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Post REFERENCES: Books, Videos....

I searched the forum and found 71 posts with reference to Animal/Wildlife books (72 now )
I'll start the list with some and hopefully others will add to it.
Maybe we can keep them all in one place.

"Painting The Secret World of Nature"
By John Agnew
North Light Books
ISBN 1-58180-050-9

"Painting Wildlife Textures Step by Step"
By Rod Lawerence
North Light Books
ISBN 0-89134-669-4

"Painting The Faces Of Wildlife step by step"
By Kalon and Brook Baughan
North Light Books
ISBN 0-89134-962-6

"Painting Nature's Little Creatures"
By Stephen Koury
North Light Books
ISBN 1-58180-162-9

"Painting Wildlife Step by Step"
By Patrick Seslar
North Light Books
ISBN 0-89134-584-1

"Painting The Drama Of Wildlife"
By Terry Isaac (forward by Robert Bateman)
North Light Books
ISBN 0-89134-812-3

"Painting The Allure Of Nature"
By Susan D. Bourdet
North Light Books
ISBN 1-58180-164-5

"Painting Fur And Feathers"
Edited By Rachel Rubin Wolf
North Light Books
ISBN 0-89134-914-6

"Wildlife Painting Basics, Wolves, Foxes & Coyotes"
ByJan Martin McGuire
North Light Books
ISBN 1-58180-051-7

"Wildlife Painting Basics, Deer, Antelope & Other Hooved Animals"
By Cynthie Fisher
North Light Books
ISBN 1-58180-021-5

"An Atlas Of Animal Anatomy For Artists"
By W. Ellenberger, H. Dittrich, & H. Baum
Dover Books
ISBN 0-486-20082-5
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