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Old 02-27-2006, 06:36 PM
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Thumbs up Important Forum Information - Questions? Start here!

Welcome to Wet Canvas and the Photography Forums.

If this is your first time here, you may be wondering where to post. Well, that all depends on what you want to discuss. The following are the descriptions of each forum.

The Shutterbug Pub - "A neighborly place to network with your fellow photographers, greet new members, post your snapshots, and discuss general, off-topic subjects. New to the Photography forums? Stop in and introduce yourself!"

The Darkroom - "Have you moved beyond the snapshot? Do you want a serious critique of your photographic work? Looking for specific information on methods and techniques? Amateur or pro, film or digital, this is the place!"

Photo Equipment & Software - "If you need help choosing a new camera or lens, if the old camera is giving you grief, or if your software has you stumped, find your answers here. Our members have a wide range of experience and you are sure to get well-informed opinions and assistance."

Digital Manipulations Discussions - "Want to show off your latest digital photo manipulations? Want to chat about the techniques and tools best used for this? C'mon in, but leave your traditional photographs behind!"

Additionally, posting in The Darkroom is limited to images that have had only typical "darkroom" adjustments made to them, such as adjusting exposure (lighter or darker) whether overall or in specific areas (dodge and burn), contrast adjustments, levels adjustments, curve adjustments, etc. With today's digital darkrooms, the range of adjustments that can be made to an image are vast, but images posted in The Darkroom are limited to those effects that typically are achievable in a real darkroom.

For image manipulations that go beyond the usual darkroom work - such as using special digital filters, distorting images, or dramatically shifting the color spectrum (as a few examples) - the Digital Manipulations Discussions forum is the place to post. Images that could not possibly be "straight out of the camera" belong here.

Sometimes it is difficult to decide which forum your image belongs in. Looking at previous posts will give you a good idea of what is expected, and if you still can't figure it out, feel free to contact a forum Guide or Moderator, or go ahead and post where you think appropriate. A thread can be moved to a different forum if it fits better elsewhere.

Within the rest of this thread you will find the answers to many of your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)... like... How do I post an image?... How to do I send a PM?... When should I use the Butt Icon?... etc.

Photography Forum Staff:
Ray ( Oldthumbs )
Lorelle ( Luv2shoot )

Greg ( birdhs )

Please PM us with any needs and/or concerns...

Posting Etiquette in the Photo Forums
If someone has started a thread displaying their images, please do not post your own images in that thread without first asking the original poster for permission, unless the original poster has already explicitly stated that they would like to see other images. This obviously does not apply to threads that have been started with the intent of sharing images. You should NEVER take a poster's image, alter it, and re-post it without the image owner's explicit permission. The exceptions to this are threads in the Digital Manipulations forum where people are expected to join in the fun of changing the original image - except in individual display threads.

Also, you may only post your images - photos that you have taken. Please do not post any images that other people have taken, even if it is your son, daughter, mother, father, long-lost cousin or whomever. See the Member Agreement for more details on this subject (see link below).

Can I use any of the photographs posted in the forums?
Not without obtaining permission from the original photographer. Whether the intended use is for creating a drawing or painting from the photograph or using the photo directly, such use violates the photographer's copyright if you do not obtain permission to use the image, and best to get it in writing. See this thread for a good discussion on this subject.

So what did I sign anyways?

Ever wondered just what your User Agreement says? Check it out here...
Current User Agreement

When do I need the BUTT ICON?

Wet Canvas requires the BUTT Icon for nudity/partial nudity posts... when in doubt... post it with a BUTT... ... For more info on the current erotic/nude art policy read section 24j of the member agreement you accepted when you joined (see link above).

How do I add the BUTT ICON?

To add the simply pick the Butt Icon when posting your thread.

What do I do if I forget to add the BUTT ICON?
If you forget... simply click the "Alert Post" button (the red triangle) at the top right next to the post number and type a note that you need a and a moderator will attach one.

Need to "report" a bad post? - use the same "Alert Post" button as mentioned above. This button alerts the forum moderator to your concern, whether it be a post that needs a "butt" icon, one that violates copyright laws, or a post that violates WetCanvas policy, as well as any other concerns.

6 Techniques For Handling Criticism: Are you afraid to display your work because you can't handle criticism? This article walks you through six ways to avoid bad criticism and learn how to use it to your advantage!

Giving Critique - a Check List for Critiquers: Not quite sure how to give a critique? Try using this check list as a good basic starting point for any critique.

The Image Uploader and Attachment Manager: Having trouble trying to figure out how to put images in your posts? Uploading files and attaching images will be a cinch after you check out this step-by-step article showing how to use the Image Uploader and Image/File Attachment Manager! (Note - some of this information is obsolete, but the basic principles still apply.)
For another view of the same information, check out these instructions located in the photography forum - Inserting an image into a post
, or try this post - How To Post Full-sized Attached Images In-line

Should I use the Image Uploader or the Attachment Manager?
Answer... the IMAGE UPLOADER... that way your work can be viewed within the thread when someone is replying. Since we are big on critiques here it makes it easier to give one.

Check out the new Image Uploader... Doesn't get any easier than this!

If you don't have a photo manipulation program here is a brilliant free program. http://www.irfanview.com/ You can resize your images to fit the 800 x 800 requirements.

How do I get or award Mentor/Merit badges in this forum?
Merit and mentor badges for our forum.

The WetCanvas! Award System: Not sure how or why you received an award? Artie will tell you everything you need to know about the WC! Award System, about how to earn your own awards, and how you can vote for others in attaining merit and mentor awards.

Making Avatars for Use on WC!: The mystery of Avatars, also known as "tinyheads", is unveiled by Artie's guest writer (hlee) showing how easy it is make and upload your own with the freeware programs readily available on the web!

Where Should I Post My Art? -- Guide to the Forums: Confused about where you should post questions or your art? Here's where you can learn about the various forums on offer, learn how to get a critique, cross-posting, and the three-strikes rule.

Using the Private Message System: Wondering how to make contact with other WetCanvas! members? Check out Artie's step-by-step instructions to the Private Message System, and soon you'll be in touch, too!

Personalizing WetCanvas!: Want to create your own 'look' for your posts at WetCanvas? There are lots of options and, best of all, it’s easy! Join Artie for a tour of the MyWC! options! When adding signature data please add your camera make/model and the Graphics application/version. Example...Nikon D70/ PhotoShop CS2

Making an Animated Avatar: Making an avatar that moves is actually very easy with a little bit of know-how. WC! member hlee shows you step-by-step how to create a simple animated avatar from some boring still snapshots using Adobe Imageready.

6 Steps to Registering Your Account!: Been lurking long enough? Want to join WetCanvas! and get in on all the neat benefits of membership? Well, it's easy and it's free, so just check out this 'how-to' article and you're on your way!

How To Rate Threads: Artie is at it again with helpful hints for New Users in this Article on How To Rate Threads! Ever wonder how some threads get those little stars? Step-by-step, you'll find out how!

How to Chat at WetCanvas!: Want to chat with other WetCanvas! members? Here's a step-by-step introduction to the Chat System, affectionately known as the Cafe Guerbois Chat!

How to JOIN a Project, CHAT & UPLOAD Your Work!: Bobby Aquitania, resident chat nut and cartoonist, asks Leo, Remy, and Vinnie how to join a project, upload work and enter the WC! chat room where members discuss their work.

Anything else?
Feel free to contact a forum Moderator or Guide if you have any other questions.

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