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Northlightshop: good products, catastrophic support

I shop often from Northlightshop as the products are good but in the few cases I needed support I've had very bad experiences, that I described in previous posts.
This time there is a missing issue in my downloadable products.
I write to the support, then I receive these responses from them

1. automatic, saying that they will respond
2. automatic saying that if it is about shipping/delivery that I should go elsewhere, else I should respond to the email (they could have it written in the page)
so I do respond repeating the question
they do not reply, so I send another email
3. they still do not understand well the problem, so I have to answer and explain it again, I attach a screenshot
4. they respond that I'd call a telephone number, I reply that I live in Italy and it is complicated for me and they should give an assistance

for the other inquiry (I do not receive the newletters and special offers) they say they'll forward my email

actually, what kind of assistance does this support provide???? what does the support exist for???
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