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Old 03-23-2009, 06:53 PM
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Question FAQ's ~ So many answers to your questions!!


We are so glad to have you with us at Wet Canvas!
PLEASE Read the entire post because there are lots of helpful links below!

Our current volunteer New User Forum staff:

Moderator/ Admin: vmrs. Jon
Guide birdhs

Here is a brief overview of many of the site areas and features you will be using as you begin to participate in the many Forums available to you. Please remember you are always welcome to return to the New User Forum at any time for assistance.

Let's look at some of the site areas and features:

Updated site announcements can be found on the top of The Town Center page along with other Forum Headings.

To Start a New Thread

To personalize your WC!:
click on "My WC!" in the left of the upper blue bar and select which option you wish to reconfigure.

Technical difficulties?

Site Discussions Forum

To add a personalized Avatar:

You must have at least two posts prior to any uploading of an image for an avatar.
You may wish to make your own avatar from a file already on your computer. Select the image you want to use, re-size it, if necessary, to exactly 60 pixels by 60 pixels in size and in gif or jpg format.

The site has many ready made avatars you may use and you can find them by clicking “My WC!” then “edit avatar,” then scroll through the pages of choices, clicking on the circle under the one you want to use, then “save.” When you return to your post you should see your new avatar!

PLEASE post using the English language. (see post #3)

To add a quote or picture to your signature line:

Again, click the heading “My WC!,” then select “edit signature” from the list on the left.

A box will appear in which you may enter the quote you want for your signature. Notice you can change the font style and color when you set this feature.

If you’d like to make a Signature Banner with your artwork have a look at this article.

Signature line link guidelines: You may use your signature line to provide up to 3 links to your own personal sites where you list your portfolio of art, so long as your links only contain artistic works that you yourself have created. You may also include links to URLs within the Wet Canvas Community.

How to search WC!:
Search the Forums for a specific topic:

the top blue line search isn't working on most pages, but the search on the MyWc line works. Suggest you use Google advanced search with wetcanvas.com as the domain That search is much more thorough and can search for 3 letter words which the WC search cannot.
Ex: site:wetcanvas.com canvas repair

Search the Member Directory:
Search the site using Google:


It is possible to receive Email notices from WC! of updates to a favorite thread, simply click "Thread Tools" at the top of the thread of choice and click ''subscribe'' on the drop-down menu which appears.

After subscribing, all of your subscribed threads will be saved and can be reviewed by clicking the "My WC!" heading and then clicking on “My subscriptions”; this is also where you will delete subscriptions when you no longer want them.

How to Send a Private Message

How to Post my images

VIDEO lesson on Uploading

Reference Image Library
Any questions regarding this Forum should be directed to the Moderators of that Forum.

Week-end Drawing Event

Art Project Showcase

Stars and titles?
General membership titles simply reflect the number of posts made.
Number of posts followed by title:
1 Junior Member
50 Member
100 Senior Member
500 Veteran
1000 Enthusiast
2000 Lord Of The Arts
3000 Wet Canvas Patron Saint
4000 Immortalized
5000 A Local Legend

Tips on photographing artwork so you can share it on WC!:

NOTE: The chat room and the Virtual Gallery are not functioning at this time.

User Agreement
Please read this page and the associated policies carefully. These are the rules that govern the community and help make WetCanvas a place where everyone is treated with respect and friendship.

See you around the site!

Last edited by vmrs : 12-30-2015 at 02:54 PM.
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Old 10-24-2011, 07:21 PM
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Lightbulb Using Google Advanced Search & Creating linked text

The wetcanvas Search facility has its limitations, it will not accept three letter words in search criteria such as "Pen and Wash" or WIP etc. It is also quite slow.

I recommend you try Google Advanced Search and put the searched for phrase in the "this exact wording or exact phrase" box. Use "wetcanvas.com" in the "search with this site or domain" box:

You will find this method is very fast and thorough.

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Old 12-14-2011, 10:37 AM
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ORMSKIRK, Lancashire
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Posts: 97,552
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How to create linked text

Here's how to create linked text in your post.

First go to the website you wish to link to and copy the url from the top of the browser (CTRL+C) - in my case http://www.flickr.com/photos/dougell...7623542677100/

Now type in the text you want to link to it and highlight it.

Now click on the link icon and paste the url into the box (CTRL +V) and click OK.

This inserts the code for underlined text which when clicked takes you to the desired website. Here's an example.

My Gallery

Here's a short Youtube video of the process (Click the video for full screen).

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Old 02-20-2012, 06:30 PM
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Where ever I go..there I am
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Re: ***Member FAQ's & Staff List***

Some blue bar basics to help you on your way! The blue bars across the top of the screen are home to numerous labels which will offer up various drop down menus when you click on them.

The first blue bar at the top just under the large WetCanvas name and starting from the left and moving right we have:

Home This will take you to the Home page or the Front page of the site. It has a place for you to register or log in. Once you log in you will see options to visit My WC!, your PM box, a list of the Forums on the left and some general announcements.

Member Services is next on the top bar and when you click on it you will see a number of options, but the most important are the ability to sign up for the WC Newsletter, the Member Directory and the Member Agreement.

The Content Areas menu, I am sorry to say, has some outdated links, but the one which may be of interest is the Reference Image Library which houses thousands of images for you to choose from as copyright free reference material.

Moving to the right we see Tools is next in line. The Chat Live feature has been inaccessible for many WC members and so if you have difficulties do not blame your own computer. The Virtual Palette is also found through this tool menu.

Fine Arts Links is exactly what it appears to be, an assortment of links to opportunities for further information from the owners of the site.

Next on the tops bar is the Info Center which gives a very brief overview of the founding of the site.The remaining links go to the Partners, a shop and the Help center. If you need help, I suggest you go directly to the Site Discussion Forum or the New Users Welcome Forum.

Moving downward to the second blue bar there are more options for you and the first one is very important and is labeled as MyWC! Once you click on this link you will be taken to a new screen with numerous options. Take note of the Control Panel on the left hand side because it gives you many settings and options to choose from to personalize your WC experience. Through the CP you may create or edit a signature line, fill out your profile, upload an avatar, view your list of any subscribed threads and a few other items.

If at any time you choose to make a thread a "favorite" you can click on the next item in this blue bar (Favorites) and see a list of any threads you have chosen. Moving to the right is the self explanatory Calendar option.

Next is a very helpful option which is the New Posts option which, just as it suggests, will search and then load a new page listing all the most recent postings on WC from every Forum.

Moving further to the right you will see the WC Search feature which will allow you to search the entire site. Take note that doing an Advanced Google search with WetCanvas entered as the domain will also provide you with assistance when searching this site.

Quick Links has various links around the site including your WC Control Panel.

Finally in this bar is the Log Out option.

When you are reading a post inside a thread you will notice another blue bar just atop of the post. Look toward the right and you will see the Thread Tools option and here is where you click to see options such as choosing to subscribe for an Email update to that thread or add the thread to your favorites so you may easily find it in the future.

Next is Search this Thread which will allow you to search just the thread and not the entire site.

Before you leave the thread you are viewing to investigate these options we are discussing stop and click on the user name because it will also give you a drop down menu of options such a send a PM (private message) and view that members' profile.

One last thing to assist you as you roam the site is to note the small Wetcanvas word to the far left and sandwiched in between the top two blue bars. Click on the word and you will be taken to the Town Center which will give you a list of all the Forums along with information about those Forums.

Explore and enjoy!
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Old 05-18-2014, 02:08 PM
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Where ever I go..there I am
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Re: ***Member FAQ's & Staff List***

WC provided avatars found listed under My WC. It is found in the upper left of the screen:

Then, choose edit avatar

Choose from the over one hundred options (below is a snapshot of just a few )

There are multiple pages from which to choose.

and save!

Thank you!
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Old 08-07-2014, 10:28 AM
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Where ever I go..there I am
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Re: ReaD ME! *Member FAQ's * PleASe * YES, You there! :)

Recently, technical difficulties have made it impossible to get beyond the first page of any of the WC Articles atop most Forums across the site, however, it now appears that by taking the url and adding /pagex.php to the end of the url you may progress through the article ( x being the next page number).

Thanks to WC member, bhavani krishnan!

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