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Old 12-19-2004, 01:34 AM
LarrySeiler's Avatar
LarrySeiler LarrySeiler is offline
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Re: The EPSON Scam

I've got the 2200...seven cartridges and, well...so far so good. *knocking on wood...

ya gotz me near in position to start worryn' now...
maybe if I'm lucky I have a lemon and it will work well and for longer

Larry Seiler- Signature Member IPAP
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Old 12-19-2004, 04:32 PM
Ron van den Boogaard's Avatar
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Re: The EPSON Scam

Originally Posted by viareggio
I am changing the debate a little:
I have an Epson Stylus 820, been aloways very nice to it and used allways Epson inks on Epson paper (Ink Jet).
Recently I found that the inks/paper are very much light sensitive. I was carelass enough and did not cover a print properly and in less than 2 months the corner which was exposed to regular indors room light (not sun) faded very much.
Anybody had a similar problem? It is the heat, hummidity, light???? all of that???
I sold a great number of my designs and now I am afride they all faded.
Thanks, Mada

Seems to depend on the type of printer. Heard the same before from other artists. I have a C64 with the Durabrite inks. which is guaranteed for 80 years. did one four months ago on non-durabrite (but photo-quality paper) taped it to the window in order tocatch as much light as possible and it is still as good as the control-print that is in a drawer. I love this machine, just not the cartridge prices, though they are better than HP or my previous Lexmark (which really sucked)
Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible - Frank Zappa
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Old 01-03-2005, 02:08 PM
cunparis's Avatar
cunparis cunparis is offline
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Paris, France
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Re: The EPSON Scam

Originally Posted by SoniKalien
I think you'll find that HP have their own issues...

I have an old HP, probably 8 years old. It's funny because back then they were just catching on to trying to force people to buy the ink cartridges. So my color ink cartridge has been empty for oh about 6 years now. Whenever I turn it on (which is why I leave it on 24/7) I have to take out the empty color cartridge and put it back in. That's enough to satisfy it into printing b&w. But I think the new ones are a little more demanding. Which is why I haven't bought a new printer. If I do get a new one, I think I'll get a new lasterjet since I never print color anyway. If I want to print color I'll either do it at work or take it to the photo place at the mall.

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Old 01-03-2005, 05:14 PM
DLH DLH is offline
New Member
Join Date: Dec 2004
Posts: 5
Re: The EPSON Scam

I have an HP 11X17 for drafts and a Cannon 8.5X11 for reference images. I found a company on line, The Printer Filling Station, That sells bulk ink, Ink filling kits and inexpensive cartridges. They seem conscientious about providing an appropriate formulation for each brand and model printer, (or maybe they it all comes out of one big drum), but I have been satisfied with the results. The kits come with syringes, reusable filling hole plugs, special tools, latex gloves, instructions unique to each cartridge type, and enough ink for at least six refills, at less than the cost of one set of new cartridges. Iím not sure Iím allowed to plug products like this. I have no connection with this company
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Old 01-10-2005, 05:13 PM
nwfa nwfa is offline
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Re: The EPSON Scam

I bought the HP Designjet 120 (which they promptly discontinued) to print my artwork, but the 120 and new 130 don't allow for a lot of paper type options. I used that 120 on a daily basis for about 8 months and the ink levels never indicated they were going down. The quality of output was excellent, but I couldn't print on Canvas or heavier archival paper. They charge way too much for the new DJ 130. I ended up selling my HP for about 1/2 of what I paid and bought an Epson 7600. It's an amazing printer, but I'm cautious about what I print, because when it comes time to replace the cartridges I'm looking at $400 easily. But, man the output is incredible!!!
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Old 01-28-2005, 03:24 PM
davy davy is offline
New Member
Join Date: Jan 2005
Posts: 28
Re: The EPSON Scam

The woe of Epson (C62):
My Epson C62 printer started to give me trouble about six months after purchasing it so I contacted Epson, after a few tests with their technical team and after wasting a vast amount of ink from their genuine ink tanks I was advised to take it to a local Epson dealer. "Print heads" said the dealer as though I had been printing on sandpaper....! He duly give me a replacement and literally threw the C62 straight into the nearest bin, I repeat " threw it", the replacement was of course minus the ink tanks and when I got home minus the guarantee and receipt of purchase documents.

The problem was black lines on picture with a yellow cast about 1" from the left hand side and along the bottom of the picture, as though in a frame. The normal black & white text consisted of either blue or red straight lines through the text - sometimes these were broken, the lines could not have been more straighter if a ruler had been used with a coloured pen. The higher the settings in the printer on-screen driver settings made matters more worse.

The replacement printer has started to produce exactly the same effects. I had to contact Epson several times before getting a response. I expect to get at least 12 months of trouble free service from a brand new purchase (excluding print head cleaning), certainly not the case here.

The printer is nothing but a "noisy ink guzzler", it consumes ink at an alarming rate - even if it is not being used, and regularly goes through a cleaning routine when powered up, when it is working correctly the print quality is acceptable as a general purpose all round printer. The cartridges are not exactly cheap either, the 'Intellichip' as I believe Epson calls it, to you and me the 'chipped cartridges' is a sales gimmick to boost the Epson cartridge sales - BE WARNED it does not monitor the amount of ink in the tanks BUT only ESTIMATES the amount of ink remaining by presumably counting down the number of times the heads are Ďin operationí - there is no direct feedback or monitoring between the chip and the ink level (as in a petrol/oil/water level gauge as in a car).

To be honest, purchasing a set of cartridges for an Epson, one could purchase a Lexmark printer complete with cartridges every time you wanted a 'refill'. My advice when buying a printer is keep away from 'Chipped Cartridges' and Epsonís peizo print heads, I am now beginning to think that 'long life peizo heads' is also another sales gimmick - basically like a crystal in an oscillator stage of a receiver or transmitter, the heads are vibrating to squirt the ink and crystals do crack when driven hard, if this is the actual fault I can not say, another thing I suspect is the sealing around the head where itís clamped to the base unit (like that of a picture in a mounting frame.

The help I got from Epson was only on the first occasion, they did not want to know the second time around, why is it that two identical products developed the same faultsÖ.

The local dealer has now stopped repairing Epson printers, how can I ever trust them again.?

Just had a letter from them today, I quote-:
'The cartridges are chipped because Epson printers contain a permanent piezo print head. If the print head runs dry, i.e if the cartridge runs out of ink, air bubbles will enter the print head and will permanently damage it'. UNQUOTE

This to me says that for ANY REASON air bubbles get into the head they will be damaged. Thermal jets would I guess cause the air to expand and burst the bubble.

They also claim that their inks are competivily priced...!

The garbage man usually takes the garbage bin whatevers in - he saw the Epson in the bin and he refused to take it......LOL. Looking either at the ip4000 or ip5000 by Canon - any advice here?
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Old 01-28-2005, 05:46 PM
cunparis's Avatar
cunparis cunparis is offline
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Paris, France
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Re: The EPSON Scam

Originally Posted by davy
The woe of Epson (C62):

The garbage man usually takes the garbage bin whatevers in - he saw the Epson in the bin and he refused to take it......LOL. Looking either at the ip4000 or ip5000 by Canon - any advice here?

Thanks for sharing your story with everyone. I hope people get the picture now and will stop buying Epson's junk!

I think if my 8 year old HP OfficeJet 630 ever breaks down, I will buy a laser printer so I don't have to deal with the ink cartridge fiasco.

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Old 01-28-2005, 07:40 PM
davy davy is offline
New Member
Join Date: Jan 2005
Posts: 28
Re: The EPSON Scam

cunparis hi,
Thanks for reading (couldn't really resist the crack about the dust bin man). I was looking at Dabs computers, Bolton, UK a good while ago and saw a Samsung ML1510, for £48.00 (UK) I think it was and couldn't resist getting it (there are similar models), OK its only mono but it beats any Epsons hands down for text.

Reason I bought it was for making printed circuit boards (using toner transfer paper), what you do is do the design in PCB cad print it and Iron it on - (take note you copper etching fans), does a pretty good job.

Anyone doing a lot of text will save £££££ compared to Epson tanks, AND was even more surprise when I learned I could refill this specific toner cartridge for about £12 (UK) as oopposed to paying about £70.00 for a complete toner/drum unit, its already had 1 refill. Note with a majority of brand new lasers you only get a half filled toner unit - last's a fair while though.
Cheers Dave
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Old 02-11-2005, 10:05 PM
Caron's Avatar
Caron Caron is offline
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Re: The EPSON Scam

Originally Posted by lmmilam
I have had both HP and Epson printers, and when I had to buy a new one it was Epson hands down! The quality of the photos my printer makes is awesome and the ink usage is about the same as in my other printers.

My current printer is a Photo R200. There are 5 color cartridges and one black, which I usually replace at Office Depot.. around $12 per color and $17 for black (why is the black more $$ for same size??)

The printer was $99 (I figured that it was really *free* since it came with about $80 worth of ink cartridges included!!)

Ive only had an Epson. My first was the stylus 200(?) and when it(which was the floor model) messed up, Epson replaced it free of charge and since that model was obsolete, they replaced it with the 400. I was happy.. About 2 years ago I was searching here for recommendations for a good printer to do prints on since the ink for the 400 was rather substandard for prints, and the recommendations I was finding by fellow members was for the C82(at least in a lower cost arena). I have used it faithfully everyday since I bought it about a year and half now and it has always worked wonderful for me. Sometimes the prints were a little less vibrant in colour as to what I had set in photoshop but Im sure if I really did some calibrating with the settings, I could get a better match. Other prints turned out better(richer in colour) then what my originals were and that was great! The ink I refilled maybe 1/2 dozen times but considering the amount I print, I feel that it did pretty good. I also print only on Epsons Velvet Watercolour paper.
In December I took some time off and didnt use the printer until about 2 weeks ago when I went to print a written document and it was light with lines thru the type. Ok, cleaned the heads...cleaned the heads...cleaned the heads..no change. Did a check and hmm, no majenta or yellow printing. Status says its ok so maybe its dried up? Bought new inks and replaced. Should have fixed my problem but no. Did a kazillion cleans and now the ink is down by a 1/4(not happy as in Canada each cartridge is about $20) Cleaned thru the nozzled and checked again...worse. Ok. took the printer apart. Maybe its the hose. Hmm, still attached and looking fine...Now the cyan ink is out and it wont clean or print now till I change it. Well, delimma. Buy more ink and fiddle around more, or....buy a new one.
Opted to buy a new one. Stuck with Epson again..this time got the R200(sure hope my experience is as good as yours.. Now my only concern is...being a photo printer, how will it do on the velvet watercolour paper.....
"To think artistically is to think as a child..Cherish the child within you. "
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Old 02-24-2005, 02:52 PM
ElGeeko ElGeeko is offline
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Nowhere, Man
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Re: The EPSON Scam

I've had an Epson... wonderful photos, great color, excellent fade resistance with Epson ink and paper. Expensive as hell.

I've had HP. Good to excellent photos, good color, pretty decent fade resistance with HP ink, not with 3d party ink.

I've now got two Canons, an i960 and s9000, the latter prints up to 13"x19". Both are conservative on ink, accept and print excellent photos with 3d party ink from a reputable maker, and the i960 prints on almost any paper well, the s9000 is a bit more fussy, but still acceptable to me. Canon charges 12 bucks per cartridge, for six cartridges, and I pay 2 bucks for what I use, and get better colors. I'd say they are the equivalent of any Epson printer in similiar format, and Epson is pretty much the standard for digital photo imaging. Cheaper by far to operate, you can replace the print heads yourself, you can refill cartridges, you can install a CFS (continuous flow system) where you run at least one full color print per day and the print head has yet to clog up.

HP makes great text, Epson is the leader for digital photo prints, but too expensive and too easily clogged, due to their different ink nozzle technology. One cleaning cycle on my old Epson used enough ink to print a half dozen 8X10s!!

I'll stick with Canon. Lots of support from third party paper and ink makers, and incredible prints.
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Old 03-21-2005, 12:13 PM
charlie haig charlie haig is offline
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canary islands
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Re: The EPSON Scam

I have been there suffering with you also....I still run an A3 and an R300 epson as quality is superb, however these use the chip cartridges also, .... the solution is to go online to ebay and buy compatibles, I got 5 full sets of six cartridges (chipped too).....for the price off two individual cartridges. Plus it was delivered to my door. They work great drop, me a line if you need any more help.

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Old 03-21-2005, 05:12 PM
DigitalDust's Avatar
DigitalDust DigitalDust is offline
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Re: The EPSON Scam

Well, Charlie, I'm interested in finding out more about this company.

Are they a regular company or do they only sell thru eBay?

My Epson has become a glorified scanner as I'm not willing to be their victim, but I'd certainly use it as it's intended if I can get some decent pricing on inks.

Forward information at will!!!
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Old 04-15-2005, 09:22 PM
carld's Avatar
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Re: The EPSON Scam

I have an Epsom P2000 that makes great 13" x 19" arciival prints. I use it whwnever anyone is willing to pay for the prints, they cost me almost $5.00 each. Have not found any third party ink for this one, they did not make enough to interest other manufactures.

My regular printer is a Canon i9100 13" x 19". The prints are better than the Epson, the print life is about 25 years so I can sell them as archival.

Best of all, I get cartridges from www.maxpatchink.com for about $5.25 each instead of 12.00. I have had good luck with them.

Their website has lots of tips and free software as well as refilling kits and cartridges.

Try them out.

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Old 04-22-2005, 04:39 PM
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Re: The EPSON Scam

I remember when I thought I was so lucky because I was able to buy a Star-Micronics 9 pin dot matrix printer for only $300. It worked well with my "economical" 286 PC with a whole 1 MB of RAM and a whopping 20 MB hard drive. All for only $1100! Ah, the "good" old days! (I don't even want to think about how much I "invested" in my previous Commodore 64 setup -shudder!)

Every time I fork over $40 for a set of ink for my 13x19, photo quality inkjet printer I force myself to think about how much I am now getting for my money. (Anyone ever look into what setting up a traditional color darkroom costs?)
THOMAS NACKID Art & Design Studio
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Old 05-13-2005, 07:27 AM
davy davy is offline
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Re: The EPSON Scam

If you read my post (Woe of Epson C62).
I have proved that Epsons will 'clog' whether or not you use genuine or third party inks.

So am I not right in saying that Epsons are liable to clog with Epson inks as well as any othe inks, ok you can get bad ink's.

Whilst on to 'Epson Technical' I was told never ever clean the nozles more than about six times or this will CERTAINLY damage the heads also I have a letter saying thet air bubble' will damage the heads beyond repair.

Why is this not mentioned in their manuals?

And another thought, if I should go away on holiday or vacation, lets say two weeks WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? buy an new Epson we come back - again no mention of this.

You can look through any forums and you will note that it only appears to be Epsons that are getting clogged, yes I've seen a couple or so other's but not as many as Epson..! Which leaves the 'chip' in the tank queston.

Why is the chip their?
Epson say's it's to stop the tank 'running dry'. but it don't do anything for 'clogging', so it's either to stop you filling the tanks or 'FLEECE' you out your hard earned cash - which is it, I'd say the latter personally because it offers no improvement at all, or is it that Epson are aware of the clogging ?

Incidentally the chip counts the times the nozzles are in operation, which then addresses the printer.

Sleeves rolled up then.
Having the complete detailed service manual, I stripped printer down as stated. I removed the tank holder complete with head assembley mounted - hey and guess what?

There where ink weeping, not runing, not dripping but weeping from the trim that clamps the head in place - the only ink that should be visible is that on the nozzels, you could even see the direction it was going.
So this is either a sealing problem, blocked nozzles or dried ink in the chamber that supplies the nozzles, so I drenched the whole surface in Isopropanol (I use it on video heads etc, gets finger marks from front panals - AND NO it didn't melt the plastic). OK what damage can you do to a C62 - do tell..?

But my efforts was in vain, still the same ol' dodgy print, same old lines in the same old place which gets worse if I UP the print quality.


Last edited by davy : 05-13-2005 at 08:14 AM. Reason: Typographical.

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