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Re: Sad news......

Maggie was my friend. I'm aching to think she's gone...

The last time I saw her we met for coffee. Talked over old times, discussed what was coming, chatted about children and grandchildren, promised to see each other soon. I talked to her on the phone a couple times since. You know someone is a friend when you have her phone number memorized.

So much history... my one claim to fame is she started painting in pastel in my classes. She helped me get a workbook together when all I had were longhand notes and lots of scribbled illustrations. I have no idea how she translated that all into writing. Such a help to me!

She taught me about computers. I'd scoot down to her house and do some typing, learning how to make the thing behave. She and Bill would fly as I dabbled. I learned a lot. I still have a pica pole she insisted I needed. I still use it daily (more as a ruler now.)

She and Janie (Hutchinson) were so excited when they came up with the idea to start the magazine. They wanted me involved--so sweet of them! What did I have to offer? Not much, but they included me. I will never forget the day we three held a party at Maggie's house with champagne and chocolate truffles, as we held our new baby magazine for the first time! I still have a few copies... Such memories. It was 15 years ago now, but it seems like yesterday. And then to be "sold" with the magazine when F+W bought it--Maggie's understatement of the decade, "I think you'll be pleased." I still write for them...

We helped them move twice. So hot, that first move. Then I remember the day they moved to their new house... My son, a young teen, was so impressed to be given what was to him a huge wad of cash for helping. So generous!

Just a few years ago I asked her to come and guest teach at one of my classes. We had such fun! It was like old times to be back in the classroom together again. But she was starting to travel not only nationally but internationally to teach workshops, alongside Bill, so she was a busy lady.

And then there was IAPS. She and Bill and I went to the first one together up in Denver, staying with some of their family, getting gussied up for the banquet. I remember it poured down rain, so we slipped out early to get home. At the third IAPS the magazine was in the works, hush-hush, but coming. We were like excited conspirators! And when she took over as President of IAPS it didn't even surprise me. Of course--the perfect one to lead it.

We shared a love of dogs. They had a Golden, we a black Lab-ish, Blaze and George...they splashed in rivers and chased sticks, rolled in the snow, got old together, slept by the wood stove. Funny, I knew the dogs were aging, but it didn't seem like we were.

I remember Maggie's potato salad. So good--made with yogurt instead of mayo. We sat on the patio in the mountains in the shade, kid and dogs rolling on the grass. Talking art, shows, galleries.

These tears are hard but good. Thanks for letting me remember her and all the history we had. My heart goes out to Bill, to Maggie's kids and grands, and her sisters. I think you can see that Maggie has been such a blessing in my life... I'm going to miss her.
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