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Re: Being consistent in your art style

Originally Posted by Use Her Name
Yes, it depends on what you want to do with your art career (if anything).

But it matters to more than just galleries. Any kind of juried show, for instance, any kind of art school, invitational shows, art fairs in some cases (the better ones are juried), artist in residency programs. Anyway, why limit yourself to a mere online Etsy shop or whatever.

"Why limit yourself to a "mere" online Etsy shop or whatever", you ask?

Question: What is "mere" about showing, selling art, painting for a living, being self-sufficient, not having to depend on the government or family members or soul-killing jobs to survive, painting exactly what one wants to paint, how they want to paint, when they want to paint?

I have done the gallery thing, I didn't like it. But I'd never say that anyone pursuing that path is "merely" limiting themselves. To each his own. I don't judge anyone else's art choices.
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