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Re: Dabbling in Printing #1 Monotypes

Hi, T & All.

We printmakers welcome you (if I can speak for my fellow printmakers). I have just a few quick notes then I have to go for the moment.
  • The type of inks or paints you use is very important to your transfer of the image. Best types depend upon the technique. Most printmakers like oil based inks for most things except gelatin printmaking where oils get more viscous and don't work as well.
  • The type of paper you use is also important. Without a press, thinner flatter (less textured) papers work better.
  • You can and should try overprinting - that is the beauty of printmaking, you can layer and add depth.
  • The examples you showed were a subtractive method - the plate was covered and then areas wiped off.

  • You can use things other than a brush for applying paint. Brayers, sticks, rubber sculpting tools, fingers all work too.
  • You can also try using paint sticks. I found that some colors transfer better than others though, all is not equal!
  • If using water based paints/inks a drying retarder is useful as is an undercoat of a release agent.
  • Gelatin monoprints are very easy for transfer of ink as little pressure is needed. The gelatin is double thickness and lasts about 3 days if you keep it refridgerated when not using it.

Enjoy experimenting, this is a wonderful idea.

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