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Re: MfM does the STEMS event again

and today I poured the other two pieces.

With the product I bought from Blick, "Art Resin", there was no smell. At least that was our experience.

When you mix the hardner into the resin it gets "stringy" looking and bubbles appear. After three minutes, fully mixed, the resin is clear and there are lots of bubbles. These bubbles are not air, they are a result of the chemical reaction. After you do the pour and spread the resin, bubbles will continue to appear for a while... maybe 15-20 minutes. They pop readily with the torch. If tiny specs of dust get on the surface a tooth pick is handy for lifting these out. You need to get the cover on as soon as you can... when the bubbles quit.

This is not a project for a chilly, windy, dusty room... a work space with dog hairs and cottonwood seeds would be a horror show.

This afternoon the first two pours hit 24 hours and are "firm" to touch. The effect is remarkable... There does not seem to be a color or value change... but it looks as if you painted on the back of a piece of glass; sort of... it's hard to describe but very captivating. Love it. Gonna do this again.



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