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Re: New Member Intro - Dragons and Faeries

Originally Posted by Cloud Formations
Great images @WoodyWelch

I'm going down the same basic route.

Currently seeking out interesting fey looking models in photos online and sketching those. Once I feel confident with doing that, I'm going to start playing around with skin textures and colours, eye types and other features to accentuate.

I'm also currently looking at leaves, mushrooms and other woodland flora, plus insects etc., for settings; as well as to collate a suitable portfolio of shapes, textures and colours for hair, wings, clothing etc.

For dragons I'm doing similar things. I've mainly been sketching predators, and looking at fangs, necks, eyes, scales etc. Plus dabbling with sketching castles and ruins for settings (finding these trickier than anticipated).

There's so much to explore with just focusing on these two subjects, that I've already got a heap tonne of research and practice to do.

Do you sell your work, or create to order? Or is that an ambition?

I've been at this for just over forty years and worked MOSTLY in movies and tv where you can't put your name on the images ("We're selling the movie, Woody, NOT you...") I made a pile of dough and am semi-retired but I still draw, paint, and sculpt all over the place. I will probably die at my easel.....or face first in a stack of pancakes at Denny's.
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