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Re: Stipplers - you are missing the point !

Originally Posted by Batman55
En garde... touche! As they say.

In other words, it's a good point you make, even if sardonic.

I'm afraid you misinterpret me here, Batman55. "Sardonic" implies mockery, does it not? My point might possibly stand, but I was just having a bit of silly fun. I respect Mike's purist stance to the point that I've decided in future to restrict myself to straight-up pen-and-ink in this forum and put pen and anything else in Watermedia.

Having said that, the stipple question is something else. Look at Scenechaser/Bill, Gary Gackstatter, Maestro Ramos, Toowoomba... all frequent stipplers and all among the most accomplished artists in the forum (IMHO, FWIW).

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