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Hi Everyone

Here is my collection...a lot have already been covered by previous posts.

Robert Batemans Natural Worlds
Simon Schuster editions
ISBN: 0-684-82986-x

A Book of Robert Batemans finished works, no demonstrations. It was expensive at $100 Singapore dollars= $115 (aus)

Elephants of Africa
Paul Bosman-Anthony Hall Martin
ISBN: 1-85368-025-7

A great Book of Pastel Wildlife paintings. My most favourite and inspirational Book that I have.

Cats of Africa
Paul Bosman-Anthiny Hill Martin
ISBN: 1-85310-936-3

Another Pastel wildlife painting Book, expensive at $90 (aus)

Wildlife painting-Techniques of the modern masters
Susan Rayfield
ISBN: 0-8230-5748-8

A lot of finished paintings...But very short on the techniques!

Wildlife Art
Selection bt Alan Singer

A good variation of styles and mediums.

More Wildlife painting-Techniques of the modern masters
Susan Rayfield
ISBN: 0-8230-5747-x

Similar to the previous masters techniques, A lot of finished works...But very little on techniques!

The following 2 Books may not belong here, I tried to find another Book post...if some one know where they should go please let me know. I have found them to be of great value in materials, techniques etc

The Artists Handbook
Ray Smith-Knopf publisher-***
ISBN: 0-394-55585-6

The complete, practical guide to the tools, techniques and materials of painting, drawing and printmaking-over 1000 illistrations. Great Book!

Artists Manual
Angela Gair-Chronical Books-San Fran.
ISBN: 0-8118-1377-0

A complete guide to painting and drawing materials and techniques. Great Book!


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