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Re: Barn in western Iowa

Most interesting those replies Joel, I never or perhaps I should say I couldn't do commissions because I see my "job" fundamentally as an artist, is to make to most beautiful rendering of a subject as I am able as I see things. Period.
I will remove an ugly extension of a house if it spoils my take on aesthetics ! I will draw cracks in the wall that are not there ! , that tree would lead the eye back into the building if it had a heavy branch winding in that direction- so I'll make it up etc. etc.
I know that the landscape artists I have studied like Turner or Constable felt totally uninhibited about mixing things up as they pleased ,just for effect !
Turner would move ruins or make ruins just because they looked more romantic.
Constable is famous for putting his favourite church spire in the background of a large number of his paintings regardless of it's position in reality ,even if it was in a different county!

The constrictions of a commission had never even occurred to me & it does sound like a alien & frightening world
I don't know if you have to do it for the money ? which is an entirely different thing of course ! but without reading in-between the lines at all - you sound like a artist who is not following his heart , not going his own way or has exhausted this way.

This is bad enough in real life (although not always avoidable) but in artistic life terms unforgivable !
You simply must drink the refreshing & energizing waters at the well of your own path -what ever that is & where ever it goes.
Nobody at all can be factored into the discernment of this direction, it is a purely personal path .Otherwise you will wither, repeat & die of thirst.
I just say this because I've been there & more than once.
Perhaps we all have been !
Cheers Mike

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