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Old 04-20-2012, 10:39 AM
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interesting news from Trident airbrush paint

An open letter from TRIDENT to airbrushers re: Formaldehyde
An open letter in response to the blog post made by Craig Fraser on Kustom Kulture Lounge (http://www.kustomkulturelounge.com/f...hlight=trident) on 31-01-2012.

This letter is being written in direct response to a number of accusations and statements made in the referenced post. Not only are these patently incorrect and false, we feel they were intended to be misleading about our product and detrimental to our brand.
Our product complies with all laws worldwide and is completely safe to use as described. Further, to respond to the claims made, we have had additional advanced tests done on our own product and those of the market leader.


Claim made on Kustom Kulture Lounge (direct quote):

'I have to hold issue with the last statement made by Trident Airbrush paint. Trident claims there is no Formaldehyde in their paint, yet I have seen the results of an independent lab test showing that Trident "Tru red" was shown to not only contain Formaldehyde, but it contained up to 72 ppm (parts per million). This average ppm was discovered using three different sample tests, with the MBTH Colorimetric Method. I will provide a copy of the lab results to Trident if they request it , to prevent the temptation of questioning my integrity on this issue. The burden of proof should not be on painters, or distributors to find the components of a paint system. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to have the product tested, and listed by ASTM as safe, and non-toxic.'


As far as stating that there is no formaldehyde in our product, the MSDS sheets on ALL of our proprietary ingredients indicate that they contain no formaldehyde, so Trident stands by that statement.
To be certain, we have done incredibly advanced tests with a government accredited laboratory, which complies with worldwide safety standards and codes. Only at a microscopic level did we get any kind of trace reading of formaldehyde. This test found that Trident paint contained levels at 28 ppm (parts per million).

At the same time, we also tested the equivalent product from the current market leader’s brand. A copy of the lab results will be provided privately to Mr. Fraser, or anyone else, should it be requested.

The results found that the current market leader's product contains 570% HIGHER trace formaldehyde levels than TRIDENT, with a reading of 160ppm (parts per million). In fact, even though the trace levels in both products are inconsequential and infinitesimally small, we believe Trident to have among the lowest levels of ANY water based airbrush paint.

Furthermore, the lab test posted by Mr. Fraser has to be called into question. It was conducted by a lab we are not aware of, and while “independent”, even though they may, no indication was given that the lab meets any government standards or certifications. Not only that, but, as Mr. Fraser states clearly further down, the tests were done on the samples that were sent to Coast Airbrush by Trident. Aside from the fact that these samples were sent for retail evaluation purposes; the samples were sent to them 10 months earlier, in early 2011.


Claim made on Kustom Kulture Lounge (direct quote):

'Formaldehyde is found in many products today, especially glue, as a preservative, and in paint as a flow enhancer.'


Formaldehyde is found in many products today; hundreds in fact. Not only products; it’s found in our bodies. However, it is not added to all paints as a flow enhancer and is not added to Trident as a flow enhancer.


Claim made on Kustom Kulture Lounge (direct quote):

'The problem is that you cannot call a product non-toxic with a presence of Formaldehyde at that level.'

Trident does not--and has never--claimed to be non-toxic. We have always maintained to be water based and ultra-low VOC. It is and always has been extremely safe to use, regardless of any claims others have made to the contrary. Also, the accusation of “that level” is an inaccurate assessment.


Claim made on Kustom Kulture Lounge (direct quote):

'Levels of 1-2 ppm can cause respiratory issues, and with it being listed as a carcinogen, it throws up a red flag. Any product containing Formaldehyde must have a Prop-65 tag in California. This is the problem with distribution in California. Not to mention the need for an ASTM tag that is required in all other states, and many other countries.'


Here is where the issue often gets misunderstood. There are two standards of levels with formaldehyde and the distinction is incredibly important.

* The first is for formaldehyde in an aqueous state (in solution). This is the level that is applicable to water based airbrush paints. The legal level allowed before being required to be listed on any MSDS, label or otherwise is 0.1% (PERCENT, OR PARTS PER HUNDRED).

Trident contains trace levels of 0.002% or 2/1000 of 1%. That is 998/1000 of 1% lower than the level required before listing on any MSDS or label.

* The second level of measurement is for formaldehyde in a gaseous state (a gas). The legal level allowed before being required to be listed on any MSDS, label or otherwise is 0.1 ppm (PARTS PER MILLION).
The levels which are alluded to which can cause all of the nasty physical side effects are for formaldehyde IN THE GASEOUS STATE which IS NOT APPLICABLE TO TRIDENT. In a gaseous state, 1-2 ppm can cause respiratory issues, but this is irrelevant in context to discussing Trident.


Claim made on Kustom Kulture Lounge (direct quote):

'Any product containing Formaldehyde must have a Prop-65 tag in California. This is the problem with distribution in California. Not to mention the need for an ASTM tag that is required in all other states, and many other countries. The formaldehyde puts it in the category of a Prop-65 paint. If Formaldehyde is confirmed by ASTM testing, then the paint will have an additional HazMat cost incurred in shipping, making distribution unprofitable.'


The above statement is completely and patently false with respect to Trident. Trident is shippable as a non-toxic and useable as an ultra-low VOC and doesn’t come anywhere near a Prop 65 paint. To claim so is just ridiculous.

It DOES NOT incur HazMat shipping and IS NOT an issue for distribution. Trident can be shipped safely and easily.


We understand that it is unlikely that Mr. Fraser will retract his patently incorrect comments, or post an apology.

If that's the case, then we can only assume that all water-based airbrush paints—including the current market leader—are perceived by Mr. Fraser, and those who hold similar views, with the same fear and concern.

We stand by our product.

Trident is a completely safe product, produced with world-class raw materials that can be used safely and with confidence. It is an amazing product that delivers on all its promises including better flow, better value, almost zero tip dry and is one paint that can truly be used on all surfaces with premium performance.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. We hope it clears up any misinformation and misgivings.

Kind Regards

The team at TRIDENT airbrush colors.
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