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Old 02-27-2009, 07:12 AM
Elen's Avatar
Elen Elen is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2008
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Re: Exploring Soft Pastels Class: Still-Life the Colourful Way!

Hello, everyone !
Mario, those glass objects are absolutely beautifully painted ! Lovely colours and reflections, I extremely like the highlights,they make your painting sparkle !

Hi, Charlie ! I cannot thank you enough for your detailed comments and encouragement !
Your demo proved to be an eye opener for me, I must confess, I wasn`t too sure about what one has to do during stage 2 ,I understand it so much clearer now,when you showed it ! Thank you so much for your time I totally appreciate that !
You were right about two light sources, I actually hoped, that heavy curtains will eliminate the daylight from the right, but obviously that wasn`t the case, next time I`ll try blocking the light with a box, as you suggested.
What can I do in order to observe and pin-point colours better? I never saw a cool pink on my grapefruit before you pointed it out,and it is worrying me a bit .

I am so not feeling ready to proceed further, ( actually, I am frightened of going into more complex assignments ,as I am not feeling comfortable with those of less difficulty ...) Perhaps, another round-ish object ?
Now I am going back to reading ( I am sorry that you had to repeat several things you already mentioned in other posts,I did read them, but somehow they didn`t make a connection to my case, I promise to pay more attention in the future !
Again, thank you so much for your demo, now all bits fell into their places finally, and I see the whole picture much, much better !
It might not look perfect,but it`s YOURS!
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Old 02-27-2009, 08:45 AM
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Colorix Colorix is offline
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Stockholm, Sweden
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Re: Exploring Soft Pastels Class: Still-Life the Colourful Way!

Hi Elen, I'm glad it is making more sense. Don't worry about not seeing cool pink on a grapefruit -- you see, you're training your brain to perceive differently from before, and it takes a while for the ole brain to 'get it'. I've trained my not artistic cerebral husband to see colours, not actively 'trained', but by exclaiming "oooo, look at that gorgeous turquoise light in the leaf". His perception before was simply red, yellow, blue, green, and everything else was 'brown'... well, maybe grey too...

What to do to see colours better: Be relaxed (do not stare), let your gaze move over the whole set-up, and beyond it too. Let your eyelids droop, squint. Try blinking rapidly, and some colours will 'flash'.

And search for colours wherever you are, sitting in a bus, for example. Try to give a name to what you actually *see*. Say a stop is next to a building, where you can see both sides of a corner. Say they're both in shadow. The part facing the street may be a bit bluer than the part facing the lawn which will look slightly greener due to reflected light from the grass. Compare. Ask, which is bluer, which is greener, which is more violet? Is this a pure grey, or is it a blue-ish gray, or a greenish-gray?

Reading lessons and advice will not make much sense until you have to actually *use* it. Have tried to use it, and discovered you do not really know it. Then when you go back and re-read, you'll discover that it was in the text all the time! In fact, the next time you go through the text of stage 2, for example, you'll discover something new again. We're simply more receptive and more ready to internalize it, and it usually happens bit by bit. (I discovered totally new things when preparing for this class, and I've used this method exclusively since 2003, and studied really hard... )

Basically, relax, let it grow on you, search actively for colour, and suddenly one day you'll just see! It feels like magic! But it truly is just that the brain 'got it', finally. But the 'magic' is there, and the world will never look the same, as it now will be shimmering with gorgeous colours. For me personally, even after the magical moment, the old way of seeing kept interfering, and I sort of flipped between the two. Then it stabilized, within the colourful universe. Funny how something so simple, really, as becoming aware of what has always been there can transform the world.

Elen, very wise of you to stay with the simple things for a while, I support that wholly. Maybe you can take a block form (small carton, a book, or wrap a box in coloured paper) plus a round object and paint those. A cone or a cylinder woud do as well as a sphere. These are the basics of any forms you see in nature, so discovering and studying how light and colour behave on these will serve you for *any* kind of subject. A roll of toilet paper is a great handy cylindrical object, and the empty roll can be painted or wrapped. It can be laid down, or stand up, in a set-up. I painted numerous such simple studies, just to learn to see and to paint what I saw. Had great fun combining colours in all sorts of ways. So yes, the more studies, the better one learns, and the better a 'real' painting will be when one eventually gets to it.

So please make a simple study, and post each stage and I'll guide you through the mystery of it.


Charlie's Site/Blog
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Old 02-27-2009, 10:15 AM
Mario V's Avatar
Mario V Mario V is offline
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Hails from Croatia
Re: Exploring Soft Pastels Class: Still-Life the Colourful Way!

Originally Posted by Colorix

Btw, have you tried the Fisher and the Wallis?


Charlie, I like the Wallis. See my post #123 in Feb pastel strokes. You might recognize some of your teachings
my blog Soft Pastel News
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Old 02-28-2009, 08:06 AM
Elen's Avatar
Elen Elen is offline
Veteran Member
Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 986
Re: Exploring Soft Pastels Class: Still-Life the Colourful Way!

Hi Charlie, thank you for the answers, they are most helpful ! I noticed, that I started to see things differently than before, I hope, with more practise I`ll be able to see even more !
You are absolutely right ,reading lessons is not enough, one has to do them ! I just was surprised, that I made the same mistakes that some other`s did ,although I read about them before and read your comments too ,and still - I did exactly the same mistakes and was absolutely sure, that I am doing the right thing..
I am very glad that you don`t mind me doing another simple study ,as soon, as I`ll find a safe place for my set up, I`ll start it. And I am so grateful for your help and your comments ,thank you so much for sharing your knowledge !
It might not look perfect,but it`s YOURS!

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