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Old 01-12-2019, 01:32 AM
Yorky's Avatar
Yorky Yorky is online now
ORMSKIRK, Lancashire
Join Date: May 2000
Posts: 95,083
Hails from United Kingdom
*** Daily Wash Saturday 12th January 2019 ***

Good morning all

I slept through to 5am, woke to dull, drizzly day.

Nothing much planned for today, I couldn't wire my doorbell to the mains, not enough room for the cable.

Char, happy birthday to Ted, when is his operation scheduled? How is McKenzie getting on, is everything working now in their new home?

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Old 01-12-2019, 03:52 AM
shadye1's Avatar
shadye1 shadye1 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2015
Posts: 1,609
Hails from United Kingdom
Re: *** Daily Wash Saturday 12th January 2019 ***

Car passed its first MOT and had its 3rd service and a clean!
Sweetie pie is drinking from the watering can, an old galvanised one, I know
because I can hear his cat flap magnetic key knocking as it sticks then unsticks.
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Old 01-12-2019, 04:21 AM
laudesan's Avatar
laudesan laudesan is offline
A WC! Legend
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Re: *** Daily Wash Saturday 12th January 2019 ***

I am home, I am dead tired I am off to bed. It s 7.30pm here.

Love and hugs
~ JJ ~
Let go of past mistakes and hurts. Forgive and empower yourself. Live the life you were meant to live. And, be at peace with yourself.
Blog ~ Location Sketches ~ Website
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Old 01-12-2019, 05:12 AM
shipbroker's Avatar
shipbroker shipbroker is online now
A WC! Legend
North Yorkshire (James Herriot territory)
Join Date: Jun 2006
Posts: 13,236
Hails from United Kingdom
Re: *** Daily Wash Saturday 12th January 2019 ***

Welcome home JJ.
Dry and very grey,had rained earlier.
Market,bought dried noodles and black bean sauce,cheaply.
Breakfast,tinned sardines in pitta bread.
" This is a wonderful day, I have never seen this one before" -Maya Angelou
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Old 01-12-2019, 05:30 AM
painterbear's Avatar
painterbear painterbear is offline
Oakwood, Ohio, near Dayton.
Join Date: Jun 2002
Posts: 42,560
Hails from United States
Re: *** Daily Wash Saturday 12th January 2019 ***

Good Morning all,
It is 5:30 a.m. here in dark and sleepy Oakwood. The snow is supposed to be in our area in the next hour or so. Possibility for up to 7" in some places, so Larry got our snow shovels ready. He does the driveway and I do the sidewalk to our house and the top of the driveway. May do it more than once, that is what our weatherman advised because he said it will be a wet snow and heavy. I actually enjoy shoveling snow most of the time.

We went grocery shopping yesterday — along with lots of other people, the stores were crowded.

Char, Happy Birthday to your Ted! Be careful with your cleaning frenzy not to hurt your back again.

JJ, Glad you had such a wonderful time on your cruise. I've been seeing your photos on FB.

to all who were here before me and to those on their way.


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Old 01-12-2019, 05:51 AM
doppler's Avatar
doppler doppler is offline
A WC! Legend
Mt Nebo Queensland Australia
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 13,157
Hails from Australia
Re: *** Daily Wash Saturday 12th January 2019 ***

Good evening all.

Welcome back JJ. Hope the cruise survived you.

Happy birthday Chars Ted. If it wasn't and just another rumour. Happy anyways.

As no one guessed, yesterday I spent a lot of time with the cats. Not working. Procrastination gene was mowed up today, along with the grass. Lots of breaks drinking water and wondering how the trees have grown so much in the last few years. One jacaranda trees branches are whipping my head. The shade of them though was delightful. Even so, chainsaw on a stick and WMD will be needed tomorrow, unless I have an Eli and Loki day of rest. One must spend time with cats or they think they are unloved

"On the other hand, you have different fingers".
Steven Wright
My Flickr Site
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Old 01-12-2019, 07:21 AM
Ellen in Ont's Avatar
Ellen in Ont Ellen in Ont is offline
A Local Legend
Northeastern Ont
Join Date: Jul 2004
Posts: 7,251
Hails from Canada
Re: *** Daily Wash Saturday 12th January 2019 ***

It’s still completely black out but the forecast is for clear and cold.

My SIL just left (her sister is driving her to the airport). That was a long visit. My plans for day day are for cleaning and laundry. I want to get the house back to normal.

Happy birthday to Ted, Char.

No other plans so breakfast then get started on laundry. Have fun this weekend everyone.

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Old 01-12-2019, 08:00 AM
Uschi's Avatar
Uschi Uschi is online now
A WC! Legend
Ontario, West of Toronto
Join Date: Jul 2002
Posts: 23,949
Hails from Canada
Re: *** Daily Wash Saturday 12th January 2019 ***

Good Morning!!

Cold night and still cold but sun is supposed to shine with a high of -5C.

I didn't turn over in bed again because I want to get ready in peace for going to table tennis. Shopping on the way home, or later on. and continue with studio cleaning plus, if there is sun, sitting in it and do some more knitting. I am almost up to the armhole.


JJ, WELCOME back!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to hear about the cruise.

Ellen, nice that you are back to normal, it is actually fun cleaning after visitors leave.

Annie, my trees and bushes are doing the same thing to me

Sylvia and Anita, if your forecast is correct you'll have gotten more snow than we did so far. I too used to enjoy snow shovelling.

Geoff, I used to enjoy sardines but now can't stand anything that tastes fishy, I still like sole and haddock, they are not too bad.

Rod, for the car.

Doug, what happened to the old door bell???

Where are you Steve???

For Newbies, Demos, Learning Zone

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Old 01-12-2019, 08:25 AM
shipbroker's Avatar
shipbroker shipbroker is online now
A WC! Legend
North Yorkshire (James Herriot territory)
Join Date: Jun 2006
Posts: 13,236
Hails from United Kingdom
Re: *** Daily Wash Saturday 12th January 2019 ***

Happy Birthday Ted.

" This is a wonderful day, I have never seen this one before" -Maya Angelou
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Old 01-12-2019, 09:41 AM
Yorky's Avatar
Yorky Yorky is online now
ORMSKIRK, Lancashire
Join Date: May 2000
Posts: 95,083
Hails from United Kingdom
Re: *** Daily Wash Saturday 12th January 2019 ***

Welcome home JJ, glad you survived

The doorbell is working on its battery, but it has to be recharged every month or so. It has a camera and microphone so you can see and speak to visitors.

I have been watching a Jack Ryan series on Amazon Prime Originals all morning

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Old 01-12-2019, 09:42 AM
LynnM's Avatar
LynnM LynnM is offline
A WC! Legend
Southern Ontario, Canada
Join Date: Jan 2007
Posts: 12,361
Hails from Canada
Re: *** Daily Wash Saturday 12th January 2019 ***

Grey here so far, had a lovely walk to the plaza yesterday, nice sunny crisp day, but missed the snow on the ground that should have been there
It was the kind of day that we enjoyed so much on the cross country trails. I guess folks will have to go even further north to ski now.

Sounds like people have the day planned. I will be doing more photography, working out how big I want images and how to allot my frames. Fun work!

We were talking about Nancy's tardis, and I got a pop-up card this Christmas from my cousin with one on it! Glasgow skyline and Santa arriving....Usually his cat is in there somewhere, but I couldn't see it this year.

And this is what is unfolding in my window, brightens the grey day.

Happy Birthday to Ted, Char!

That's quick knitting, Uschi! Hope you get your sun on the porch, not promising here.

That will be a relief, Ellen!

Welcome back JJ!

Hi Annie, Geoff, Doug, Sylvia, Rod and all to come!

Cheers, Lynn. C&C always welcome. https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/lynn-macintyre.html

"Ring the bells that still can ring, Forget your perfect offering, There is a crack in everything, That's how the light gets in" Leonard Cohen

Last edited by LynnM : 01-12-2019 at 09:47 AM.
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Old 01-12-2019, 10:00 AM
CharM's Avatar
CharM CharM is online now
A WC! Legend
Join Date: Mar 2003
Posts: 40,826
Hails from Canada
Re: *** Daily Wash Saturday 12th January 2019 ***

Good Morning, Gang! You know it's a cloudy and dull day, down here in the Banana Belt of Southern Ontario. It's a little cold at -2C, and we're expecting a few flurries.

Birthday Boy got to sleep in until 8:30 today. The kitty herd kindly allowed him some peace and quiet before demanding their breakfast. They know. The kitties know.

Today's chores include running the stick vacuum and making up the spare room bed. Ted's going to help out. My back was twinging yesterday after my attack on the dust and dirt... the heating pad and a muscle relaxer forgave my activity and allowed me to sleep in relative comfort.

Doug, Ted's surgery is scheduled for the 21st. During the pre-op assessment, he was told that it will be a 2-3 hour operation. He will be in hospital for no less than 7 days. McKenzie is doing well as the Help Desk Supervisor in the IT department. The new house is almost up to snuff with all appliances in good working order (finally). Our Electrician is going to completely re-wire the house in the Spring and our Contractor plans to move all the water pipes inside a bulkhead, rather than out and under the trailer.

Rod, that's too funny... kitty is getting magnetically attached to the watering can!

Welcome home, JJ!

Geoff, I can't get past the, err, aroma of the tinned sardines. Especially first thing in the morning!

Sylvia, I enjoy shovelling the snow as well. I love the cold fresh air on my face. Ted does the driveway with our snowblower attached to the garden tractor.

Just a fact, Annie... Your kitties know perfectly well that they rule your household.

Ellen, I'm sure you'll enjoy the peace and quiet today.

Uschi, your day will be filled up! Your knitting is working up nicely, eh?

Lynn, your card is so much fun. It's a keeper. And, of course, your amaryllis is a bright spot of joy against our dull skies on the other side of the window.

I do wish our absent friends would check in a little more regularly.

I need a second cup of coffee and then must get on with the housework. Have a great day, everyone.

Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art. Leonardo DaVinci
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Old 01-12-2019, 10:11 AM
Scene Chaser's Avatar
Scene Chaser Scene Chaser is offline
A WC! Legend
In the middle of Michigan's thumb
Join Date: May 2006
Posts: 16,352
Hails from United States
Re: *** Daily Wash Saturday 12th January 2019 ***

Good day all,

Overcast but no wind. Glad the mid-west storm is staying south.

Anita, enjoy your snow.

Doug, such intellectual pursuits.
Does the doorbell work off your smartphone or your iPad?

Lynn, lovely blossom! Did your cousin make the card?

Happy birthday to Ted.

Welcome back, JJ. Hope you can show some of your photos here on the Wash too.

Sylvia, no snowblower? Watch your back and no snowman, though I know you're tempted.

Hi Uschi, I hope you get some sun to sit in.

Organizing papers today.

Hi Char, glad you're feeling well. Yes, kitties know.
Be kinder than necessary

Last edited by Scene Chaser : 01-12-2019 at 10:14 AM.
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Old 01-12-2019, 10:15 AM
lifespalette's Avatar
lifespalette lifespalette is online now
Veteran Member
Memphis, TN
Join Date: Aug 2012
Posts: 840
Hails from United States
Re: *** Daily Wash Saturday 12th January 2019 ***

Uschi...I'm here.....I've had my primary system torn down for about 4 days while I refinished the top of one of my work counters in the studio that all my components sit on. I've checked in on the note pad to make sure ya'll weren't going bat crap crazy in the absence of my mature, level headedness influence....didn't post cause it's down right frustrating with these fat acro fingers on that small notepad hunt and peck keyboard......fear not, all is well with the world, Atlas is back on station.

It is a cold, wet, grey day here this morning...ice and snow is just to the north of us, we're just getting a steady light cold rain....hanging in there at mid 30's today, so will be a good day for doing absolutely nothing....cats will appreciate warm bodies under the soft fuzzys throws while we lounge the day away. Lisa finally surrendered and went to see the doctor on Wednesday...upper and lower lung infection, most likely pneumonia, she's on antibiotics, prednisone, and a codeine cough/decongestant syrup. Went in Friday morning for a brief hearing on one of her clients (heroin addicted, first charge) to get him into year and a half rehab facility and the Judge afterwards ordered her to take her obviously under the fluence butt home......they have a love/tolerate relationship, but I've told both of them that I wouldn't bail them out if they got arrested after one of their courtroom staff monthly wine tasting gatherings offsite....the Judge rebuffed my warnings, by waving her "Judge" card in my face....."we don't need your bail, I've got a get out of jail card....". Think Judge Harold T. Stone in the old "Night Court" comedy series back in the late 80's and you've got a pretty good image of what Court Division 8 is all about...……

Other than that, not much happen in our neck of the woods...other than our ongoing FUBAR government daily issues with "he who shall not be named", the spineless Republicans and the just as stubborn Democrats......it ain't a circus unless there's 3 rings...…..and they're filled with clowns.....and that's all I'm gonna say.

JJ........welcome home, it's about time you quit that galavanting about....hope you had a great time hun.

Char......happy birthday greetings to Ted, hope he has a good one.

Greetings Tracy, Rod, Geoff, Doug, Ellen, Nancy, Sylvia, and all those sleepy heads to come.............hope ya'll have a great day. I may poke my head out from under the soft fuzzy sometime later today......ain't making no promises. I like the warm fuzzy.

OH, OH, OH....I almost forgot....went looking yesterday for some new t-shirts. Looking for those reasonable prices UnderAmour slick type that form fit, keep you warm, yet wick moisture away........great to sleep in at night and wear under my Henley's or fleece pull overs....anyways, I was at BestBuy checking out a wall bracket for my second monitor and driving out I notice an outfitting store (REI Co-op)....never been in one before, so had no idea what they had...........well, they have just about everything you would want or need for outdoor activities as far as camping and treking (clothes, equipement, bikes, kyyaks, boots, trail food)...you could outfit your whole expidition, whether you're camping the backyard or climbing Mt. Everest in this one place....I was walking about like a kid in a candy shop....and when I looked at price tags, I grabbed my chest....coronary pains........they are really proud of their "stuff". $75 for an "underlayer T-shirt" style that I was looking for. $389 for a Padagonia Sheep's Wool pullover complete with a "kangkaroo" pouch (???)....a mountain bike that looked a lot like my old Trek (that I paid $289 for) for $4200.......about the cheapest thing I found in there was waterproof boot laces for $18 and a trail mix "power" candy bar for $6...................apparently, there target demographic ain't me!

BBL.....Be good, do good...........stay warm.

Pain and heartaches aren't options in life........misery is a choice.
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Old 01-12-2019, 11:17 AM
NancyR's Avatar
NancyR NancyR is online now
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Plano, Texas
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Re: *** Daily Wash Saturday 12th January 2019 ***

Good morning. I have been up for three hours playing Candy Crush. Trying not to read the news. John is finally up. He has his first consultation to look at his broken tooth. He will get a price estimate. His next appointment will be in a few weeks. Getting dental work done now requires estimates. Our dentist seems to think we are all rich and refers us to the most expensive specialists.

I am going to do laundry and work on minis today. I finally got the chair upholstered which was holding up the whole room. I also glued the rugs that I printed on cloth onto white cotton. Once is dried, I was able to make the final cuts with scissors. They will not ravel, and they look so cute. My last bit of fun last night was to cut individual pieces of peacock feathers and glue them together to make a kind of bouquet for one of the corners of the room. I have the vase ready, I just need to glue it into the vase. Main project today is to work on all the dodads that go into the room. Tiny little things like bowls, lamps, paintings. It is almost finished now. Sorry for boring you, but progress is finally being made.

We had lunch with John’s second cousin. She is the same age as my Amy. She struggled for a long time by hanging out with the wrong crowds, but she met the right young man who put her on the straight and narrow. We are her bouncing board these days when she is trying to work out a situation. She has the right instincts, but just needs an OK. Her mother is too stressed out taking care of her grandsons and own mother to be a rock for her.

Steve, Your summary of our FUBAR is perfect. I am sitting with my legs covered by my warm fuzzy.

JJ, Welcome back.

Lynn, I love that Christmas Card. Is it handmade? My new machine will do intricate cards that pop up. I have not made one yet, since I am working on minis at the moment. But Valentines Day is coming. I will not have to buy a Hallmark card this year for John.

Sylvia, Please be careful shoveling snow. It was always fun after the first snowstorm; but when the blizzards struck, I hated it.

Doug, We will be getting one of those doorbells eventaully. I got rid of the doorbell, and left the wires behind. I will have to reopen the hole and pull the wires back out to hook it up. I will have to wait for better weather in the spring.

Hi to everyone I missed. Off to eat something for breakfast, and then to the studio after I start the wash.
Nancy R--Plano, TX https://www.facebook.com/blanchesminis
"Imagination is more important than knowledge."- Einstein
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