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Old 08-30-2005, 04:15 PM
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Watercolor Demos

If you see a watercolor demo thread you think should be here, click on the red triangle at the top of the thread to send a report requesting it be added. Thanks to JJ (laudesan) for starting this list.


Bamburgh Castle — Flattwo

Caernarfon Castle

Clouds — Bob Davies

A Country Lane — artbyboon

Intimate Landscape — John Salmon

"Make a Wish..." Portrait — Stephie Butler – YouTube link

Point of Rocks

Radishes 1 + 2 — Lori Andrews

Reflections — Joanne (artbyboon)

Rose — Lori Andrews

Rusty Jug — Rod Webb

Self Portrait — Nita Leland (YouTube)

Shasta Daisies — Lori Andrews

Snowy Central Park — Joseph Chiang

Tribal Abstract & others — Fagan

Short Demo Videos (click Artist/ Previews)

Street Scene — Avaro Castagnet (offsite)

Watercolor YouTube Videos

Watercolour Workshop — artbyboon



Chicken with Attitude — minihorse

Wood Duck Drake — Madelaine (SquashedToad)

Feathers — Barb (tigre225)

Great Blue Heron — Rose (roseanna)

Kestrel — Sharon Douglas

Kinder, Gentler Parrots — Jean (Jakesgram)

Loon Using Masking Fluid – Brian (Seedy)

Loon with Water Reflections — ShelleyP

Morning Chickadee — Madelaine (SquashedToad)

Sleeping Swan — ShelleyP

Sleeping Swan II — ShelleyP

Wren and Wisteria — Heidi Willis (Hidy)


Boo!…the method and the madness — Annie (doppler)

Cat Eyes — Barb (Tigre225)

Great Cat Photo for My Shadow Painting — Val (Read946)

A Lovely Cat Called Pudney James — Rod Webb


Black Labrador — Madmum

Doggie Park Collie — djstar

A Dog Portrait — Cyrille Jubert

HOUNDS Study in Whites — Cyrille Jubert

Nova, Again (Dog Portrait) — Carole (Brindle)

Painting a Dog —Carole (Brindle)

Smoke: An English Setter — Carole (Brindle)


A Light Lunch — Glazing w/ Juicy Color — Char (CharM)

Now For Something Completely Different! — Laura D

Horse Portrait — Ironhorse


Lion—King of Taronga — Gary Rankin

Lion — Adrian123

Large Tiger — Paul (WaterSlusher)


Squirrel — Jan (pjartwc)


Running WOLF w/ Airbrush Background — Gary Rankin


Earth-Colored Background — Sandy1

Painting a Dark, Dark Background — painterbear (Sylvia)

"Washy" Backgrounds — Bluegenes (Patty)


A Covered Bridge — Dale Zeigler

Edges—Hard, Soft, and Lost — Celeste McCall

Learn to Paint …: by JJ (laudesan)

…Monochrome Color Schemes
…with Primary Colors
…with Complimentary Colors
…with Two Colors

…Watercolor Washes

Red Object w/ Analogous Colors — Celeste McCall

Painting Palm Trees… — Bob(2)
… in an Impressionistic Style
… in a Tropical Setting
… in a Realistic Style
… by Pushing the Colors

Rural Mailbox — John (Watercolour lover)

Secondhand Chicken — Aunt P (nacre)

White Object w/ Primary Colors — Aunt P

Watercolour Washes — JJ (laudesan)


Dinghy…Waiting for High Tide — JJ (laudesan)

The Fishing Boat Clematis — Rod Webb

Low Tide at Little River — popart

Morning Calm — John (Watercolour Lover)

Shrimp Boat — John (Watercolor Lover)


Aman Ayun Temple, Bali – Marvin Chew (mchew)

Angel Statue – Em (mustcreate)

Barn with
Wash, Wet-in-Wet, Drybrush & Frisket – sretigg

Barn for Mal – Brian (seedy)

Barn Door – John (Watercolour Lover)

Old Blue Barn Door – JJ (laudesan)

Brick & Tile – Doug (Yorky)

Brick Buildings in Watercolor

Bricks – John (Watercolour Lover)

Castle in Landscape – Rod Webb

Country House – John (Watercolour Lover )

Gargoyles on a Brick Wall – Sylvia (Painterbear)

Kaiapoi Railway Station – Rod Webb

Italian Door – Mimi (mimitabby)

Italian Fountain w/ Pigeon – em (mustcreate)

Keeper's Cottage – Janet (jaytee)

Legislature Building in Autumn – kake

Little Blue Chapel – Brian Barnes

Northleach Church – Chris (mr sandbanx)

Palau Ubin Island Village – Marvin Chew (mchew)

Shutters – John (Watercolour lover)

Snowy Cabin Using Gouache – John (Devoted 2Art)

Stonehenge – Pam (pampe)

Venice Series – Cheryl Nielsen

Wood and Metal Textures – DavidBR


Design Your Own Christmas Cards – Marilyn Speck Ballard

Print Note Cards of Your Paintings – Dale Ziegler


Christmas Balls & Baubles – Andrea (Nandie)

Santa's Magic– Jean (Aquarelle10)


Make a Chart of Your Paint Colors – Sylvia (painterbear)

Color Chart of Your Paints II – Sylvia (painterbear)

Journey Through Color Schemes – Mike (mmcaloon)

SAW III Random Coloration – Ron (PainterRon)

Showing White w/ Primary Colors – Aunt P (Nacre)

Using the Three Primary Colors – JJ (laudesan)


Composition – Larry Seiler

The Golden Mean – John Hagan

Landscape Composition Principles – Johannes Vloothuis

Values: Identifying & Recording Them – Susie Short


Cloth – John Hagan

Cloth & Sedimentary Pigment – Ellen Fountain

Fabric – Wet Canvas Artschool


Koi – Mixed Media Batik- by Nick (nes7827)


African Violets – Em (mustcreate)

Double Red Ruffles Amaryllis – Kay (KreativeK)

Azalea – ShellyP

Bella Antique Pink and Green Carnation – Sandy1

Bird of Paradise – emjstudios

Cactus –em (mustcreate)

Columbine – lilbelle

Crocus – Laura D.

Daffodils – Sandy1


Gerbera Daisy – krough

Swan River Daisies – Destany


Dandelion Clock Seed Head – Ruth Harris

Dandelion Demo – Ruth Harris

Faded Glory Floral – Nick (Nes7827)


Siberian Iris – Em (mustcreate)

Wet-In-Wet Iris – Thierry


Magnolia – Rod Webb

Ontario Trilliums – John (Watercolour Lover)

Left Behind – Pansies – Tracy (gemineye)

Pink Lily – Ruth (madmum)

Poinsettia – Tom (MtLookout)

Jingle Bell Poinsettia – Sue Ann (Fauxgeddaboudit)

Poorman’s Orchid – em (mustcreate)

Queen Anne's Lace – Ruth (madmum)

Red Hibiscus – Uschi

White Poppy Wet-into-Wet – Timms


Frisia Roses – Annie (doppler)

Painting Roses – Rod Webb

Peach Rose – Uschi

Pink Rose – Sandy1

Rose – Ruth (madmum)

Rose Step by Step – Gerbera

Yellow Rose Macro – Don Berendsen


Strawflowers – em (mustcreate)

Sunflowers on YUPO – Carly Clements

Tulips Demo by John (watercolourlover)

Violets – em (mustcreate)

Vase of Flowers – em (mustcreate)


Blue Waterlilies – Heidi (hidy)

Macro Floral – Char (CharM)

Water Lilies by Velda (Surfinia)

Waterlily by Brian (seedy)



Autumn Leaves by Rod Webb


Painting Grass by Sharon Douglas


Birch Trees in the Fall by Wilf (UNK)

Brisbane Jacarandas by Annie (doppler)

Forests … and a Way to Paint Them by Annie (doppler)

Painting a Pine Tree by MRSBB

Painting Trees by Rod Webb

Trees by Marvin Chew

Trees by ssudhi

Winter Tree Anatomy by Johannes Vloothuis


Making Fruits Look Shiny Discussion

Red Apple by Celeste McCall

A Slice of Apple by Velda (Surfinia)


Frutto della vite by Shirley (wcartistsr)

Grapes by Celeste McCall

Grapes by Violet Feme

Painting an Onion by Rod Webb


Grisaille Pears by Aselka

Pears – Chris (mr sandbanx)

Shadowy Pears— Poured by Ady Yong

Peppers, Fiestaware, & Glasses by pampe

Vitamin C Overload – Rosehips by Ruth (madmum)

Strawberries by sweetapplez

Tangerines & Oranges – John (Watercolour Lover)


Fuzzy Wuzzy Tomatoes by Char (CharM)

Tomatoes on the Vine by Lynn Cyr

Tomatoes in a Colander by Uschi

Vine-Ripened…by John (Watercolour Lover)


Allsorts and a Glass Bowl by John (Watercolour Lover)

Painting Crystal by Sandy1

Crystal Bowl with Grapes by em (mustcreate)

Glass Bottle by Uschi

Grapes in a Crystal Bowl by Sandy1

Green Bottles by John (Watercolour lover)

"Keepsies" — Glass Marbles by Lana (Cease-Fire)

Let's Wash Them Down — Bottles by Char (CharM)

Wine Glass by Rod Webb

Wine Glass by Pam (pampe)


A Sketch a Day by Alan Owen (alansam)

Aspen Ridge – Al (al22)

Autumn Reflections – Gail (Strawberry Wine)

Connemara in 35 Minutes or Less by Wilf (UNK)

Country Mailbox by Brian (seedy)

Create Light w/ the White of the Paper – Rich Williams

Fairy In My Garden by Rod Webb

Golf Course by Brian (seedy)

Hillside Farm by Brian (seedy)

Lake Superior Lakeshore by Larry Seiler

Lake View w/ Stormy Sky by Brian (seedy)

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Old 10-07-2005, 12:24 PM
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Rich Rich is offline
A WC! Legend
South Dakota, USA
Join Date: Aug 2000
Posts: 10,604
Hails from United States
Re: Learning Demos


Landscape w/ a City Wall by Rod Webb

Landscape Composition Principles by Johannes Vloothuis

Landscape Sketch of the Day by alansam

Landscapes by Alan Cross

Misty Morning Paddle by John (WatercolourLover)

Misty Morning Paddle Challenge Thread

Mountainscape by Rod Webb

Figures in Landscapes by Dale Zeigler

People in a Landscape by Sharon Douglas

Quick Landscape Painting by Larry Seilar

Quiet Lakeside by oleCC

Ready for Winter by Dale Ziegler

Ridges by Rich Williams

Stow on the Wold by Jan (amsterdamadam)

Waterfalls by Brian (seedy)

Water Reflections in a Landscape by Rod Webb

Winter Landscape by Larry Seiler


Rainy Day Street Reflections by Ruth Harris (Madmum)

Singapore Skyline II by Marvin Chew

Stow on the Wold by Jan (amsterdamadam)

Street Scene Paint-Along by Alan Cross

Street Scene with Arches by Sharon Douglas

Venice Buildings and Canal by Em (mustcreate)


A Homemade Lightbox by Laurie1

How to Make a Simple Lightbox by Grace (Mrs. G)



See the Watercolor Handbook for using these
with watercolors.

Equipment Needed for Re-using Frames


Breakfast Reflections by John (Watercolour Lover)

Copper Pots by John (Watercolour Lover)

Painting Silver by John (Watercolour Lover)

Reflections on Silver by Sharon Douglas

Strawberries, Metal Colander, and Wine Bottle by DavidBR


Negative Painting Demo on youtube by Krzysztof Espero Kowalski.

Fallen Leaves by Mary Lou (Faafil)

Creating a Forest by Sylvia (painterbear)

A Fantasy Landscape by Sylvia (painterbear)

Funky Grapes by Sylvia (painterbear)

In the Pottery Shop: Thinking Negatively by Sylvia (painterbear)

Leafy Branches by John (Watercolour lover)

Lost, Loose, and Splash Techniques for Developing a Painting
by June (Juneto)

Tropical Fruit Vendor by Dale Zeigler

Wild Roses: A Negative Painting WIP-Along by Stephie (stephie20)


Angles and Perspective by Rod Webb

Aerial Perspective… by John Hagan

… and Atmosphere

… and Clouds

…in Sunset and Waves

… in a Sunset Night with Clouds

The Basics of Perspective by John Hagan

Drawing in Perspective by ArtSchool Online

Drawing a Cube by ArtSchool Online

Drawing a Cube Freehand by ArtSchool Online

Learning to Look by John Hagan

Outdoor Perspective by John Hagan

Perspective by Sharon Douglas

Perspective Problems by John (Watercolour Lover)

Renaissance Perspective – A Barn by Joe Broome


Painting from Photographs bu John Kay

How to Photograph Flat Art by Rick Lee

Painting from Photos

Enlarging an Image in PhotoShop for Oversize Printing
by Brian Barnes

Photoshop Grid Generator by Doug (Yorky)

PhotoShop Layering Methods for Value, Color, and Composition Studies by Brian Barnes

Painting Using PhotoShop Filters by Borum

Scaling Up Photographs by Doug (Yorky)



Balinese Ceremony by Marvin Chew (mchew)

Beach Boy by John (Watercolour Lover)

Early 1910 Street Scene with People by Tom (tomthebalance)

How to Paint People in Watercolor by Liron (LironYanconsky)

Keeping an Eye on the Time by Ona

Napping by pjartwc (Jan)

Painting People of Color by Keysgram (Linda)

Tarentella — Spanish Dancers by Nicholas Simmons

Teddy's Checkup by John (Watercolour lover)

Three Little Birds (Toddler on the Beach) by Dake

Trumpet Player by Thierry

Woman Pouring Milk by Jan (pjartwc)


Catherine — Baby Portrait by lynn cyr

Candle in the Wind (Marilyn Portrait) by Marissa (ruffledcat)

Double Portrait in Watercolor by AV611

Drawing Faces the Bennecelli Way by the WetCanvas ArtSchool

Drawing the Face by Teachers' Toolbox

Grandmother's Portrait by Ellen in Ont

Istanbul Man #3 (Another Portrait Demo) by atlee

"Kate" Portrait Demo by Reikiart

Kissing Boy by Sharon Douglas

Little Girl by Jan (pjartwc)

A Loose Step-by-Step Self Portrait by Nusret

The Maestro by Atlee

The Man in a Camel Jacket by Atlee

A Mother's Love by Netty

Portrait Painting in Three Colors by Liron Yanconsky

A Portrait of Caroline by genna

A Portrait of Denis by Ona

A Portrait of Emily 2 by John (Watercolour Lover)

Portrait of Fookie with Spikey Hair by Em (mustcreate)

A Portrait of Karly — Inspired by Ruth by Em (mustcreate)

A Portrait of June by Bob Hague

Portrait of a Native American Elder by Pablo V.

Portrait of Rod Webb by Nandie (Andrea)

Portrait with Purple Underpainting by Genna

Portrait Using a Masquepen by Nandie (Andrea)

Portraits the Johnson Way by Bruce Johnson

Portraiture by the WetCanvas Artschool

A Posterized Portrait of Kev by Kate Mc

Posterised Portrait Using GIMP by Kev (roun2it)

Siena (A Portrait Demo...) by Atlee

Sketch of a Girl by Capricorn

When Did I Become My Mother? Self Portrait by Ellen in Ont

Where to Start? Portrait of Granddaughter by Robert (wcartists)



Eyes by Char (CharM)

How I Paint Eyes by Sandy (Sandy1)

Eyes by the WetCanvas Artschool

Eyes, Noses, and Mouths by Gia

Painting Realistic Eyes and Skin Tones by Ellen in Ont


Fabric, Shiny Objects, and Hands by Ady Yong

Hair by RPf

The Nose by imperess


Painting People of Color by Linda (keysgram)


Autumn Landscape a la Roycroft by Sylvia (painterbear)

Mexican Pottery — No Masking Used by artinwc

OK — Just How Do You Do A Motherwash or A Pour?

Oranges on a Tree Branch — No Masking Used by artinwc

Pouring Demo by LianZehn (external link)

Pouring Your Paints Tutorial, Part I by Bryan (zingeli)

Pouring Your Paints Tutorial, Part II by Bryan (zingeli)

Pouring Your Paints Homework Thread

Purple Haze by Chief

Red Hibiscus by Judi (JudiPatooti)

Shadowy Pears by Ady Yong

Step by Step…The Fuchsia Garden by Claude (clode)

Stonehedge by Pam (pampe)

Street Scene — Modified Pour Technique by Pam (pampe)

Sunset in the Florida Keys by Sylvia (painterbear)

Sunset on Lake Novi by Sylvia (painterbear)

Trees and Rock Fence by Kev (roun2it)

Wooded Landscape a la Roycroft by Sylvia (painterber)


"Gwapes" by em (mustcreate)

Orchid Macro by em (mustcreate)

Peppers by Anne (ams)

Portrait of Biondina by Annie (doppler)

Portrait of Fookie with Spikey Hair by em (mustcreate)

Portraits Class Tutorial by genna

Praying Angel Statue by em (mustcreate)

Purple Underpainting for Portraits by Annie (doppler)

Sea Anemone Cactus by em (mustcreate)

Siberian Iris Macro by em (mustcreate)

Siennese Fountain with Perched Pigeon by em (mustcreate)

Statue of Neptune's Steed by em (mustcreate)

Still Life with Purple Underpainting by Anne (ams)

Strawflower Macro by em (mustcreate)

Tomatoes on the Vine by lynn cyr

Venetian Canal Shadows by em (mustcreate)


The Rock Carver by Grainne

Rocks by Rod Webb

Rocks and Crevices by Rod Webb

Rocks with a Credit Card, Palette Knife, and Razor Blade
by Kev (roun2it)

Rocks Using a Palette Knife by Annie (doppler)

Rocks with a Palette Knife by Rich Williams

Shagrock Monolith by Rod Webb


Copper Pots by John (Watercolour lover)

Painting for Understanding the Shadows by Val (Read946)


Along the Northern Lights by Ruth (Granny R)

Clouds by Rod Webb

The Mystic Moon by Rod Webb

Skies with Clouds by Char (Char M)

Sky in Laudesan Valley by Kev (roun2it)

Sky with Gold Horizon and Clouds by Barb (tigre255)

Storm Clouds by Rod Webb

Stormy Seascape by Wilf (UNK)

Sunset on the Avon River by Rod Webb

Sunset on Lake Novi — Poured by Sylvia (painterbear)


Birds at a Feeder in the Snow by Dale Ziegler

Frosty Creek by Rich (RBloechi)

A Frosty Landscape by Rob (treeshark)

Painting Snowflakes

Snowy Landscape with Wax Resist by Joanne (artbyboon)

Snowy Lane by Joan T

Winter Scene Step by Step by Aquarelle10


The Black Vintage Vase by Perugina

Brown Betty & Friends by Watercolour Lover

A Bowl of Fruit by Rod Webb

Brooches (realism) by Lana (Cease-Fire)

Charles Reid Workshop Demo with Photos by JamieWG

Colander and Apples by Thierry

Morning Coffee by John (Watercolour Lover)

Full Sheet Still Life by Sharon Douglas

Still Life Composition and WIP by R. H.

Still life Painting, My Way! by Rod Webb

Stoneware Jug & Pansies by loggah (Cheryl)

Sunlit Still Life by Liz Donovan

Venetian Carnevale Mask by painterbear (Sylvia)

What Art Would Hercule Poirot Have Been Looking At? by Ona

White Jug and Fruit by Amaze 1101

White Teapot by Pam Peters (pampe)


Add Texture Using Plastic Wrap or Bags by Rod Webb

Berries And Birch Tree — Gessoed Paper by Billie (Fozbot)

Breaking Boundaries — Ink, Wax, and Watercolour
by Joanne (artbyboon)

Bubbles and Dew Drops by Brian Barnes

Controlling the Water by Arnold Lowry

Controlling Watercolor by Johannes Vloothuis

Creature Feature — Letting Your Imagination Flow by Char (CharM)

Dry Brush Technique by Johnnie

Drawing Angles with an Angle Tool by Rod Webb

Easy Wash Techniques with Watercolor by Maggie Latham

Handling Scary Erasures in Watercolor Paintings by Brian Barnes

Making a Reference Your Own…by Ona

Painting an Abstract by Paul Kasmir

Painting with Lost, Loose, & Splash Details by June (juneto)

Pen, Ink, and Watercolors by Anne (ams)

Resurrecting White Areas in a Watercolor – Brian Barnes

Spotted Fish Exercise (fish under water) – Esther (ColorEnthusiast)

Wood and Metal Textures by David BR

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Re: Watercolor Demos


Masking by Dale Ziegler

Masking Fluid Do's and Don't's by Rod Webb

Exploring Sedimentary Watercolor Pigments by Ellen Fountain

Using Stencils by Ellen Fountain


Cumberland Gap by Ron (PainterRon)

Motorbike by Digi

Rusty Old Car by Brian (seedy)

Yesterday's Dream by John (Watercolour lover)


Avon River by Rod Webb

Boat in an Estuary by Rod Webb

Loon and Water Reflections by Shelley P

Water by Rich Williams

Water Reflections by Rod Webb


Painting Dew Drops by Crystal Owl

Raindrops by Rod Webb

Water Droplets by Pierre Labeau


Breaking Wave by bypick

Crashing Waves at Yerwol by Arnold Lowry

Small Waves by John Hagan


Blue Waterlily on Clayboard by Sylvia (painterbear)

Gallery Wrapped Watercolor Paper on a Frame by Ona

A Frame for Stretching Paper by Marvin Chew

Hot Pressed Paper by Susan Tustain

Watercolor Paper in a Roll by NodakerDeb


Four Crows on Rice Paper Using Gouache by Wendy (Alachua Artist)

Landscape on Masa Paper by Kat (Kathy JB)

Magnolia by Shelley P

Pansies Painted on Masa Paper by Sylvia (painterbear)


An Abstract Watercolor on YUPO by Carly Clements

A Mixed Media YUPO Painting by manfrommerriam

A Quiet Village — YUPO by NHArtist6

Salt Marsh — YUPO by Joan T

Sunflowers on YUPO by Carly Clements


Watercolor Crayons by Jen (rue d'oak)

Derwent Graphitint WC Pencils by Joanne (artbyboon)
Flower of Mystery

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