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Old 02-22-2016, 11:41 AM
Charlie's Mum's Avatar
Charlie's Mum Charlie's Mum is offline
North East England.
Join Date: Oct 2003
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Hails from England
Exclamation Linking to External Websites - a clarification!

As there seems to be some confusion about linking to external websites I'd like to share with you the common practice of the WetCanvas forums.

WetCanvas discourages the use of remote hosting sites to display images.

WetCanvas does like to safeguard us from copyright infringement, as we, as individuals, are responsible for any Content we post!

If you have not read the User Agreement, you'll find it here and there will be some references to it!


Signature Links -
You may add up to three links to your own personal websites or Blogs where you show your ARTWORK - (please note, not the commercial pages!)
Please see the section on

Non-Commercial Use,

25 a - Links in Sig Lines

25 e. - Informational Responses to Direct Questions

If you post an image in your thread and you think others may wish to see a higher definition view of the work, they would follow your link - it is not good practice to post the link again in the body of the text, simply saying it's on your website should suffice!


Section 14 of the Agreement -

You represent and warrant that you own or otherwise control all the rights to any Content you post or submit to the web site .........

Among other things, this means don't post other people's work!

Members often ask 'How do I do this .......?' and then post an image of the work ...... WC owners strongly discourage this as you may be infringing copyright ..... this is one of the times you can use a link to an external site. Instead of illegally (perhaps) downloading to your computer and then uploading to WC, link directly to a page showing the work.

While on the subject of copyright, it is permissible to 'copy' another person's work solely for educational and fair use purposes. You would be acting illegally if you then sold that work or displayed it in a Gallery or Exhibition.

WetCanvas discourages, indeed forbids!, Remote-linking of images - your images.
Some members, unhappy with the size restrictions of images allowed on WC prefer instead to show them via external sites like Photobucket.
Definitely a No-No!
There are very good reasons for this -

a) if the image is later removed from external site, the whole thread on WC becomes null and void - and there may well have been good discussions about the work which other members found useful.

b) in many areas of the various countries WC is used, the internet can be very slow and large images can take a long time to download.

c) Not everyone has a large screen monitor and it can be most off-putting to have to scroll across a work to try to view it.

I know that areas of the UK are poorly served by Internet providers and am also informed that this is the case in parts of the USA too. Not everyone has a fast and reliable service.

Please see this article about Uploading Images - bearing in mind that since it was written, sizes have changed!


Recently a poster suggested Newbies should use another website to prepare their work.
This is really not necessary - it takes members away from WetCanvas and pushes or promotes another site.

It's fine for a member to ask the original poster if they could possibly supply a crop/enlargement of a particular area, it's quite another matter to say 'go here and post your work on a larger scale'.
It is entirely up to a member how much of his/her work is revealed.

There are good reasons for NOT showing a high definition version of the whole work: there are unscrupulous people who will download the work and print it as their own .. and WC is a public site, anyone can read and look as a Guest and therefore download an image or use a screen-capture.

I usually recommend a definition of no more than 100dpi (pixels) for display on the Web - but the choice is an individuals to make!

There are tutorials available here on WetCanvas in P&I and also in most other forums.
If more are needed, members can ask and other members will provide! This is the ethos of this site.

There are also many free software image manipulation programmes available on the web for people to download and use - some are very good - there's nothing wrong with suggesting them, or indeed giving a link - but to encourage them to use that programme exclusively does rather seem like a promotion!


I hope these notes help clarify 'linking'!

If I have missed any specific example, please let me know and I'll do my best to explain!
Cheers, Maureen

Forum projects: Plant Parade projects in Florals/Botanicals, Weekend Drawing Events in the All Media Arts Events forum. Different Strokes in the Acrylics Forum.
**Information Kiosk~Acrylics**
**Reference Image Library**
**My SAA website**

Last edited by Charlie's Mum : 02-22-2016 at 04:18 PM.
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Old 07-20-2016, 09:47 PM
W.M.'s Avatar
W.M. W.M. is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2007
Posts: 101
Re: Linking to External Websites - a clarification!

We are almost 20 years into the 21st century. I think WC should consider increasing to 1000 px. I agree with everything above, but 800 px was never good enough to show some semblance of detail, and never will. Especially for Pen and ink and drawings. 200 more pixels with today's compression is a matter of bytes.
Create a sample 1000px section. Highlight it and post in All groups. Ask the users to decide.
I know this post is annoying and pointless, but sometimes i just like to yell into the void...
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Old 07-21-2016, 05:05 PM
pedlars pen pedlars pen is online now
Lord of the Arts
Join Date: Jun 2013
Posts: 2,407
Re: Linking to External Websites - a clarification!

I've got a large hi-definition desk top screen, & a 800 pix image fills it top to bottom with a 90 odd pix image (the limit of an internet image) , How could that be improved ?
Is it not the limitation of the media you are complaining about rather than WC.s 800 pix limit ?
I mean if it were larger I would have to drop the zoom on my screen to take in the whole picture. - That would be a hassle every time I wanted to view a fresh work posted.(& the image would be no sharper.)
Then there is the tradition here of saying , " post a close up could you of this or that bit ", we very often do that & to good effect & considerable illumination.

Don't get me wrong pen & inks do not come across here as well as they do in life but after a number of years of viewing them I've learned to make the mental imaginings necessary to have a good idea of what they really look like.
I cannot see any relaxation on the size been any help in this difficult task , PLUS apparently the trend is apparently that most browsing is done on a phone nowadays or a tablet at best !
I would humbly suggest to you that the quality of a good P&I would come across even on those inferior viewing methods !
I know it is not ideal & is nothing like seeing the work in reality BUT it does allow those few of us who's hearts are taken by this very special medium across the globe to communicate !
I will be grateful enough for that for now.
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