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Re: Being consistent in your art style

Well if you look at Jeff Koons, for instance, I don't think you could say he is consistent with his style.

There is a fundamental difference between consistency and "body of work."

A body of work is like a series based on some theme/ or as you say, subject. They are often in the same style. Let's just play an image game: So, African animals in a cubist style. Marinas in an impressonistic style. Insects made of peanut butter. Small drawings of rats on paper.

So all of these can become a "body of work" if you spend some time on them, and make more than (some unknown number). A gallery might be interested in one body of work, and not another.

The thing about this is that the art patron has no knowledge of your schedule in creating these pieces. You might be working simultaniously, and yet tuck each into a "folder" of the similar type pieces. So in 2020 you might create 10 small rat drawings, 5 insects of peanut butter, 7 marine paintings, and 3 cubist African animals. They are plugged into your classification system where ever you store them.

Gallery 1 patrons think you only draw small rats.
Some other place thinks you are a marina painter
Another place thinks you do cubist African animals
Another place thinks you do peanut butter insects.

You are an artist who has several (4 in the case of this imaginary artist), different bodies of work.

I sculpt, making North American animals. I also do pregnant women, I also paint I make abstracts that look nothing like the other stuff. My sculpture is slated for the gallary/museum scene. When I get 5 or so sculptures of pregnant women I would like to show them somewhere. I hardly ever show my paintings-- they are just what I do for pleasure. Etc.

So when you show your work all together it looks like there is no rhyme or reason, but when you categorize everything, it looks like a body of work. And by the way, it is a fundamental of (at least) academic art to "explore" a subject. You really can't explore a subject with one piece. What is the actual number of pieces? That is unknown. Some artists spent their entire known art careers painting the exact same thing over and over again. Some others did one thing and then another thing. Anyway this is the same thing LA said.
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