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Old 06-02-2008, 06:37 PM
mgaissert mgaissert is offline
New Member
Join Date: Jun 2008
Posts: 6
Re: What kind of pen do you use?

My favorite for both writing and drawing is a Pilot P500 (0.5) Extra Fine. It was recommended to me by an art teacher for the same tasks. It is a gel and the tip looks like a Rapidograph. It doesn't dry up but once a week may skip for a second or two. It has a large ink supply; one lasts me several months of light drawing and writing. The finger area is transparent so that you can tell when it is time to put an extra one in your pocket. They are in office supply stores in five packs.
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Old 06-18-2008, 03:29 AM
SableBrush SableBrush is offline
New Member
Join Date: Jun 2008
Posts: 14
Re: What kind of pen do you use?

I use the Rapidograph Koh-I-Noor technical pens in various nib sizes. They're messy and, as someone above mentioned, high maintenance. I have to shake it once in a while, and sometimes, the pen releases a glob of ink. So, you have to be careful to not shake it over your drawing. Also, I find the routine of cleaning the pens somewhat therapeutic and there's no opportunity cost during the time I spend cleaning them. I mean, I'm on a break anyway. These pens give me superb results.

The only drawback with the technical pens is that I can't make variable width lines on-the-fly. That's why I'm thinking of getting the Hunt crowquill dipping pens. But I've got tons of ink in a refillable bottle for my Rapidograph, so I hesitate.

I've tried markers and I hate them because the ink expands on the paper.
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Old 06-18-2008, 07:32 AM
PVHooper's Avatar
PVHooper PVHooper is offline
Cape Town
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 1,495
Hails from South Africa
Re: What kind of pen do you use?

Well Fordy tracked me down to ask me this question but I don't know if my input will help anyone as we do not get the same pens in South Africa as you do. Anyway I went through a very long, and expensive process of choosing a pen that suited by style, and inability to work with little wires, refils and counter screws. So anyway I use.....wait for it....Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens size F and S. The ink in these is very dark black, with a chalky, matt finish (if that makes sense to anyone) I like my pens and am sticking with them, everyone thinks the finished product is a hard-ground print when I get it right.
Paul Vernon Hooper
"All the arts have one single purpose - to contribute to the art of living" - Hendrick van Loon
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Old 06-18-2008, 07:41 AM
mudslinger's Avatar
mudslinger mudslinger is offline
St. Augustine, Florida
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 1,560
Hails from United States
Re: What kind of pen do you use?

i just got a faber castell pitt pen in the XS size and it does the same as the rapidograph on bristol: i get that little ink bloom. that's the main reason i use the microns...they don't do that for some reason. i'm going to try some illustration board one of these days, because it must be the paper causing the blooms, not the pens. it's not a big deal on the dark values, but it's noticeable on the lighter values.
you don't quit laughing when you grow old.you grow old when you quit laughing!

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Old 08-15-2008, 11:39 AM
Rodman Rodman is offline
Join Date: Feb 2003
Posts: 4,969
Hails from Uruguay
Re: What kind of pen do you use?

What a great well spring of info here!!!thanks to everyone who took the time to post. I'm wanting to do some P&I work on white clayboard. Then scratch it. Tips?
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Old 08-16-2008, 01:01 PM
meriel's Avatar
meriel meriel is offline
Join Date: Mar 2008
Posts: 81
Re: What kind of pen do you use?

I like to doodle on graph paper. I prefer to do a lot of pencil work, then draw over it with pen and then erase the pencil. These are the best pens I have found for that purpose.

Ultra fine:
Prismacolor fineline marker .005 This pen is noticeably finer than the Micron .005 and despite being so fine, can write over pencil marks and eraser smudges with ease. It does NOT have a felt tip, but instead a plastic, hollow tip. It comes in Black, red, purple, blue, green, orange and 2 browns, and is only available at art stores. The only bad thing about this pen is that the ink smudges if colored over with a pastel colored pencil. If I need to do that I use a Staedtler pigment liner .05. The tip sizing is DIFFERENT than the Microns and Prismacolor pens and not comparable!! The Staedtler .05 is about the same width as the Micron .005. Unfortunately the felt tip, despite being wider than the Prismacolor pen, skips terribly over the pencil marks and eraser smudges. The Micron .005 skips a bit and smudges a bit and is wider than the Prismacolor. I only use the hotpink pen, when I feel the need to draw in pink, and am always frustrated with it's width.

Pilot Precise Rolling Ball V5 This is my main pen. I love the rolling ball on such a fine pen. It does not smudge under pastel colored pencil. It comes in black, red, 2 blues, green, purple, and pink. It is WIDELY available at pharmacies and office supply stores. It also comes in a wider tip called the V7, that I have never used. It shows up well on scanned images. The blue lines of graph paper do not scan, if scanned as a document, rather than a picture. All that shows is crisp black lines, when you use this pen. Great for sharing your doodles online.

Papermate Flair Marker Great for coloring in. These bleed through cheap paper less than any other marker I know. They come in 12 colors. The colors DO bleed into each other, if they touch. I only use them in one color drawings, or leave whitespace between colors. The Black pen is WIDELY available everywhere, even grocery stores, but the 12 pack is usually only available at large office supply stores.

Pencil Work
For my pencil work I prefer a mechanical pencil with .5 HB lead. These often have a tiny eraser, that is good for erasing small areas. To erase large amounts of pencil after inking, I like to use a white retractable eraser, that looks and works a lot like a mechanical pencil.
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Old 08-18-2008, 08:29 AM
tazzy tazzy is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 361
Hails from United States
Re: What kind of pen do you use?

I do mostly stippling and use the Koh-I-Nor Rapidographs in three sizes 4 x 0, 3 x 0, and 00 (I've had this 00 for close to twenty years, with some long dry spells between use). I can't get 4 x 0 started after a 30-day lull and suspect the wire is messed up. Is there a pen doctor in the house? I love the results from these pens, but have troubles keeping the smaller nibs going without regular use and hate throwing money away when they quit for good. Tapping is the suggested manner of getting them started, after cleaning, of course, but rarely works, in my experience.

I traded a brand new 6 x 0, that I could never get started, for a .13 Rotring and I love it. No trouble with it at all and is my favorite pen to use. Would buy more of the Rotrings if they weren't so pricey.

I just bought three Copic Multiliners; .2, .3, and .7, and the jury is still out on them. Haven't fallin' in love with them yet. Frankly, was just a bit disappointed after all I have read about them. But, maybe they are an acquired taste and time will make my heart grow fonder.

Hope this helps someone, you all have most certainly helped me with my choices.
It is not a matter of thinking a great deal but of loving a great deal, so do whatever arouses you most to love. Saint Teresa of Avila

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Old 08-21-2008, 01:26 PM
Adriantmax's Avatar
Adriantmax Adriantmax is offline
Veteran Member
Sacramento, CA
Join Date: Jan 2008
Posts: 616
Hails from United Kingdom
Re: What kind of pen do you use?

I use a speedball dip pen, rotring Art pen (F) or Kaimei sable brush pen.

I'm amazed no one has made a fountain sketch pen that behaves like a dip pen with variable pressure/thickness sketching nib.

When I bought my Rotring Art Pen, I was really hoping for something like my dip pen but with the convenience of a cap ad reservoir refiller. Unfortunately the Art Pen is too rigid to get much variation in stroke. But does make for a very nice, finely balanced pen.
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Old 09-04-2008, 08:46 AM
Uath's Avatar
Uath Uath is offline
South Georgia
Join Date: Sep 2008
Posts: 1,242
Hails from United States
Re: What kind of pen do you use?


I use a Uniball Vision pen with a .8 tip
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Old 09-04-2008, 03:33 PM
Uath's Avatar
Uath Uath is offline
South Georgia
Join Date: Sep 2008
Posts: 1,242
Hails from United States
Re: What kind of pen do you use?

I can write more now. Work is over and it's almost time to go home. I remember the rapidograph from college (I'm 50). Modern pens are just so much better than those old cloggers. I'm surprised to find that most PaE artists here prefer a super-fine nib. I like them bold.
As I've mentioned above, I use a Uniball Elite .8 nib pen. I've used this same type for the past 5 years-trying to draw three hours a day. I just love them, smooth and regular. I even use them to fill in black spaces. I know that's a lot of work that a magic marker could do in seconds, but I just like the idea of using the same pen for the whole drawing.
I like to draw on large paper (11X14" Bristol smooth paper) so the large nib is no problem, but I'm an engraver, not a sketcher, so smooth flow is everything to me. I just hate scratch scratch scratch.
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Old 10-08-2008, 11:09 AM
Tapecat's Avatar
Tapecat Tapecat is offline
Lord of the Arts
In Ville-billy Land!
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 2,223
Hails from United States
Re: What kind of pen do you use?

Good to see some folks like a Papermate Flair.. Hands down my fav!
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Old 10-11-2008, 08:32 PM
artbyDanielDyment's Avatar
artbyDanielDyment artbyDanielDyment is offline
Senior Member
Ontario, Canada
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 399
Hails from Canada
Re: What kind of pen do you use?

I used Staedtler Pigment Liners.
I am wanting to get Microns or Copics.
I also want dip pens. We used then in art class twice and I took 1 home with black ink this weekend. I really like them.
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Old 10-25-2008, 03:38 AM
Manicniceguy Manicniceguy is offline
New Member
Join Date: Mar 2008
Posts: 10
Re: What kind of pen do you use?

New here sorta semi luker at the W/C forums I was going to post some art and the dip pen I use but it says I need at least two posts.

I used to buy droves of dip pen nibs off ebay I had about 20 boxes at one time I sold the ones I didn't like or couldn't find a use for and kept the ones I liked. I started off using at first Rapidograhs then I learned of the Hunt 102 because this comic book artist nammed Dave Sim of the comic book Cerebus used them for 30 years he used
smooth Bainbridge Ilustration board with them causing less snags.

But I found these Esterbrook 048 falcon nibs work very well on Bristol board or any type of smooth stock paper.
I use a worn out one for thicker lines and a new one for finer lines for grey tones. Then I use one that is sanded down with sand paper for stippling.

Hope that helps I'll see if I can post some images...
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Old 11-03-2008, 05:20 PM
gdaniel gdaniel is offline
New Member
Nashville TN
Join Date: Oct 2008
Posts: 43
Hails from United States
Re: What kind of pen do you use?

I'm having a blast with my Pentel Pocket Brush these days.

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Old 11-04-2008, 02:17 AM
TCharlie TCharlie is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2007
Posts: 329
Re: What kind of pen do you use?

I like 100 hunt pen points and no. 102 and 104 and 108 and a few others. If pressed, I'd say enjoy the 100 the best.

I also use a winsor newton series seven no 2 and 3 brushes and an isabel brand brush. and a flat watercolor brush 1/2 inch for larger areas.

Recently I've been using waterbrushes, filled with inda ink, they are a bit like using a pen.

Mostly I'm in search of the best tool for the kind of line I want on a particular piece.

I just ordered some faber castell pit pens and Sakura brush pens to try them out. But not a big fan of tech pens

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