never saw someeone that could not learn it, but I saw a lot of people unable to muster the PATIENCE to learn it. Alot of people simply revert to using the wrist and finger durign practice or simply consider preposterous to train for months on something.
Yep, that's the deal here... patience. I haven't really been willing to put in the continued effort... until now, when I realized just using the wrist/hand, is too limiting overall. You cannot work fast if you use the wrist for everything, either.

Last night I practiced drawing straight lines in the "down" motion, with the elbow planted on the desk, and I made a point to keep the heel of the hand (last two fingers) pressed against the paper. Now this was what I *usually* did anyway, but inconsistently, or perhaps with too little pressure.

Just by taking notice of this one little thing, my results improved dramatically. The reasoning is simple enough, applying pressure against the drawing surface acts as a natural "ruler".. it keeps your hand from moving slightly from side-to-side. And this works without using the wrist at all, it was all elbow/shoulder.

I'm going to keep experimenting with this method, and other permutations of all the suggestions I've seen thus far.
Originally Posted by tiago.dagostini
notice how he simply cannot use figner and wrist to propel the marks on such a large surface on a vertical plane and with the pencil grip he is using. THe reward is the precision on the very long lines.
So true, and thanks for the link!
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Old 10-11-2017, 05:30 AM
tiago.dagostini tiago.dagostini is offline
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Re: Long straight lines method

You will get it by parts. Some directions will be easier to learn while others will take a while. For most right handed people oblique lines that come from top left to bottom right are the hardest to make straight, while the opposite oblique are usually the easiest.

Do not train lines alone, you need to be able to mark on the paper what your brain imagine, so you must have something in mind. Draw circles, ellipses ( put 3 points in the paper and make an ellipse that goes over all 3).

Draw cubes in hand made perspective, draw a sequence of cubes in handmade perspective as if you were rotating around that cube little by little.

Another hind, this type of exercise gets more result if it is among the last things you do on your day before you go to sleep. Your brain only "solves" the coordination issues by reinforcing neural links during sleep, so the fresher it is the more you will fixate when you sleep.

Do that every day for half an hour and in a few weeks one day you will wake up (literally is when you wake up) and you suddenly can do something that you felt it was impossible on the previous day.
"no no! You are doing it all wrong, in the internet we are supposed to be stubborn, inflexible and arrogant. One cannot simply be suddenly reasonable and reflexive in the internet, that breaks years of internet tradition as a medium of anger, arrogance, bigotry and self entitlement. Damm these internet newcomers being nice to to others!!!"

"If brute force does not solve your problem, then you are not using enough!"

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