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Old 08-13-2011, 08:09 AM
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Seventh Sanctum contest: weapons and warriors


This is my entry for the weapons and warriors contest of Seventh Sanctum: http://www.seventhsanctum.com/contests.php It's about creating some kind of fantasy warrior and his/her weapon.

Had some fun with a couple of generators, and this came out:
The warrior:
This sensitive magic knight has narrow orange eyes. His short, curly, luxurious hair is the color of polished amber, and is worn in an exotic style. He has a masculine build. He has cosmic powers that are invoked by companion supernatural creatures. His strange, tight outfit is mostly blue and violet.
The weapon:

(As for the supernatural creatures in the description: I'm calling them wereworms)

The background story:

Philip was doing his homework when the doorbell rang. A man in a casual outfit but with white gloves had an envelope which he gave to Philip. "This must be for you," the man said, and after Philip had checked that it was indeed his name on the envelope, the man suddenly disappeared. Or was it Philip staring at the envelope, and not noticing that the man simply walked away? The envelope was rather large and looked like it contained something important.
Philip was so curious to look inside that he only took time to close the door, before opening the envelope. A letter, written in a peculiar handwriting, read:

Dear Philip,
I recently found out about you being a close relative of mine, and I want to meet you before it's too late. Please accept my invitation, you will be rewarded with a great gift. Included are your tickets for the airplane. Travel with as little luggage as possible, everything you'll need will be provided for.
Yours sincerely,
Ferdinand Lavender

Indeed, there were two tickets included, with Philip's name and a date and time on it. Philip noticed that the plane would take off in less than 3 hours, and to get to the airport would already take an hour. So he had no time to think about what this was all about or what the teacher would think the next day, instead he had to pack his suitcase and leave. This was way more exciting than college!

The flight was without any problems that were worth mentioning, and after Philip landed on a rather small airport, he saw the man, that gave him the envelope again. "Please follow me, sir," the man said. Philip was surprised, but couldn't think of anything but to do as the man asked. He led Philip to a horse and carriage, gestured that Philip was supposed to enter, and off they went. The movements of the carriage made Philip fall asleep.

When he woke up, the carriage stood still in a forest, close to a small house. Philip noticed that there was no horse in front of the carriage anymore, so he stretched his legs and went out. The man with the gloves also had gone. Philip couldn't think of anything else but to see if there was anyone in the house. There was no doorbell, so Philip knocked on the door. The door obviously wasn't locked, as the knocks of Philip made it open slightly. Philip could hear a voice: "Please, be welcome."

An elderly man sat behind a table. He said: "Sorry that I had you come here in such a hurry and without much of an explanation, but I'm glad I finally found you as we're running out of time. You must be Philip Lavender." Philip was surprised. "No, I'm not Philip Lavender, I mean, I am Philip, but my last name is Bluestone." "So that's what your mother called you?" "And my father as well," answered Philip, a little irritated. The man closed his eyes. "I'm sorry I have to tell you this, Philip, but the man who you think is your father, isn't. I am." He opened his eyes again and looked straight at Philip. "I can prove it."

Philip needed some time to digest this information, but then he asked: "How can you be so sure that you are my father, while you first had to ask who I am when I entered the house? And how can you prove it?" At that moment, another man entered the room. It was the man with the white gloves again. He was holding a strange object that looked like a very primitive baseball bat, but with futuristic colours. Philip's father said: "Please meet Albert, a friend of mine. He did the research to find you, as I am too weak for it. But it was me who sent you the letter and tickets. I found out about you only recently, when I had the courage to look in the Mirror of Things that change your Life. You know, your mother and I... Now that's a long story. But you know, Philip, there's magic in our family. I have it, you must have it too. Albert is not a family member, but he understands, as he's magic too. You probably noticed that he can travel at the speed of light."

Philip nodded, but had a hard time understanding and believing it all. Ferdinand continued: "Albert, can you give me the planettosser?" Albert gave the strange object to Ferdinand, who then gave it to Philip. "Here, this will help you fight the evil. You can toss the planets around with it." Philip hesitated a little before he took the planettosser. But as he held it in his hands, his outfit changed into something blue and violet. Ferdinand said: "Indeed you're partly a Buestone, but you are certainly a Lavender as well. I can see it in the colours of your clothes. Now try and swing the tosser, Philip." At that time, Philip saw through the window how two large birds were chasing a smaller bird, trying to take the food the smaller bird had collected. Philip said: "Now that's just not fair!" "Swing it!" Philip's father said. Philip did as he was told. Suddenly, out of the ground, a couple of large worms appeared, the ground was shaking and Philip thought to have seen some shooting stars. When he stopped moving the planettosser, he didn't see the large birds anymore, and the smaller bird was feeding a couple of chicks in a nest.

Ferdinand stood next to Philip. "See, my son, you can make the world a better place. Every time you see something bad happen, you can swing the planettosser. Your friends the wereworms will appear to help you."

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