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Old 08-10-2014, 12:42 PM
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Thumbs up **Welcome to the Acrylics forum: Starting Tips and Posting Guide**

Hi, welcome to WetCanvas and to the Acrylics forum!

If you're just new to this part of the site here are some quick pointers to get you orientated. (If you are new to WetCanvas, please go to the end of this post first!).

All, please read the User Agreement, which we all signed upon registering here! (You’ll also find it via the Home page, very bottom, Terms of Use).
Since WetCanvas is an international forum with members from all around the globe, in the interests of readability, we ask that members use English or include an English translation of their message in their posts. For the same reason, abbreviations that are used for texting messages are not recommended in posts as they could be confusing, especially to non-English readers.

There are several online translation sites, and whilst not perfect they do allow members to understand your post much better. Here are a few:


Thank you for your co-operation.

The common Wetcanvas abbreviations can be used and they are shown in the "WC Acronyms" - courtesy of Yorky, WC Administrator.

Acrylic forum Staff ~
If you enter the Acrylics forum via the Channels menu, you may note the staff list, in the side panel, is incorrect due to current software problems.

The Staff for this forum are:

Moderators: Lady Carol, Charlie's Mum and ColinS

Guides: Idylbrush, Gaykir and LavenderFrost
They are here to guide and help you wherever they are able!

What’s in the Forum?
• The main page housing Sticky threads and individual members’ threads.
• Sub-Forums - above the main forum page: Two dedicated to WC acrylics and others to our Partners – currently, Artist’s Network competitions, Dick Blick, Chroma Inc., North Light Books and Trekell & Co.
• The two sub forums relating specifically to WetCanvas acrylics members are:
• The Information Kiosk
• The Hall of Fame.

The sticky threads are used for regular communications and challenges:-
such as ~

- our chat thread, The Quick-Dry-Café,

- the monthly ‘What’s on Your Easel?’ (WOYE?) where you can share stages of on-going work and seek help/advice if desired,

– our monthly challenge thread, Different Strokes

- and other threads we hope to bring to the attention of members!

Below these are the individual threads by members used for posting and sharing work, ideas, questions and information.

Posting to the forum.

When posting a thread, please note

When you post an image it’s very helpful to others if you could –
• Make the image 800 pixels largest dimension
• State the size and the support (canvas, paper etc)
• Add any other information you’d like the viewer to have
• If you would like advice and critique it’s a good idea to add ‘C&C requested please’
• Remember to add the butt icon if any nudity is in the work!

NB - if posting an updated image to the thread please make sure the file name is amended before uploading otherwise the second upload will also replace the previous one!

…. and after receiving views and comments it’s always nice if you can return the compliment and view others’ works and comment too.

If you feel you would like more in-depth comments on your work to help you improve, you can also post in one of the dedicated critique forums - Open Critiques and Structured Critiques - the frequent visitors there may have more practice giving input and this can be most helpful if you wish to develop your work. You can also post work anonymously to the critique forums if you wish.

NB - The Critique forums may currently be experiencing difficulties for members trying to post: you may post in this forum and ask a Moderator to move or copy your work to the Critique forum.

Don't forget to check out our Composition & Design and Drawing & Sketching forums, for help with these important areas, as well as the other subject-specific forums if your work falls into particular genres - still life, landscape, plein air, portraiture, figure painting, abstract etc.

If needing other forums, the quickest way to navigate the site is to use the Forum Jump at the bottom right of each page.

Links to off-site videos of your work.

Please note that the posting of video links only to off-site hosts is not acceptable as it is against the spirit of WetCanvas.
If you have made a video of your work, please use the link as a support to, and in conjunction with, the posted image(s). It has always been the policy, and within the community spirit of WC, that members post images of their work here on site for sharing and for C&C. Please do not link to off-site image hosting services because we risk those images being removed and rendering threads here on WC useless. You will also benefit from posting here because many members will not follow a link due to fears of a virus or being taken to a site they are not comfortable with.

NB Many people now use YouTube and other Internet facilities to garner inspiration and ideas. If you post a work which is very similar to any other artist's work you should be very aware of the copyright laws and always credit the artist by name and with a link to the source used.
It is a form of theft to use another's work and pass it off as your own.

"How do I do this?" questions

e.g. How does he/she do this, what’s this artist’s technique?
For reasons of respecting copyright please don't include a picture of a painting by a living artist with this kind of query, instead post a link to where the painting or paintings can be viewed elsewhere.

How do I resize my image?
The following illustrations are shown using the Windows Paint programme.

Open the image, full size, in Paint -

Use 'Crop' if needed!

Click on 'Resize' and choose the pixel size needed and make sure 'pixels' is selected -

Click OK, name the file and save as jpeg.

There are more sophisticated image manipulation programmes around and some are free.

How do I upload my image?

First, crop and resize - a good rule of thumb is to use a resolution of 100 dpi and a max. of 800 pixels for the longest dimension.
If you post a small image viewers may find it difficult to see clearly, particularly if you want C&C!
It's also a good idea to crop the image to eliminate all extraneous detail - like the easel, floor or wall against which you've taken the photo..!

To post -

Open your new post page - or New Thread

Type any introduction needed.

Click on the icon above the text panel of your post - it's the 'picture/mountain' icon.

In the new window that comes up, click browse to find your file then click Upload/Submit

When the image shows, click on that and it will put it into your post.

These screencaps describe it!

Insert image window -

Click on the image and it will be inserted into your text.

Where can I find……?

Using the search function may get immediate answers, and the Information Kiosk may also prove useful.
If you have a question about something that might have been asked before please try a quick search before starting a new thread.

There is a thread in the Information Kiosk with links to threads about commonly or frequently asked questions - please try this, it might help your search!

The Search this Forum link is located in the upper-right corner, just below the page numbers, so it's always available even if you're looking at page 2 or 4 or 8; this search will automatically restrict itself to the Acrylics forum. Click on the Advanced Search link below this if you would like to restrict your search to a given range of dates or to a specific member's posts.
You can search the entire site by clicking on Search in the middle of the blue bar just above the list of threads if you think there might be other references dealing with your query (stretching canvas, priming with acrylic 'gesso', paper weight, brushes etc.) .

When using Advanced Search it may be useful to select the Posts option under Show Results (bottom option on the left) which give you a brief summary of any post found that contains your search terms, instead of just a list of thread titles with no additional detail that you have to then read through 'manually'.

The advantage of a quick search is that you may instantly find a thread with lots of relevant info, that covers the responses of several people over several days. This will be more productive for you.

How do I rate a thread?

Rating threads

As you might have noticed, above the main list of threads we have a Hall Of Fame, which is used to separate for the archives those threads thought to be particularly beneficial, as well as those rated highly by the members. So please don't be shy about rating threads!
You will find the tool for rating a thread either by using 'Tools' in the dark blue bar at the top of the page OR by going to the bottom of the page, dark blue bar, and 'Rate the thread'. Where you find the link depends on which browser you use!

Don't forget to check out the articles we have already in the Hall of Fame: and if you have a technique you would like to demonstrate or you'd like to do a step-by-step of a painting you think would be valuable to others, (Work In Progress) please consider making a demo or a WIP thread.

How can I find out …….?

Colour-mixing problems ~
WC! also has a forum dedicated to color theory and mixing if you would like additional input. Many of the members who frequent that part of the site will be able to give more time and a different perspective on color matters.

Palette and brand recommendations~
If you are just starting in acrylics and would like ideas on starter palettes and/or brands there are many existing threads that you can look through to begin with. There is also a sticky thread near the top of the Color Theory/Mixing forum entitled "Show us your palette colors and tell us why" which you might like to peruse.

Many of the major manufacturers of paint and brush products have websites which you can use, both to read information and to request it.

The sticky, Online Acrylic Resources on the main page of the Information Kiosk contains the URLs of most of the major acrylic manufacturers' websites and also includes other information of particular benefit to the acrylics user.


The Information Kiosk
a collection of educational threads containing valuable technical information, Index of Classroom threads, Challenges, Books of interest, On-line resources and other interesting stuff!
The Hall of Fame
Containing some of the best works from the forum, our ‘Best works of….’ Shows and educational WIP threads.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The British Library released over a million images into the Public Domain onto Flickr Commons for anyone to use, remix and re-purpose. These images were taken from the pages of 17th, 18th and 19th century books.

I know, this is from 2013, but I just found out about it :-)

The Partner Sub-forums
Where you can ask specific questions and get answers from Partners’ staff about their own materials .

WC links –

From New Users forum –


Google Advanced Search

On photographing artwork -

Photographing Art Digitally by Idylbrush.

Artwork photo stuff! by journey341

How to Photograph Flat Art by Rick Lee (an article which still reads!)

...and .... Hints on Digital Photography of Paintings by dcorc

Thanks for reading this, we hope you enjoy the forum and we look forward to helping you in any way we can.

Your Acrylics team.


If you are new to WetCanvas ~

Here are some tips and links for getting your bearings within WC! and to bring you up to speed on important tools and features.

The WetCanvas! homepage might have been the first page you saw when you found us; once you've become an active member you tend not to visit it any more but it's useful to go there occasionally as the links in the left frame will take you to each forum's 'channel page' that lists articles and other information (including a short list of threads that were recently active) which is different from the first page of any forum which just lists threads. See the difference here and here.

Please be sure to check out the New Users forum (the welcome forum) if you're unsure about your way around.
The FAQs in the New Users forum will help you with things like making an avatar, signature banners, personalising the WC! experience and even a how-to on registering if you are just browsing as you read this.

You can bookmark each forum you are interested in (most members have more than one part of the site that they frequent) but a better way is subscribing to a forum. This way you only need to open your own My WC! page and you'll have a list of all your favourite parts of the site ready to click. You subscribe by clicking on Forum Tool (just to the left of Search this Forum) and selecting the appropriate option; you can also subscribe to individual threads if you want to keep track of new posts on a subject you're interested in.

Some additional help can be found in this great collection of links provided by the tireless team in the New Users forum.

Tthis thread may also be of help.

As a closing comment, if you experience difficulties when viewing or surfing the site this can sometimes be due to the browser you are using; it may well work differently in another browser, so it's worth trying different browsers to see which you prefer.
The site may look slightly different e.g in Google, there are no drop-down menus along the top dark blue bar but they are available via Firefox!
To access those menus in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, go to the WC Homepage.

Your Acrylics team
Cheers, Maureen

Forum projects: Plant Parade projects in Florals/Botanicals, Weekend Drawing Events in the All Media Arts Events forum. Different Strokes in the Acrylics Forum.
**Information Kiosk~Acrylics**
**Reference Image Library**
**My SAA website**

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