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Old 12-03-2016, 06:39 PM
Al_DD Al_DD is offline
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Join Date: Dec 2016
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Need help buying airbrush setup

Hi. First time on this forum. Was wondering if anyone could please help me out with some extremely useful information. I'm thinking of buying my partner an airbrush setup. She's a professional photographer and painter. She does alot of photography work where she paints her models in detail and also in broad colours and she's mentioned wanting to go into airbrushing. So basically I'm looking for an airbrush setup that's advanced enough for a committed professional artist to get something out of, but not too advanced that she can't use. Just want to avoid wasting money on an overly amateurish setup that will soon become impractical. I've been reading some good things about the Vega and Omni airbrushes from Thayer and Chandler. Was hoping to get some advice on what setups would be suitable and if i were to use a Vega 2000 airbrush for example, what compressor, accessories and type of paint would be needed. Thanks so much in advance.
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Old 12-04-2016, 08:17 AM
fedetony's Avatar
fedetony fedetony is offline
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Hails from Germany
Re: Need help buying airbrush setup

Hi there... the AB itself is not as important as the compressor. There are several brands of AB and a complete range of specifics for them. I started with a Harder and Steenbeck evolution 2 in 1, because it came with different possibilities of nozzle size (0.4 and 0.2) that allow different types of applications. So its more versatile than having only one size. Also budget wise was appropriate. But pashe,Iwata ,H&S, and others can be also nice work tools. Just don't get the most expensive one (like a micron) until you know what sort of application you are going to taylor your work. Dont get the cheapest one either, and buy a double action AB.
The compressor is the most important thing, really!!! The compressor must be
-a dry compressor
-capable of 4bar output at least and pressure adjustable
- must have a tank
- must have a water trap
Dry compressors work without oil, then your art work will not get any oil particles in the mixture. They are also silent and small enough you can use then indoors.
The 4 bar pressure is because you need some pressure to make the paint flow, and the most power you get then the easier the flow, but you, need sometimes some low pressures too, so variable pressure is needed.
The tank is super important because the compressor generates a pressure that fluctuates when turns on and off and when controlled, the tank makes the pressure output steady and constant. Also makes your device work longer since it only turns the compressor when the tank is going low on pressure, and you got a reservoir of compressed air.
The water trap is to take the condensed water in the air out, is not so relevant when you use acrylics, but if you use other media... its necessary!
AND the most important thing you need when you Airbrush is A MASK. Atomized particles and pigments can do harmful things to your health. The heavy particles accumulate in your lungs and they don't leave the body... so use a mask ALWAYS.
Good Compressors are sparmax and Iwata that I know of.
You can find several combos which include the AB and Compressor and some accesories. Select one that adjusts to your needs and your budget, don't forget the mask.
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Old 12-26-2016, 02:32 PM
airbrush_ken airbrush_ken is offline
Join Date: Sep 2005
Posts: 1,649
Re: Need help buying airbrush setup

I'm sorry but there are a couple of issues stated that I have to disagree with.
1) Thayer Chandler went out of business many years ago after a law suite brought on by badger, who now owns the rights to manufacture and sell those units.
Saying that the most important issues are the mediums you hope to spray and where you live. How easy is it to get parts? Buying a German (I own four hand built EFBE's and parts are a bitch) doesn't work well outside of Europe. In the USA Paasche parts are cheap and the manufacturing base dates back to around 1903. I was a service agent for Badger for some years... I wouldn't own one. Olympus is the god of illustration brushes from Japan, but iwata parts are easier to buy in the the land of "Trump" for now.

2) Compressors: Oil Baths are the best! Hands down. Jun Air Rules. Sparmax dry compressors are great quality as stated with a tank and twin cylinder motor, and they sell for half the price of the oil bath units, avoid Sil Air sold in the USA. I run two Sparmax units with each unit having two moisture traps as we have high humidity here in Sydney.

Sum it up... Mate, Paasche makes some excellent quality airbrushes with easy to purchase parts and their prices are quit low. I use Paasche millenniums for models and special effects (Trompe-l'œil finishes, murals). Love their new trigger design and the picker caps. Your fluid nozzle size depends on the mediums she will be using.

Finally Paasche makes a simple, single action airbrush; mdl H (since the 1920's) that's easy to use and "cheap as chips" to purchase. We sold hundreds over the years to hobby and model makers. Paasche has even authorized a Chinese Company to make their own version (half the price) under that company's name (Air Logic). Hope that helps.

I've retired so I no longer sell anything! The opinions I have stated are mine and come from servicing and using airbrush equipment since the mid 60's.
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