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Re: New Member Intro - Dragons and Faeries

Yes, finding dragons to model for you is really difficult. I have done a series of digital dragon paintings. I usually start with a basic plan for the head and then make a really simple model with polymer clay. That helps me draw the head from different angle. I spent years looking at pictures and developing my dragon's anatomy. The nice thing about dragons is you can be really creative with them. I will also sometimes look at people to help with some positioning, though a couple of times I had to remind myself not to make them too human. Human hands on a dragon is creepy.

I also couldn't decide how I wanted the scales to look so I was just painting them smooth skinned. I finally worked on that not too long ago. I need to make some time to go over all my dragons. My plan is to put them in a book one day.

Here is one of my dragons after I added scales. Mine are peaceful and a little cartoony.

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