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Re: MfM does the STEMS event again

Just before I went to bed last night I carried each over to a table lamp and discovered to my horror... ugly things had happened. Some bubbles were not popped, Some texture raised by the Krylon spray had not been covered. a bit of dust...

So this morning I was thinking 1. Use the two unmolested watercolors that were voted 7 & 8. Paint a few more in a hurry and get three framed by mid day Thursday. 2. Use the materials I had for working on a boat to pour a clear resin coat over the boo boos, hiding them. Question... how clear is that stuff really and why does it heat up and give off fumes when you mix it up? 3. Buy some more clear resin products even though it's a national holiday. To make this story short: eventually I found that Blick in Kansas City was open and so I bought another Art Resin kit from them.

I have spent the afternoon very carefully pouring another coat of resin over the first ones. I have learned a few things... one is just after the pour pop bubbles and then quickly cover it up. Don't take off the cover until about 50 minutes have passed and pop more bubbles then. The cover is your friend so don't take it off to admire the mirror like finish... that lets in dust.

You don't want to have the torch run out of fuel during this process unless you do have more.

Another point is the thinner the poured layer and the higher of any protrusions, the more important maintaining the art perfectly flat is.

So I've added another >1/8th inch, (>0.32 CM) / 8 oz, (236.6 mL) layer. Fingers crossed for what I will see in 24 hours.

Robyn: While my remark about the colors seems true, in hindsight I believe the white paper is effected by the resin and gets a bit dulled. White paint though seems safe. I think my problem there is my "sealing" with the Krylon spray did not protect the paper from the resin. I need to find a better sealent in the future.



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