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Re: Stipplers - you are missing the point !

Originally Posted by Batman55
I still disagree on the first point, and find myself agreeing with your last point to an extent. Hirst and Koons come to mind there. The modern conceptual-art "machines.

But as for Chagall, Modigliani, etc. If you think it would be straightforward for any "average" person with a bit of artistic talent, to paint quality work in the style of those latter two artists, for instance, I'm again suggesting you ought to reconsider that. There's actually a lot more craft going on than you think.

Maybe it's just a firm difference of opinion, and we might have to leave it at that.

Yep best leave it at that, for me to change my mind once it is firmly made up is evidence to the contrary. I don't see any and of course neither do you in my attempts at explaining why I loathe and hate pop art, and that kind of surrealism or Fauvism or whatever Chagall called his style. It offends my eye. This is something Chagall said, it sounds to me he just wanted to have a job that would suit his personality and was not like most great masters a man who would die of a type of hunger if he couldn't paint.

"My hands were too soft.. I had to find some special occupation, some kind of work that would not force me to turn away from the sky and the stars, that would allow me to discover the meaning of life."

Marc Chagall
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