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Re: RMS 'Persia' - Cunnard Paddle Liner, 1863

Vegaskip ... Thanks, Jim. High praise, indeed, from who I consider to be the best marine artist on the site. I've been lurking here for the past month and have gone back and looked at possibly every painting you've ever posted. I am astounded by your talent and knowledge of naval history.

I very familiar with the type of artists you refer to. Here in the States, we had similar artists who painted in this manner. Foremost among them was Antonio Jacobsen who literally painted a couple of thousand of these ship portraits.

Before I retired, and started painting myself, I was a full time fine art dealer with a prominent gallery in the metro New York area. I was fortunate during
those years, to have had several Jacobsens pass through my hands. I've always had a special love of the sea and maritime art in general.

While I wouldn't have the audacity to call myself a marine artist, I still like to have a go at painting ships. I just love the subject. I can't wait now, to get back at it.

Cheers, Dave
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