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Re: Artist vs Student Grade Paints

Originally Posted by Michael Lion
Because it would be a lot of work and require lots of skill, to create art that would just be looked down upon as kitsch junk by high-end art collectors and galleries.

Bouguereau-style paintings wouldn't even perform well on Instagram.

Well, so what is different here? People's taste of art? Soul in art?

And well, I was reading about Aivazovsky and it was written that he was painting most of his works in one day and larger ones in a maximum of five days. So I guess it was not a lot of work for him.

I do not know much about Bouguereau. And why do you think his style would not work well on instagram? I think because of the price. Such paintings would be so expensive.

Kitsch junk? Well taste of those art collectors determine what is good art and what is not? Or art is a personal taste?

For example I love all those kitsch junk. I can spend hours watching all those beautiful, realisctic, romantic, detailed classic master pieces. When I think about painting all I recall is those old masters and their insanely detailed paintings. I love to paint but when I compare myself with those great old masters I am like someone who just started to paint. I am no where close to them. So well I question myself and today's artist. Who is the artist? Old master or the modern master?

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