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Re: Stipplers - you are missing the point !

One can be critical and aware of the limitation of a media and that doe snot mean a media is less of an art.

On the case in point.. lines hold more expression in their flow (that is not opinion, you can make a entropy analysis of the signal of the mark and that would support it..).. but brushes hodl even more than lines.. watercolor with its inherent uncoordinated element do it even more. Does that make lien work less of an art?

No.. It is just a boundary. You have to express yourself in a tighter boundary. Any one doing an image have boundaries.. boundaries that are smaller than one doing a movie.. that on other hand are still smaller than one doing a computer game to tell a story.

Stippling have tighter boundaries than line work... both have tighter boundaries than brush works.. and that goes on.. The artist decides on its language alongside the tools he decide to express it. You can write poetry in German or Portuguese or in English.. English is a much simpler language than the other 2.. yet.. great works have been made on it.. even tough German allows to create new nouns out of your pocket basically... and portuguese has so many verb modes and times and nuances between several forms of what "to be" means.. that it is easier to write philosophy in those languages.
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