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Re: Best Wildlife Art Shows?

Anything for Europe? And possibly without enormous entry fees? It is 5th year I am trying to break into group of exhibiting wildlife artists and while I have sold some works in past years, I am thinking hard of giving up. Apparently I am not wealthy enough to participate in any contest, plus in my country wildlife art is considered "art for kids drawing dogs", nothing more.
Appreciate help from European artists.
PS Does anyone have any clue how to get noticed? Any tips? I tried many things but as my website is a free one (I can't afford my own), hardly ever anyone visits there; my funds for paints and canvases are VERY limited enough so I'm looking for something I don't have to pay for (meaning shows etc.). I missed ISSA this year exhibition because all I could pay for was ISSA membership (after months of saving, yes, it is that hard for me). I know it sounds pathetic but is art really only for rich people? Where can I go to get out of this hole I'm sitting in? WC forum obviously isn't working but hey, perhaps I'm just a terrible painter... Nah, I'm not that complaining one, just wondering how to get my stuff out. Obviously my social/promoting skills are close to none.

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