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Re: Best Wildlife Art Shows?

Originally Posted by Crias
Yes most of the federal and state stamp competitions (duck, upland game bird, etc.) are open to anyone, however a few of the state ones require you to be a resident of the state. I do caution all artists to read the rules carefully for stamp competitions, as some require you to pay for a certain number of prints if you win. Also they all have size and most have species requirements. Most of the competitions do not pay out for winning, though the prestige may make it worth it if you win.

Really? They don't pay anything if you win? I was under the impression the artist at least got royalties off the stamp sales. No? That kind of sucks. I do see many artists who have a disproportionate amount of game bird art on their sites, obviously stamp competitions due to the rigid format, and have to wonder if it's worth it. It seems many artists spend most of the year painting for stamp competitions and get little other wildlife art done. If they don't win the stamp competition, what do they do with all those duck paintings? There can't be a market big enough. I personally don't want to paint ducks 3/4 of the year. I remember the Federal Duck Stamp Competition used to be a huge deal. If you won that you were an overnight success. From what I've seen of it lately it seems to be pretty much a dud now, offering the winner little more than a pat on the back. What happened?
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