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Emily WIP X-posted in Portraiture

Hi Everyone,

Here is the beginnings of my newest portrait, "Emily" 9 x 12 pencil on Strathmore Bristol Smooth paper. I'm sorry for the blurriness, I took this with my iPhone camera and thought I could get a good shot. I don't think its the camera, I just think I'm a bad photographer.

Anywho, slow and steady, continuing to add layers as I focus on ďobservingĒ light and shadow. Working on building up those tiny nuances that make us unique. As I make tiny tiny overlapping circular motions with my Pentel P205 mechanical pencil. Iím using 4H, 2H, H, HB, B, and 2B leads so far. Eventually as I work up the tone by bringing each lead to its absolute limit, Iíll be adding a 4B lead. I wonít need to go any darker because my plan is to get a deep dark just by adding layers and using various hand pressure. More to come soon!

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