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Okay, here is my list (so far )

Anatomy of the Horse (1938)
Stubbs, George
ISBN# 1 85891 387 X
This one is very detailed and can be downright confusing to a beginner, however I'm starting to really appreciate it now that I've become more serious.

Drawing and Painting Horses (2000)
Oelke, Barbara
ISBN# 0 8230 1419 3
A nice book, it touches on everything (but for the price has very little depth). It does have great examples of master equine artworks

Painting Animals That Touch the Heart (2002)
Harrison, Lesley
ISBN# 1 58180 131 9
My current favorite, I'm just learning pastels and this book is a GREAT insperation! Good step-by-step tutorials on eyes and fur that you could probably apply to most mediums, not just pastels. (I'm hoping she'll do one just on horses someday)

The Art of Animal Drawing (1993)
Hultgren, Ken
ISBN# 0 486 27426 8
Another of my favorites! A nice (inexpensive!) book on anatomy, dynamic movement, poses, and expression. Covers a variety of different animals. However, all the illustrations are in ink so you would have to learn about color etc... somewhere else.

Animal Painting and Anatomy (1936)
Calderon, W. Frank
ISBN# 0 486 22523 2
Another good anatomy book. This one covers horses, cattle, and dogs. I like it because it really shows you how the anatomy underneath the skin affects the outside of the animal (all the "lumps and bumps" and why they are there).

Drawing Realistic Textures in Pencil (1999)
Hillberry, J.D.
ISBN# 0 89134 868 9
If you work for realism in charcoal or graphite this is "THE BOOK". Very detailed and easy to understand.

Horses/Oil (1990)
Larimore, Cindy
(A Walter Foster book)
ISBN# 1 56010 065 6
A good book for learning to paint the color of horses, and a good tutorial on eyes! Could be applied to a variety of mediums.

Drawing and Painting Animals (1998)
Aldrich, Edward
ISBN# 0 8230 3607 3
Wow, I forgot I even had this book! It's wonderful and has great tutorials on fur, feathers, and backgrounds in a variety of mediums.

I have more, but I think thats a good start sorry if I repeated any already mentioned in previous posts.
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